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When buying a new lawn mower, it is very important to choose the right model for your garden, otherwise mowing the lawn becomes more of a hassle.

Choose a mower that is too small or weak for your lawn and it’s going to take more time and effort to use. Go for something too large or powerful and you may find it is difficult to push around and isn’t worth the money you paid for it.

So, you want to find a model that is right for your specific needs. There are many factors to consider for this, such as the size of your lawn, how often you plan on mowing, and the weight and power.

Corded electric lawn mowers in the UK are some of the most popular on the market. Affordable and versatile, they offer many advantages and very few disadvantages, making them a great option for most small to medium sized gardens.

  • 37cm Cutting Width
  • Six Adjustable Cutting Heights (20-70mm)
  • 1400W Motor
  • 40L Grass Collector
  • 10M Cord Length
  • Weighs 15kg

If your lawn is on the larger side - think upwards of 250sqm - then the Bosch Universal Rotak 550 is a great electric lawn mower. This rotary model comes with a robust 1400W motor and plenty of useful features that make lawn maintenance easier, even in larger gardens.

A 37cm cutting width is on the higher side for an electric mower, which is why its suited for bigger spaces, although it can certainly do a fine job in medium sized gardens too. The fact it has six cutting heights is great, giving the user plenty of choice for getting the right cutting height.

If you want to get the perfect cut each time on your lawn then this is a great choice, as the 20-70mm cutting range is more than most mowers offer.

Despite being on the larger side (it weighs 15kg) it is a surprisingly quiet lawn mower. This is a feature common in Rotak models from Bosch, which operate with far less noise than most other electric lawn mowers. It’s not just nice for neighbours but the user too - expect a much more relaxing mowing experience!

The cutting blade is also unique in that it includes a Leaf Collect function. Unique to Bosch lawn mowers, this function allows the blade to cut up leaves with greater ease and then transport them into the 40L grass collector.

This is a fantastic feature for anyone with a large garden that has lots of trees! You don’t need to worry about raking or using a leaf blower before cutting the grass, as the lawn mower will get rid of them for you - this can be a lifesaver in autumn when the leaves blanket your garden!

1. Bosch Universal Rotak 550 Electric Mower 

Our Rating:

  • Powerful 1700W electric engine
  • 50L grass box
  • Ergonomically designed handles

Bosch offer a range of reliable lawnmowers for every type of garden, and the Rotak 34 R is the ideal choice for anyone with a small to medium size lawn. In fact, the impressive power and variety of cutting heights make it a great option for cutting longer grass, so if your gardens a little unkept then this could be the perfect solution.

The robust 1300W electric engine features Bosch’s patented PowerDrive technology, which is designed to make mowing longer grass effortless. This can be very helpful during the start of growing season when you’ve not had a chance to cut the lawn in a while and it’s got a little longer than intended.

Of course, not everyone garden is left unchecked, but the Rotak 34 R is just as capable of cutting shorter grass as it is longer, with the unique grass comb feature offering a precise cut along edges - a great way to get that perfect cut time and time again.

It’s a very versatile rotary lawn mower, with a selection of cutting heights (between 20 and 60mm) that are easily changed with a quick flip of the level at the front of the mower. The grass collector box comes with an impressive 40L capacity that lets your empty clippings less often, and the entire mower is simple to store thanks to the stackable grass box and collapsible handles.

The Bosch Rotak 34 R is a great all-round electric rotary machine and one of the best electric lawnmowers on the market. Featuring a powerful engine that can tackle longer grass with ease, it’s also suitable for getting a precise cut with well-maintained edges, while the lightweight design makes it less strenuous to operate.

2. Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Mower (Ideal for Small Gardens)

Our Rating:

  • 10kg weight
  • 3 cutting heights
  • 29L grass box
  • 1200 watt electric motor

The Flymo Visimo is a powerful electric rotary model suitable for small and medium sized gardens. With a 1200W electric motor, the Visimo offers enough power to deal with any medium sized lawn with ease, so it can certainly make short work of any smaller sized garden too.

