Are you searching for a new petrol mower? We have reviewed and compared our top 10 choices below to help you decide which offers the best value.  Many of the top brands like Hyundai, Honda and Webb have made the list but there are other models from manufacturers you may be less familiar with.  All of them have excellent feedback from buyers so have a look to find the mower that suits your budget and your lawn.

What is the Best Lawn Mower?

Our Rating:

  • 4hp four stroke petrol engine
  • Self-propelled
  • 41cm cutting width
  • 55L grass catcher

While Hyundai are known for their cars and motorcycles, they also manufacture a range of petrol machines, such as the Hyundai HYM43SP. Easy to operate, this lawnmower is a great choice for lawns of varying sizes, especially medium sized areas that may be more difficult to manage with an electric powered machine.

The motor is a powerful 4hp four-stroke, recoil start petrol engine, which provides ample power for cutting small and medium size lawns. In fact, this model provides enough power that you can tackle the rougher, less even areas out there.

For example, if your lawn is on a slope or there are sections that with much denser growth, the additional power provided makes it much easier to mow. Of course, you don’t need a rough lawn to enjoy the benefits of the impressive power, as it makes mowing much easier when compared to an electric mower.

One of the main issues with petrol powered lawnmowers is the fact that they are quite heavy and cumbersome. Thankfully, there is no such problem with this model, as it self propelled that makes manoeuvring a simple task - just guide it in the desired direction and this machine takes care of the rest.

It’s also very easy to use in smaller gardens, which isn’t always the case for a petrol mower. For instance, the 42cm cutting width is great for manoeuvring between pathways or more confined spaces in your garden, while the motor ensures the mower can cut bigger lawns (up to 110 square metres) as well.

The inclusion of a six-stage centralised height adjustment further improves the versatility. Not only can you cut gardens of differing sizes, but also a variety of lengths too, with a total of three cutting heights (1-3 inches) available - this is especially useful for seasonal mowing where the cutting lengths need to be adjusted.

Other features such as the comfort grip handles, massive 50L grass catcher, and fully collapsible design ensure the HYM43SP remains one of the best petrol lawnmowers out there. Better still, it comes with a three-year warranty, so it provides a sound piece of mind that it will last many years of use! Many people consider this to be one of the top petrol mowers for sale in the UK.

1. Hyundai HYM43SP Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

Our Rating:

  • Reliable Hyundai engine
  • Width of 51cm
  • Ideal for medium and even large gardens
  • Self propelled rear-wheel drive
  • Seven cutting heights

With an electric starter (with a key start for safety and security), the mower has a 173cc 6hp engine and it’s designed to cover medium and large lawns. Not only is the width above 50cm, the model is self-propelled so all the effort of mowing the lawn is suddenly removed. With the rear-wheel drive, we love the fact that this mower handles hills and inclines without too much of a problem.

In terms of  height adjustment, there are seven different options and they range from 25mm to 85mm; with this, it caters to the majority of users. Also, there are four options; cut and drop, collect, mulch, or side discharge. This is one of our favourite features because it means you’re not forced into collecting when you don’t want to collect. Instead, you can drop, mulch, or side discharge. Especially when you have different projects and need a different setting for each.

Elsewhere, the handles fold away nicely for storage and they feel comfortable while steering. From the manufacturer, users will also receive a two-year warranty; the fact that the manufacturer is P1PE should fill any consumer with confidence. Also, we should point out that the grass bag allows for 60 litres, it has a recoil starter, and it’s actually relatively quiet while in operation.


  • Doesn’t consume too much fuel
  • Large collection bag
  • Brilliant customer care
  • Reliable engine
  • Self-propelled
  • Electric start


  • Some have found it heavier than other models
  • Some have also questioned the plastic parts
  • On the whole, these are only minor complaints and don’t affect the overall positive experience.

