Lawn Mower Replacement Parts

Lawn Mower Parts

Lawn Mower Replacement Parts

In life, there are certain items we take for granted and a lawn mower can certainly find a place on this list. Often, we rely on it to look after our lawn for large parts of the year without providing any care in return. Whether you’ve got an electric, manual reel, or even a fuel-powered mower, they all have their benefits and drawbacks and, unfortunately, they all have a similar drawback; things can go wrong.

If you learn to maintain your garden tools effectively and efficiently, you can extend their life and keep them in a great shape for longer. However, even the most well-maintained tools will experience problems just as we see with our vehicles and many other devices in life. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to buy a replacement mower each time because this can get expensive. Instead, you need to learn about the parts and how to buy specific parts….this is what we have for you today!

When it comes to buying replacements parts, you need to consider your model to ensure it continues to work correctly in the coming months and years. While some parts will carry numbers to make the search easier, others won’t and this is something to keep in mind. Unfortunately, obtaining the right parts can be difficult at times because some stores will hold parts for some models and not for others. If your lawn mower is outdated and no longer in production, parts can be especially difficult to procure.

With this in mind, we recommend taking a look on eBay as well as sites like Amazon since these have hundreds of sellers and you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for rather than having to compromise and potentially put yourself in danger. With manufacturers all over the world, you might even be able to have replacement parts shipped in from afar.

Lawn Mower Replacement Parts

If we shift our attention to the actual mower itself, there are hundreds of different components that make up your lawn mower. If you can locate the issue and the part is easy enough to obtain and install, this is great news. If you don’t have a clue and feel as though you’d be putting yourself in danger by tampering with the product, visit a professional and allow them to help.

If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading because we’re going to break down the most important components within a lawn mower and tell you how you can keep your model maintained!

Air Filters

Firstly, there are three different types of air filter for a small engine; element, foam, and pleated paper. In truth, it doesn’t matter which type you have because they can all be cleaned on a regular basis. By doing this, you allow sufficient air into the engine, prevent overheating, and allow for optimum performance.

Oil Filters

Next up, motor oil allows the motor to run smoothly but impurities can occur within this oil. Before they get to the engine, transmission and oil filters have a role to trap these impurities. Over time, the filters will get clogged and dirty so regular cleaning allows them to keep performing in their role; look into buying a replacement if it’s beyond cleaning.

Fuel Filters

As you may have guessed, this filter is for the impurities found in fuel and this feature allows you to extend the life of the engine. On the market, you’ll also find clamps and fuel lines which are accessories to work with fuel filters.

Drive Belts

 Today, a significant percentage of lawn mower issues arise from the drive belt. If stored improperly, these belts can crack but they can also start vibrating if the tension increases. When replacing the belt, be careful because they can work free from the pulley if the wrong belt is installed (while also overheating).

Batteries, Chargers, and Cables

If you turn the key and nothing happens, first try to charge the battery and then look for a replacement if this doesn’t fix the issue. Elsewhere, the wires and leads could be the source of the problem. Within this area, there could be a host of problems from the charger to the fuses so a professional might be required if you aren’t willing to test each one individually.


Available now in different designs and styles depending on the lawn mower in question, the bagger can be reusable or disposable. With the new models, they may also empty mechanically as opposed to doing it all manually.

Bearings and Bushings

 Regardless of whether you own a manual reel mower, a riding lawn mower, or a push mower, bearings and bushings are required to enjoy a friction-free experience and so all the components can work as one. However, the types used in mowers can differ including spindle bearing, flange bushing, split bushing, and roller bearings.

Ignition Switches and Keys

Although this probably doesn’t need an introduction, this is the feature that keeps the engine running. Compared to some other components, these are fairly easy to replace and they ensure the engine keeps turning.

Mower Blades (and Adaptors)

While most mowers will have standard blades, others will boast ‘mulching’ blades. As the name suggests, the latter chops the clippings down into a mulch which then re-enters the soil. Luckily, the blades, blade adaptors, and the assemblies for the adaptors all have OEM part numbers which makes purchasing simple.