The blade is 32cm long, offering a reasonable cutting width, which can also be adjusted to various levels. In total, there are 3 cutting heights offered by Visimo, so there is enough variety to get the right cut no matter the length of your grass.

Furthermore, the rear roller allows you to create a nice stripped effect on your lawn, while it also makes cutting over edges that bit easier. So, if you enjoy gardening and love the look of a perfectly maintained lawn, the Visimo is certainly a great mower to use.

As with most Flymo machines, the Visimo makes grass collecting quick and easy. The grass collector has a 29L capacity, meaning you can mow most small lawns without emptying the collector. With medium size expect to empty it once, or maybe twice at the most if your space on the bigger side.

The mower collects and compacts all cuttings for easier emptying and is very simple to remove, while the vision window lets you determine how full the collector is, saving you the hassle of stopping and checking.

A fantastic lawnmower for gardens in the small to medium size range, the Flymo Visimo offers ample power and a few handy features that make maintenance less of a chore. Flymo have a cult like following with many of their customers considering them the best electric mowers in the UK.

3. Flymo VISIMO  Electric Light Weight Lawn Mower

Our Rating:

  • 36cm Cutting Width
  • Five Adjustable Cutting Heights (20-60mm)
  • 1500W Motor
  • 40L Grass Collector
  • 12M Cord Length 
  • Weighs 11.5kg

While Flymo are known for inventing the hover machine they also have a range of great corded rotary lawn mowers, such as the Speedi-Mo 360C. Equipped with a powerful 1500W electric motor, this is suitable for medium and large gardens, while having a range of features that make it a great all-rounder for most types of lawn.

For example, with a total of five adjustable cutting heights, ranging from 20 to 60mm, you can use the mower to cut grass at varying lengths. Simply adjust the handle near the rear back wheel to adjust to the desired height!

This is a welcome feature for better lawn maintenance, as you should always adjust the cutting height to suit the length of the grass. Cut too much off and the grass too often and it becomes more susceptible to yellowing, weed invasion, disease, and sparse growth, so this is certainly a great feature.

The 36cm cutting width is also very impressive and makes mowing larger areas much easier. You can make fewer passes with a cutting width this wide, meaning less time and effort spent pushing it around.

If you have a lawn anywhere between 100-250sqm, or bigger, then this lawn mower is a great buy. It’s also very powerful thanks to the 1500W motor, so you can remove tougher growth such as a long and dense grass with lots of weeds.

Basically, it’s ideal for those bigger lawns that need a robust mower for easier maintenance. Don’t worry about it being too heavy or having a lack of reach, as the mower only weighs 11.5kg (very impressive considering its size and power) and has a lengthy 12m cord, so you shouldn’t find it too restrictive.

  • 30cm Cutting Width
  • Four Adjustable Cutting Heights (12-32mm)
  • 1300W Motor
  • 20L Grass Collector
  • 12M Cord
  • Weighs 8.50kg

Not everyone needs a large and powerful corded mower. For small to medium sized gardens, a compact and lightweight hover lawn mower such as the Flymo Easi Glide 300 is more than enough for easy lawn maintenance.

Weighing just 8.5kg, this hover lawn mower is very easy to operate, making it a good choice for people that struggle with heavy and cumbersome machines. Whether you have a smaller lawn or just don’t have the strength to push something heavier around, this model is a fantastic option.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it lacks any power due to its smaller design. The 1300W motor offers plenty of cutting power, and when combined with the 30cm cutting blade you can expect it to make short work of even the toughest grass.

As an electric hover mower, the Easi Glide 300 glides across the lawn with ease, making it especially useful for dealing with awkward shaped lawns. For instance, if there are many tight corners and uneven borders, this mower is perfect because you can easily navigate in tighter spaces, something that is difficult with rotary models.

The 30cm cutting blade is a good size for most average sized gardens. While it will struggle with larger lawns, it’s perfect for small to medium sized areas (anything up to 250sqm). You can also adjust the cutting blade to four settings, ranging from 12 to 32mm, with the lower settings allowing to get a close-cut finish - great for achieving a well-manicured lawn!

