Hayter Mulching Self Propelled Lawnmower

Hayter R53S Mulching Petrol Lawnmower

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The Hayter R53S 21 Inch Recycling/Mulching Electric Start Lawnmower is a powerful and intelligently designed petrol model that delivers a fast and efficient experience every time. Incorporating many features from other high performing models, the Hayter R53S is an excellent competitor to the market.

The model features a powerful yet efficient electric engine to reduce exhaust and noise pollution, designed by Briggs and Stratton to create the “ReadyStart” system that activates the mower with the touch of a button, for ease of use. This is part of the mentality that went into creating the model, which was designed with both ease of use and environmental conservation in mind, which makes it perfect for eco-conscientious gardeners concerned for the environment. This mower is durable and built with the desire for longevity and practicality. The model offers the choice of three ways to dispose of grass clippings, with the option to work with the standard rear collection, a side discharge or to recycle the clippings. The recycling feature is part of the intelligent design by helping to maintain a healthy and green lawn. This is achieved by re-circulating the grass clippings into a fine mulch perfect for composting and then returning them back into the lawn. This means that as the mulch decomposes and returns to the soil, it also brings all the nutrients with it, giving the lawn a healthy look without the addition of chemicals.

Another feature exclusive to the model is that the cutter bar is designed specifically to mulch the grass. This is a departure from tradition of using an ordinary mower without a grass box which causes clumps of cut grass to be deposited on top of the lawn. The R535 is built with a specially-shaped blanking plug that leads from the cutting chamber to the grass box. This means that the cutting chamber has a continuously smooth surface and thus clumps of grass are unable to build up and fall onto the lawn in the wake of the mower. The blades of grass are instead chopped several times before falling invisibly into, not onto, the lawn, which reduces the amount of unwanted and useless waste.



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