Greenworks 40V Battery mower

Greenworks 40V Cordless Mower Review

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Although perhaps not a name as well-known as Bosch and Flymo when it comes to lawn mowers, Greenworks has been steadily building its reputation and they have huge ambitions; for example, an aim to become ‘one of the leading companies in the industry by 2020’. With an office in North Carolina and a global headquarters in Changzhou, China, the brand is expanding and we have one of their cordless mowers to review here today.

Key Features

  • 40V 2Ah lithium-ion battery (potential to add a second 40V 2Ah battery)
  • 30-minute running time after 30 minutes of charging (with one battery)
  • Covers anything up to 250 square metres
  • check40-litre grass box
  • checkFive different cutting heights
  • check35cm cutting diameter

As you may be able to tell just from this short list of features, this is a lawn mower that offers power in abundance. For anybody who finds the grass box or cutting diameter too short on many of the models, Greenworks offers upgrades.

Power and Battery

With this model, one of the features we like is the flexibility with the battery. If you have a garden smaller than 250 square metres, you’ll benefit from the 40V lithium-ion battery that comes as standard with the mower. However, if you have a larger space but really like the features on this model, there’s no need to be disappointed because you can invest in a second battery. Fortunately, the design allows for an easy swap while mowing the lawn and you can continue to cover a much larger space; this quick removal also makes storage easier (but more on this later!).

To make this battery swap even more convenient, the mower has a battery level indicator showing how much energy is left in the battery. While this is such a simple and useful feature, it’s one you don’t see on every model these days.

In terms of charging, you’ll be ready to cut your grass much sooner with this Greenworks mower than with many others. Taking just 30 minutes to charge, this is one-third of the time it takes to charge the Mighti-Mo 300 from Flymo. Of course, if you require two batteries for your lawn, you’ll need to bear in mind that only one can be charged at a time.

What’s more, the 40V 2Ah battery Greenworks uses is compatible with various other products in the Greenworks G-Max 40V range; a range that includes a cultivator, chainsaw, trimmer, leaf blower, and hedge cutter. In this regard, it’s very similar to the Ryobi ONE+ range because you’ll only ever need one battery for all the tools in your shed.

Finally, we should also note that the mower is completely electric which means it produces no emissions and should be much quieter than some we’ve seen in years gone by. Although we found the Mighti-Mo to be a little quieter, this is splitting hairs and we don’t think it’s necessary to talk about different levels of ‘quiet’.

Cutting Features and Customisation

Greenworks mower

To produce a great cut time after time, you need different cutting lengths and this is available with Greenworks. In total, there are five cutting lengths starting at just 20mm and extending all the way to 80mm. Compared to other models, the cutting range is wider with both lower and higher settings. For the first cut of summer, you can start with the highest setting before then reducing this over time and getting the lawn into a full and lush state for those warmer days.

In terms of cutting diameter, Greenworks has chosen 35cm for this model and this makes it slightly larger than the Mighti-Mo as well as many other battery models that sit within the 30-34cm range. Despite being larger, it’s narrow enough to work well in tighter spaces but you have a little more to play with in larger spaces. If you’re looking for something much larger, Greenworks does have products with cutting diameters of 41cm, 45cm, and 49cm; the latter is one of the largest you’re likely to find on models such as this.

Lawn Mower Blade

These days, it seems as though metal blades come as standard with high-quality lawn mowers and Greenworks has continued this trend with this cordless model. When you choose a lawn mower, you’ll need to decide between metal and plastic and we always advise going for the former. In general, metal is a stronger material and it’s more durable. Specifically, for lawn mowers, the metal blades can be sharpened and they allow for a cleaner cut. With plastic, they can be damaged more easily and they can’t be sharpened which could leave you spending more than necessary on replacements.

Considering this mower also provides the opportunity to mulch the cuttings, metal seems to be the only sensible way to go. With this blade, you shouldn’t experience any issues with mulching or poor cutting.