Other handy features include a 20L grass collector, foldable handles for easier storage, and a long 12m power cord for better manoeuvrability.

  • 1250W carbon powered motor
  • 5 cutting heights (20 to 60mm)
  • Fold-away guidance bar with integrated carrying handle

The Einhell GE-EM 1233 an electric model with a high-performance engine. It’s great for taking on gardens that are in less than perfect condition, including longer, thicker growth, and is even suitable for use on wet grass.

This is all thanks to the impressive 1250W carbon powered motor that operates the Einhell GE-EM 1233. Offering increased torque that results in even more traction, it’s capable of cutting through those tougher grass that many other mowers struggle with.

It’s a great all rounder in terms of cutting ability, as it works just as well in better conditioned lawns. You can cut through small to medium sized gardens with the upmost ease when using this powerful machine, with the Einhell GE-EM 1233 also coming with 5 cutting height settings ranging from 20mm to 60mm - it’s possible to get the ideal cutting height for every season.

Weighing just 11kg, there shouldn’t be any struggles pushing and pulling it through the grass, even if it’s thick and wet. The near-edge mowing design allows you to mow closer to the edge, with the wheels being set further apart than most other rotary mowers. You can easily mow those hard-to-reach edges that many struggle with!

The inclusion of a fold-away guidance bar and integrated carry handle make carrying Einhell to and from storage easy, with the collapsible design helping to save space. Don’t worry about accidental collisions either, as the body is manufactured from a hard-wearing plastic that is impact resistant - this is a mower that’s built to last.

The Einhell GE-EM 1233 is a brilliant electric lawnmower with an especially impressive engine. Despite offering less power than many others, the engine’s technology is designed for handling lawns that are long and wet, making it one of the most efficient mowers for maintaining small and medium sized gardens.

  • Powerful 1700W electric engine
  • 50L grass box
  • Ergonomically designed handles

The Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex is an incredibly powerful electric rotary machine that’s a great choice for anyone with a larger sized garden. Sporting a powerful 1700W electric engine that includes Bosch’s unique PowerDrive technology, this model can cut even the longest, toughest grass without much hassle.

Large gardens are often a nightmare to maintain, with the much larger space requiring a lot of effort to mow unless you have a suitable engine. The Rotak 40 Ergoflex has no such problem, as it removes the strenuous effort of mowing large spaces by doing all the hard work.

For example, it comes with a special Ergoflex system where the handles are ergonomically designed for easier operation. The handles can be adjusted to a variety of settings to get the most comfortable feel, helping to maintain good posture and lower muscle strain from mowing such a large area.

In fact, the ergonomics is of such a quality that it comes with an AGR certificate, highlighting just how effective the handle design of the Rotak 40 Ergoflex is. Plus, at 13kg it isn’t the heaviest lawnmower, especially when you consider it’s designed for use in larger gardens.

It also makes the entire mowing process so much easier. The grass collector box as a massive 50L capacity, and the grass clippings are efficiently collected thanks to the hardened steel blade and airflow technology.

There a total of six cutting heights that can be easily interchanged with a quick switch of a lever, so you can get that perfect cut no matter the time of the year. Extended grass combs help for keeping neat and tidy edge to your lawn too.

Anyone that is struggling to maintain a larger area needs a powerful tool such as the Rotak 40 Ergoflex. It’s got a robust engine capable of cutting in every condition, while the ergonomically designed handles make mowing that bit more comfortable. Bosch being market leaders make some of the best electric lawn mowers in the UK and the Rotak 40 Ergoflex is one of their top models in the electric range.

  • 1300W AC electric motor
  • 5 cutting heights
  • 35L grass collector that indicates when full

The Blaupunkt GX4000 is a robust lawnmower that’s suitable for medium size spaces and the odd larger garden, featuring a powerful engine that produces a whopping 3600rpm. This amount of power is quite impressive and very useful for anyone whose garden is often covered with thick, wet grass, providing a reliable cut in every condition.

However, while great for some larger gardens, it’s worth mentioning that the 32cm cutting width may take a little longer to complete very large gardens. If you have enough energy to mow for longer, then taking on larger areas isnt an issue for the Blaupunkt GX4000.

