Yard Force cordless lawn mower review

Yard Force 40V Mower

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  • 40V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 45 Minute Runtime
  • 75 Minute Charge Time
  • 34cm Cutting Width
  • Seven Cutting Heights
  • 35 Grass Collector
  • Weighs 14.5kg

Battery and Motor 

Yard Force 40V battery slotYard Force battery

Cordless gardening equipment is only as good as the battery it uses, and thankfully this one uses an excellent battery, which is somewhat surprising given the lower price point!

The 40V 2.5Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery offers 45 minutes of runtime and only requires 75 minutes to fully charge. This is some seriously impressive specs for cordless grass cutters, which often take several hours to charge.

45 minutes offers enough charge for roughly 350m2. This works out at about a mid-sized garden lawns, so if you have a smaller lawn than this then you may never run out battery!

Being able to quickly charge it also a bonus, as sometimes the runtime diminished if the grass is especially long and dense. That said, the motor uses Torque Sense Technology for efficient performance in all conditions, so the battery remains consistent in most instances.

The battery has a power indicator, so you can always check to see how much mowing time is left rather than using guesswork.

Cutting Width 

Yard Force 40V 34cm review

As the name indicates, the cutting deck is 34cm wide, which is fine for most smaller and medium size gardens. Anything bigger many take too long to cut, as it may take more than 45 minutes to cut lager lawns as you’d need to make more passes due to the size of the cutting blade.

The blade itself is made from quality steel and produces a clean and precise cut on every pass. As it’s made from metal there is virtually no maintenance required, except from the occasional sharpening every few years.

Because the cutting deck is narrower, you will find it much easier to manoeuvre in tighter areas, so it’s a good choice for odd shaped lawns that force you to turn frequently to cover the entire lawn.

Cutting Heights 

Yard Force has gone above and beyond when it comes to cutting height options, giving an amazing seven different cutting heights. This isn’t common on mowers in this size range, highlighting just how many awesome features the company has packed into a single product.

Heights range from 25mm to 75mm, with the lower heights being perfect getting that close-cut finish that many people love on their lawn. It’s the type of finish you find on bowling lawns or golf courses and is easy enough to achieve through regular mowing with the lower blade positions.

Of course, not everyone wants a perfectly manicured lawn – or most people can’t be bothered with the effort it requires!

In any case, the higher blade settings are perfect for when grass has got a bit longer. You can remove less length when mowing longer grass, which is important because cutting too much off at one time can cause scalping and make the lawn more susceptible to weeds and disease.

Having such a wide range of settings is great because it means you can adjust the blade to suit your gardening style, be it hands-off low-maintenance mowing or frequent cuttings with precise contorl over how much length you remove.  


Yard Force cordless lawn mower review

One benefit of a battery-operated machine like this is the ability to reduce its weight for easier operate. For example, it weighs only 14.5kg, which is very lightweight and should be easy enough to push and pull without feeling too heavy, making it a great option for older gardeners or people with conditions like arthritis.

Another feature that improves usability is the ergonomic handle design. This lets you grip the handle in the most comfortable position you can find, while the extra-thick padding ensures that vibrations are kept to a minimum and won’t cause your hands to feel achy. 

In general, it feels comfortable to use on most lawns, being lightweight enough to still move freely in thicker lawns or on slopes.

Grass Box, Rear Roller, Side Combs and Storage


There are a few nice additional features included with the product. The first is a rear roller, which isn’t that common compared to many rival models in similar price ranges, so people looking for a beautiful striped lawn can do so with this lawnmower.

Another welcome addition to the design is the inclusion of grass combs. Found at the side of the cutting deck, the combs gather up loose stray blades of grass that are often missed when the deck passes along edges.

This means you don’t need to worry about grabbing the strimmer or a pair of trimmers to sort out the long grass along edges, as the combs take care of this as you mow. It’s another great feature for low-maintenance gardeners that still like a well-kept lawn.

A grass box is also included, offering a decent 35L capacity, although calling it a box is misleading as it’s made from fabric with a hard top, so is more like a grass bag. It’s a good capacity and more than enough for most mid-size gardens, while there is even a handy indicator so you know exactly when it needs to be emptied.

Finally, it has a collapsible design that folds into a very compact shape for easier storage!


  • Impressive battery life and charge time
  • Battery level indictor is very useful
  • Suitable for small and medium sized gardens (350m2)
  • Lightweight design and ergonomic handles make it easy to operate
  • Nice range of extra features including grass box, rear rollers, and grass combs


  • Grass box uses fabric so may tear or burst, although this can be avoided with careful handling

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