2. Hyundai Engine P1PE Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower 

Our Rating:

  • Steel cutting deck (40cm cutting width)
  • 120cc McCulloch engine
  • Five different heights
  • 50-litre collection bag
  • Rear discharge system

While the P1PE model suited larger gardens, this one is perhaps better for medium lawns and this is something McCulloch admit themselves. As a push driven model, one of the most prominent features is the heavy-duty steel body. With some models, you worry about durability and how it will cope with staying in the garden shed over the coming years. With this one, there are no such concerns. It looks and feels robust, and the steel cutting deck is powder coated to extend its life.

Sticking with the theme of storage, the handle folds away. Generally speaking, the frame of the unit is lightweight and compact which is ideal for both mowing and storage anyway. Once you fold away the handle, this becomes even more obvious.

What about the cutting height? Well, the range is slightly shorter than what we saw with the P1PE mower. However, it’s still more than suitable for the average homeowner with between 20mm and 75mm. While cutting, you’ll have two options; rear discharge or collection. With a 50-litre bag, you won’t have to keep running to and from the bin to empty the collected grass. 


  • Sleek and compact for performance and storage
  • Durable design (especially the steel cutting deck)
  • Great manufacturer in McCulloch


  • Although it doesn’t make or break the experience, some will prefer a self propelled model
  • Not suited for extremely large gardens

We have also reviewed the McCulloch M46 petrol mower here.

Our Rating:

  • 139cc 4-stroke engine
  • 46cm width
  • Six different heights
  • Self propelled
  • 70-litre collection box
  • Useful accessories

Why should you consider this model over the others in this list? Firstly, we love the extra-large 70-litre collector. When mowing a lawn, the last thing you need is to keep having to empty the box of grass. With 70 litres, this removes that concern.

Six different adjustable heights between 25mm and 75mm; this is adjusted via a simple single-wheel lever. With 46cm in width, it’s not quite as wide as the first Hyundai model but is still perfect for medium-sized gardens. Of course, the fact that the mower is self propelled will immediately draw interest from even casual gardeners. It’s a rear-wheel drive mower, and the motor is considered ‘low emission’ which is ideal for those conscious of the environment.

Elsewhere, the mower comes with a side discharge chute as well as a mulching plug, and this gives you freedom when deciding how to mow. Finally, it comes with a three-year platinum warranty, soft grips, a foldable design for easy storage, a CDI ignition system, and more.


  • Self propelled system makes cutting grass easier than ever
  • Feels great in the hands while steering
  •  Four mowing methods
  • Easy to set up and start

Our Rating:

  • height adjustment of between 28 and 92mm
  • 41cm cutting width
  • Both collection and discharge cutting
  • Reliable manufacturer

Firstly, we should note that the engine comes from Briggs & Stratton and is the 300E Series. Once you combine this with a cutting width of 41cm and height can changed between 28 and 92mm, we have a brilliant lawn mower and one that will be perfect for homeowners across the country.

The Murray has two levers for six height settings, and it offers the ability to mow higher than the previous two mowers we’ve shown you.

The Murray EQ200 uses rear-wheel traction with a high-lift blade. Have you ever mown the lawn and walked away with aching wrists or forearms? Well, you don’t need to accept this as a normal part of mowing. Normally, the problem is actually with the handle, and this is something Murray has decided to address. Not only do you have an ergonomic handle, it has three different positions depending on what you find comfortable. Of course, it also folds away for easy storage.


  • Two-in-one cutting system (discharge and collection)
  • Designed for small-to-medium lawns
  • Easy to set up
  • Two-year limited consumer warranty
  • Brilliant ergonomic handle for comfortable mowing


  • Not self propelled

Our Rating:

  • Briggs and Stratton 450E Series 4-stroke engine
  • Steel deck
  • Three cutting methods
  • 46cm  width
  • Seven different height options
  • 50-litre grass collector

Another great option is the Webb 46cm petrol mower and there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, there are three different options depending on whether you want to mulch, collect, or discharge from the rear. Also, there’s lots of control with cutting thanks to the seven settings (between 25mm and 75mm).

Next up, the cutting width and engine are always important, and Webb has chosen 46cm and a Briggs & Stratton 450E Series with this model. If you’re put off slightly by the fact that it’s hand-propelled, allow us to ease those concerns by telling you the handle is a SoftGrip design and feels great in the hands. Even when mowing for significant periods, you shouldn’t walk away with any pain or discomfort.