There are features that aim to make operation more comfortable, such as the ergonomic handle bar with soft grip. This puts less of a strain on your arms when mowing larger or thicker lawns, especially thanks to the power control that allows you to power the mower with either hand.

While the Blaupunkt GX4000 is unquestionably great for lawns in poor condition, it’s also perfect for better maintained gardens. 5 adjustable cutting heights mean you can easily switch the position of the blade depending on the length and condition of your grass. Simply reach forward and switch the lever position to change the cutting height - it takes just a few seconds to adjust!

The grass collector comes with a 35L capacity, which should be more than enough for medium sized lawns, although you may need to stop and empty on larger areas. However, the collector comes with a handy indicator that lets you know when the box is full, removing the need to stop and check as you mow.

A great lawnmower that offers plenty of versatility, the Blaupunkt GX4000 is ideal in for the majority gardens. Its powerful engine makes short work of thick and wet grass, so it’s certainly a mower that can be relied on for mowing throughout the year. Because of the raw power in a relatively small machine this is a personal favourite of mine.

Buying Guide - Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Explained

A corded electric lawn mower refers to any model with an electric motor that connects to a mains power supply to operate the device. There are several types, which we’ll get into shortly, with each one offering its own advantages and disadvantages.

This is great news for buyers, as there are so many great options that it is easy to find the best electric lawn mower for your garden. So, if you’re looking for a new mower be sure to check out this handy guide for choosing the best corded mower!

Types of  Electric Mowers

Before you start looking, it helps to know what types are available. Mowers are categorised by the cutting device it uses, with there being three options for corded machines:

  • Rotary
  • Hover
  • Cylinder

Each of these is suitable for lawn maintenance but there are some notable differences between them, so it helps to know what these are to help you choose a mower that is suitable for your lawn. Let’s take a closer look at each of these!

Rotary Lawn Mower 

Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

A rotary lawn mower consists of a rotary blade that is attached to the base of the mower. When powered by the electrical motor the blade rotates at high speeds, chopping away the desired length of grass.

The blade is fixed to the centre of the mower base and it can usually be adjusted to various cutting heights, letting you remove as much length from the grass as needed.

Rotary mowers have four wheels to manoeuvre around the lawn and they come in various sizes. Both the blade size and the size of the electric motor influence how powerful the lawn mower, with a bigger blade and motor being better suited for larger lawns.

Hover Lawn Mower 

Flymo Electric Corded Lawn Mower

A hover lawn mower is very similar to a rotary motor. For example, both have a fixed blade at the base that rotates at high speeds when the mower is powered on. Hover mowers also come in many sizes, with both small and large models available to accommodate different types of lawns.

The big difference between the two is the fact that a hover doesn’t have any wheels. Instead, a cushion of air is created by a fan that pushes air to the base, making the mower hover and allowing it to be pushed around the lawn without any wheels.

This tends to make hover mowers much easier to manoeuvre than rotary mowers, with the hovering making them much lighter and less restricted.

Beyond this, the two types are very similar and usually have the same features, such as multiple cutting heights, grass collectors, mulching features etc. 

Cylinder Lawn Mower 

Cylinder lawn mowers are quite different from hover and rotary mowers. Rather than a fixed blade at the base, a cylinder mower consists of multiple blades on a metal cylinder that rotate against a fixed blade near the base. There are both electric and manual cylinder push mowers.

This type of cutting mechanism works differently from other types, offering a precise cut that is similar to scissors, making it ideal for a close cut finish. Because of this, cylinder models are usually preferred for creating an ornamental lawn, although they don’t work as well with longer grass.

Also, a cylinder is typically manual, meaning you power it by simply pushing it across the lawn. That said, there are many great corded electric cylinder lawn mowers available, with the motor giving more cutting power and making them better equipped for cutting longer grass.

Advantages of a Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers have come a long way in the past 20-30 years. In a market that was once dominated by petrol or manual options, electric machines are now some of the top selling mowers in the country, namely because they offer so many great advantages!