Safety, Storage, and Other Features 

Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower Review

In this section, we like to discuss all other features of a mower and we’re starting this one with safety. Sometimes, it can be a nervy experience getting the lawn mower out knowing that your children or grandchildren will be running around and playing nearby. If this is the case, the Greenworks Cordless Mower is an ideal solution because it comes with a removable safety key. If ever you need to leave the mower unattended, you can activate the key and it won’t start until it’s turned back to normal.

Next, will you need to make lots of space in your shed just to fit the lawn mower in? No, the handle folds away, the battery can be removed, and the whole unit can collapse into a portable mower for storage. With no cord to get in the way or potentially cause a hazard, this is yet another advantage and should make it easier to just get the mower out, attach the battery, and start mowing.

Something else we like to address is the capacity of the grass box and Greenworks has chosen a 40-litre box for this product. These days, other companies offering similar products tend to go for 30-litre boxes so this is a breath of fresh air. Of course, this means you can cut for longer before having to empty the grass; this, in itself, is a simple process since the box is easy to remove.

Rather than wasting time and effort, the mower offers an airflow tab which tells the user when to empty too. While you will find larger grass boxes in the industry, 40 litres should be more than enough to allow for a painless process without constant interruption.

As the penultimate feature, we also like the fact that this product allows for mulching. If you’ve seen Greenworks cordless mowers previously, you’ll know this isn’t a rare feature but there are plenty of competing mowers who have not invested in this area. With the brilliant metal blade, a fine mulch is produced which can then be recycled.

After all this, the features keep coming and we can’t move on without mentioning the two-year domestic warranty. When we buy a product like a lawn mower, we assume it’ll keep working for many years. However, this isn’t always the case since things can go wrong either in your home or in the factory. If something does happen to go wrong, the two-year warranty will keep you and your investment protected.


  • Powerful battery and the chance to add a second (if required)
  • Quick charge time with a healthy life
  • One battery should cover 250 square metres
  • checkStrong and powerful blade for a clean cut
  • checkCutting diameter and grass box capacity are both larger than many others in the market
  • checkFive different cutting heights allowing for complete control
  • checkMulching, safety key, cordless, and lightweight


  • No rear roller for a striped effect
  • Only one battery can be charged at any one time
  • Not self-propelled

In truth, these are the only disadvantages we could think of and there are plenty of people who won’t be affected by any of them. For example, you might not be bothered about a stripy lawn, you might not mind charging the batteries separately (or you might only need one), the mower is so light and easy to push that it doesn’t really need to be self-propelled, and your lawn might be smaller than 250 square metres.

If this is the case, then we highly recommend the Greenworks Cordless Mower because you’ll benefit from all the great features without having to experience the downsides.

Should I Buy the Greenworks 40V Cordless Mower?

If none of the downsides apply to you and you like the look of the advantages, the Greenworks Cordless Mower could end up being a valuable partner for your gardening needs in the years ahead. Somehow, it seems to take portability and ergonomic design to the next level.

With the battery as one of the most important features of all, we love the fact it takes only 30 minutes to charge; this charge time even puts other companies to shame. If you want the battery to have a longer life, make sure you avoid mowing when the grass is extremely wet. Also, another top tip is to have it charged even in the winter when it’s stored away for the majority of the time. As long as it’s kept in a cool, dry location, it should be ready for when you next need it.

Furthermore, we realise that not all of the features will be used every single time you mow the lawn. However, they’ll be ready for when you do need them; this applies mostly to the removable safety key. Rather than opting for a product without this level of safety and regretting it in the future, isn’t it better to have it on standby just in case?

All things considered, we believe this mower to be stronger than its immediate competition. Considering the price range in which this mower falls, you’ll be investing in a reliable brand and an even more reliable lawn mower. If the limitations we’ve labelled render this mower useless for your needs, perhaps you have a garden significantly larger than 250 square metres, be ready to look elsewhere. Otherwise, this cordless machine should be perfect for all your mowing needs for some time to come!

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