Furthermore, we really like the choice of materials on the unit. For example, the ball bearing wheels and steel deck both ensure high-quality performance and also durability. With a lawn mower, you want to be sure it will pass the test of time and this is confidence you can have with this Webb model. Also, the handle folds away for easy storage and the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on the engine and two years on everything else.


  • Assembly is easy
  • The lawn mower is very durable and should deal with thick weeds and grass without a problem
  • The cut is wide compared to many models on the market
  • Users have three mowing options depending on their needs
  • Great choice of materials for durability


  • Some have complained about the cable holder (not too sturdy)

As with all of the cons we’ve provided for the products in this guide, they’re more ‘things to note’. All five of these products are fantastic, and they can still be enjoyed despite the small issues (they don’t break the experience or make the product unusable in any way!).

Good choice petrol lawnmower for large gardens

Our Rating:

  • 160cc four stroke petrol engine
  • Self propelled Lawn Mower
  • 51cm cutting width
  • 5 adjustable heights

If you are in the market for a durable yet reliable petrol rotary lawn mower, then look no further than the Mountfield SP53. Sporting a robust engine and a variety of mowing heights, this is one of the best lawn mowers in the UK for tackling medium and large sized gardens of every kind.

The Mountfield SP53 features a powerful Mountfield OM55 OHV 160cc engine, which produces enough power to mow in any condition. It’s especially effective on medium and large sized lawns, as the engine can maintain larger areas of grass with minimal effort for the operator.

Large rear wheels also help in this regard. At 28cm, these wheels are notably larger than most standard machines, making it that bit better equipped to deal with bigger areas, with the total recommended garden size being 50m x 50m - which is some size!

You can easily take on sloped lawns or areas with tougher grass with this motor, while it’s 60L grass collector ensures you don’t need to stop mid mowing just to empty the grass clippings. Should you prefer, you can attach the mulching plug, which simply recycles the collected grass into a mulch, saving the hassle of emptying while giving your garden a natural fertilizer.

As the Mountfield features such a robust engine, it’s understandable to think it may be a struggle to operate. Thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it does weigh 35kg, this is a self propelled machine, meaning the engine does all the moving for you.

Just guide it in the right direction once it has started - you won’t feel any strain trying to operate it!

The SP53 also comes with a selection of five adjustable heights, ranging from 2.7cm to 9cm. This is useful for year-round mowing, when lawn lengths tend to be more varied. For instance, in the summer months you may wish to keep the grass length shorter as it grows at a faster rate during this period.

To adjust the height, simply hit the single lever to the desired height and it is good to go - it couldn’t be easier to use!

This is also a lawnmower built to last. Not only does it come with a two-year warranty - a sign of how reliable the machine is - it also features a powered coated steel chassis. This ensures it can withstand even the harshest conditions and still feel as good as new!

A high-quality petrol lawnmower, the Mountfield SP53 is a fantastic investment for anyone seeking a dependable mower that can easily maintain larger gardens.

7. Mountfield SP53 Self Propelled  Lawn Mower

Our Rating:

  • Self propelled
  • 46cm cutting width
  • 55L grass bag

While best known for their automotive manufacturing, Honda also produces some of the best petrol lawnmowers that house some seriously impressive power. The HRG 466 SK is a prime example of this, with the machine providing enough power and mowing width to mow lawns of every size and condition.

Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks of using a petrol lawnmower is their weight, which is why a self propelled engine such as the one featured in the HRG 466 SK is so important. This allows you to easily use the mower without having to exert too much energy, so it’s a great feature for anyone that may struggle to operate heavier equipment.

This feature also helps when it comes to mowing slopped lawns, as it takes all the effort away from having to manoeuvre around uneven terrain. Essentially, the lawn mower is going to drive itself across your lawn - all you need to do is guide it along.