They couldn’t be more convenient. Simply plug it into a socket, hit the power and start mowing! This is much simpler compared to other mowers like petrol or cordless mowers.

For example, you don’t need to worry about and adding petrol or constantly worry about how much battery life is left. You can mow for as long as needed without any issues and won’t need to spend time trying to get it started, making it probably the most stress-free type.

Lightweight Design

They are much lighter than their petrol-powered counterparts. The electrical motor weighs much less than a combustion engine, making it easier to use around the lawn, which is great for anyone that struggles to push around a heavier model.

For example, a small hover lawn mower will weigh significantly less than a petrol mower and even less than a rotary mower. This is perfect for older people that need something lightweight and easy to operate.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly mower look no further than corded electrical models. These are the cheapest on the market, and while there are high-end models that cost more, it’s easy to find one that fits every budget.

Also, you spend less money on electricity than paying for petrol!

Low Maintenance

Another huge advantage is how easy they are to maintain. Petrol machines are strong and powerful but they need a lot of maintenance to keep in them in top condition, from regular servicing to mixing and adding your own fuel.

Quiet Operation

Electric options make a fraction of the noise that petrol do. There is no pulling a cord to get the motor started or a huge sound when the petrol engine is powered, which is good news for your eardrums and for any neighbours!


They do have a few disadvantages, so it’s important not to overlook these and understand how it may affect your mowing.

Limited Distance

The power cord will restrict your cutting distance. Now, this may not be much of an issue for most gardens, as the cord is usually several metres long so should give enough distance unless the garden is especially large.

Another issue is that you are limited by where the nearest socket is located, although using an extension cable is a quick way around both these problems. In most instances, they are fine for small and medium lawns but may struggle with larger lawns.

Keeping an Eye on the Cable

You always need to monitor the cable when mowing with a corded mower. For one, you might accidentally run over it, while it also tends to get struck on objects in the garden. It’s mostly just a hassle but something worth remembering, especially if your garden is large and packed with pots, plants, trees, and other potential obstacles.

How to Choose the Right Model

Here’s some handy tips to help choose the right corded electric lawn mower:

Lawn Size

Always think about the lawn size when choosing any type of mower. The last thing you need is to have a model that is too small to cut your lawn in a decent time or one that is too powerful and a waste of your money.

Most will state what size of lawn they are suitable for, so try to get a rough estimate of your lawn size. Here’s a general guide to how most lawn mower manufacturers categorise lawn sizes:

  • Small Lawn - 100smq
  • Medium Lawn - 100-250smq
  • Large - Anything over 250sqm

Cutting Height and Width

  • It always helps to have a lawn mower with multiple cutting heights, as we tend to mow it at various heights depending on the time of year, the weather and the current length of the grass.
  • When you have a mower with adjustable cutting heights you can cut the lawn according to its current length and not need to worry about removing too much if the grass is a bit longer. The more options the better, as it means you can remove a healthy length of grass each time.
  • Remember - never remove more than a third of the grass length when mowing the lawn!
  • The cutting width refers to the how wide the blade cuts in a single pass. The wider the cutting width the fewer passes you need to make, meaning less time and effort mowing.
  • However, if the cutting width is quite large the mower will be heavier and more cumbersome, making it more challenging to operate, especially in tight areas.


You need to make sure a lawn mower isn’t too heavy to operate! If it’s too heavy you will struggle to mow the entire lawn in one go, which is obviously a big hassle and quite the strain on your body.

If you think you may struggle with heavier lawn mowers, look for hover lawn mowers as these are generally the lightest and easiest to move around. Remember, if your lawn is larger you probably need a heavier lawn mower, so make sure to choose a model that isn’t too heavy for you to use.

Additional Features

There are many extra features available with a corded electric lawn mower that you may find useful. A grass collector is probably the most common, making it easy to gather all the clippings and saving the hassle of raking the lawn when you are done.

Other features include a rear roller, only available on rotary models, which gives a nice striped effect on the lawn when pushing it backwards, and a mulching mode for turning clippings into mulch as you mow.

None of these are essential but they can certainly be useful!  

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