The HRG 466 SK will easily mow through grass of any length or condition. It could be the thickest, wettest grass imaginable and the mower will still cut through it without any fuss, so if your grass isn’t the easiest to maintain due to its condition this is a lawnmower worth investing in.

The HRG 466 SK is suitable for every size of lawn, although it’s probably unnecessary for those on the smaller side, being mainly designed for use in large arears. This is why there is a whopping 55L grass collector bag, helping to minimise interruptions when mowing over a large area with lots of clippings to collect.

A high-quality petrol lawn mower, the HRG 466 SK from Honda offers incredible performance that will make mowing large gardens easier than ever.

8. Honda Izy Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

Our Rating:

  • With a 5.5 hp engine, this is certainly not your average model. This has quite some power, and it is further matched by an equally impressive 20-inch mowing width which makes it a suitable petrol lawnmower for large gardens.
  • The PLUS 20” also steps up when it comes to usability options, which makes handling this 38-kg powered machine bliss. For instance, its cutting height can be adjusted using a single lever. Furthermore, the fact that it features a 55-litre grass collection bag is also a notable convenience.
  • Comes with an engine speed controller so that you can move at a pace you are comfortable with rather than struggle to keep up as is the case with some fixed-speed machines. It is also a mower with a lawn striper to help you get that perfect looking striped finish. So, if you have serious mowing to do, this is certainly one of the best petrol machines to buy.
The Frisky Fox PLUS 20” is one of the best petrol lawn mowers currently in the market for several reasons. First of all, it has a potent combination of features and offers a premium user experience that has already made many serious gardeners very happy. It has a 4 in 1 capability which includes mulching, cutting, collecting, as well as side discharge.

9. The Frisky Fox PLUS 20” Petrol Lawn Mower

Buying Guide

As promised, the second half of this extensive guide will break down everything you need to know about petrol lawn mowers. We’ll consider pros, cons, important features, and more!

Top Petrol Mowers

First and foremost, why should you consider a petrol model? [1] While electric mowers certainly have their uses, their petrol counterparts are much more efficient for larger gardens. With no need for leads and cables, you have the freedom to mow in your own way. Especially for those with larger gardens, petrol is more likely to meet your needs (without extension leads and continually getting tangled!).

As you may notice during your research, the best petrol lawn mowers do tend to be more expensive. However, you’re paying for the convenience and additional power. Also, we find that petrol lawn mowers take greater care with design and the choice of material. With this, the mower should have a longer life and you won’t have to consider a replacement as early as you might with an electric mower.

In recent times, you may have heard suggestions that cordless models are drowning the petrol niche. On this note, we should say that these machines are definitely improving. As technology gets more extravagant, manufacturers are able to create batteries that last longer and are more efficient. 

However, we don’t believe they have surpassed petrol designs for larger gardens. We believe that these still excel in three main areas;

  • Running time
  • Power
  • Self-propelling design

At the moment, even the best cordless lawn mowers struggle to compete in these three areas, and this is why you might consider petrol even today.

Potential Drawbacks of Choosing Petrol

On the other hand, are there any reasons you might think twice about petrol lawn mowers? Of course, these drawbacks are all generally speaking, and they might not apply to all models these days. However, some will say that petrol mowers are both heavier and louder than the top electric lawn mowers. Also, they need careful maintenance in order to keep a high performance.

Although many petrol models now have an easy-start system, some of the older designs have a pull-start cord which can be difficult for older users or those with back or shoulder pain. Finally, anything that uses petrol to operate will emit some emissions into the atmosphere. Fortunately, manufacturers are now doing more to limit the impact of your mower, so you don’t have to feel quite as bad as many years ago.

Important Features 

Next, what are the main features on a petrol lawn mower in the UK? When making a decision, look out for these key features and choose one that matches your needs both now and in the future.

Cutting Width

As the name suggests, this term describes the area cut with every sweep of the mower. Therefore, larger cutting widths are suited to larger gardens. Rather than having to do lots of mowing and lots of sweeps, you take on more grass with each journey up and down the garden and you reduce the duration of each cut significantly.

However, don’t think that wider is always better. If you don’t have a trimmer for the edges, it might be hard to go around corners and edges with a large cutting width, so this is important to remember.

Cutting Height

With this in mind, you can probably work out how the cutting height works. Rather than pulling the mower from the shed and cutting the same way every time, you should be looking to adjust the height depending on weather conditions, time of year, lawn type, and more.

If it has been a few months since the last cut, one of the worst things you can do is cut it right back immediately. Instead, you should start high and keep cutting it back gradually. The more height settings and control over this feature, the more flexibility you have (there’s an opportunity to keep your grass healthy throughout the calendar year!).

Grass Collection Box 

As the next important feature, you need to pay attention to the size of the grass collection bag. With a larger box, you don’t have to stop as frequently, and this can cut down the time of your mowing. With a smaller box, you’ll have to keep stopping and this can quickly get frustrating.

As a top tip, pay attention to the power of a lawn mower because this will affect the size of the collection box. When a mower has lots of power, it can cope with additional weight and this means a larger collection collector. Of course, you need to think about your own lawn before spending your money. If you only have a small lawn, a model with a huge box isn’t really a necessity for you.

Side Discharge 

In fact, it’s important to consider all the cutting options that a mower offers. While rear discharge and collection are two common options, you might want a mower that offers mulching or side discharge.

The reason we chose to add side discharge to this list is because it’s the preferred choice for many. Especially when dealing with moist or thick grass, getting this grass away from the underside of the deck quickly is important. If the grass doesn’t have an escape, it will only sit on top of the cutting area and there’s also a risk of clogging the blades. As soon as you add water to the equation, you get clumps of grass and the whole process becomes one large headache.

Self Propelled

As our penultimate feature, are you happy to push the mower around your garden? For some, especially with smaller gardens, this isn’t really a concern. When considering a larger garden or health problems in an individual, this is where self propelled petrol models get their value. As we’ve discovered, petrol lawn mowers are heavier than electric models and manual push mowers. Therefore, being able to guide the mower rather than struggle heavy weight is an incredibly useful feature.

When a mower is self propelled, it takes the work out of mowing and it actually allows you to relax and have a little fun. As long as you’re aware and don’t let the mower go off on its own, you’ll still get the same great cut (it can actually prevent you from pushing down too hard into the turf!).

Key Start or Electric Start

Finally, we mentioned in the potential drawbacks that a pull-start cord is one of the main reasons why people avoid petrol lawn mowers. Fortunately, this isn’t the only option and you will also find mowers that offer a key start. Rather than potentially causing damage to yourself, simply turn the key and get started with the lawn.

Just in case you wanted any more features to keep an eye on while researching the market, here’s a few more;

  1. Rear roller
  2. 4-stroke vs 2-stroke
  3. Power
  4. Noise
  5. Fuel consumption
  6. Handle comfort
  7. Storage

Additionally, you can’t forget your budget. When buying a lawn mower in the UK, you’re investing quite a bit of money because it’s something that will hopefully become a reliable partner in the years ahead. For this reason, you don’t need to go for the cheapest option. Instead, we recommend thinking about the quality of the material and the durability that comes with the examples presented above, for example. Why buy twice when you can buy correctly and get years of fantastic service from the right model?


There we have it, some great products and then a buying guide to petrol lawn mowers. Before we go, we want to make a quick note on choosing the right mower. Getting advice and recommendations from friends and neighbours is great because we trust their word, but you should never let this be the deciding factor. After getting recommendations, think about your own needs. Only you know what will work for your lawn; think about what we’ve said about smaller gardens and larger gardens.

Furthermore, think about the amount of storage space you have available. If you don’t have much, you need a model that folds up nicely and won’t cause too many problems. Also, do you have any health concerns? With a bad wrist, arthritis, or anything like this, a self-propelled model will always be the best option. You can simply guide the mower around the garden, and you can actually maintain independence rather than relying on somebody else to help.

As long as you think about your own needs and choose a mower to match, we’re sure you’ll love a petrol lawn mower in the coming years! You can also check out Lawnmower Den's reviews of petrol mowers.

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