Mulching Kits

Sticking with a similar theme, a mulching kit generally contains the mulching blade as well as the clip that keeps it attached to the lawn mower. With a mulching blade, there’s no need for a bag or even rake clippings because the grass is mulched and recycled into the soil.


To prevent annoying the neighbours, mufflers reduce the sound the lawn mower emits when operating. Within the mufflers, you’ll find a resonator chamber which mutes the sound waves as the exhaust gases pass through.


Much like any other vehicle in the world, lawn mower tyres have different levels of traction and tread available which is important when replacing existing tyres.


 Finally, covers allow the unit to stay protected when stored away in the shed or garage. During the winter, when it isn’t really used, this is where most damage actually occurs so, as long as the material is breathable and heavy-duty, it’ll prevent animals from causing damage as well as providing protection from the weather and moisture.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

With all the technology and advancements we’ve seen in recent years, each mower model is now built to last…as long as they’re maintained efficiently. With the right steps, you can ensure your mower runs as good in five years as it does right now. When they aren’t cared for, this is where the problems arise and we see examples every single year.


In terms of creating a schedule, we recommend checking the components every so often. Below, you can see a loose schedule to adopt;

  • Check oil – 5 hours of use
  • Change oil – Every season
  • Replace fuel filters, filter cartridges, and oil filters – 25 hours of use
  • Spark plugs – 100 hours of use
  • Cooling systems – 100 hours of use
  • Combustion chamber deposits – 150 hours of use

Elsewhere, you can also keep an eye on the blades because these will need sharpening. Similar to the knives in your kitchen, there will come a time where they aren’t as sharp as they once were. If possible, sharpen them once a month and have them replaced once a year. Of course, you may also notice that the mower isn’t cutting as cleanly as it once did so this is a good indicator the blade either needs sharpening or replacing.

After this, regularly assess the pressure of the tyres because mowing with flat tyres can cause unnecessary stress on other areas of the mower (as well as making it heavier to push!). Before you store the unit away for the winter, we also recommend emptying the fuel tank.

Buying Replacement Parts

If you’re to choose a marketplace like Amazon or eBay, we highly recommend sticking with the reputable sellers and this will always be a great starting point. When it comes to gardening and mower replacement parts, we aren’t saying this is a huge niche for those looking to ‘con’ people but you always need to be careful; you don’t want to end up with a cheap replacement part that breaks after one use.

As long as you use the search bar carefully and type in the keywords, you shouldn’t have a problem finding baggers, filters, battery chargers, mulching kits, mufflers, batteries, and more. In fact, you’ll find several pages of results so take your time and be willing to compare products in terms of images, reviews, prices, and features.

In terms of reviews, this is actually one of the most beneficial pieces of data you have available. When we buy new mobile phones or shoes, we read the reviews online so why should this be any different? If a product has poor reviews with a significant number of people suggesting that it’s of poor quality, don’t take the risk. Considering there are a number of high-quality options out there, pay your money for these instead. Check out our reviews of mowers powered by petrol as well as those mowers powered by battery and mowers powered by mains electric. We have also covered manual push mowers here.

With eBay, remember that you don’t always need to pay the ‘Buy Now’ fee if there’s an auction ongoing. If you’ve used eBay extensively before, you should know the savings that can be made by taking advantage of this feature. As long as you pay attention to the auction time and have the highest bid when the auction ends, this is the best way to save money and pick up steals on the website. With both eBay and Amazon, you’ll find reputable sellers that don’t charge for shipping so this is another bonus.


With mowers playing a huge role in keeping our lawn looking clean and tidy, it pays to look after them as much as possible. In truth, it doesn’t matter what model and type you have as long as you pay attention to the tips we’ve provided today and keep it in good shape. For the most part, replacement parts are easy to come by.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with seeing a professional if you don’t feel confident dealing with the issue yourself. With your mower always in the best possible condition, it’ll look after your lawn both now and long into the future so this is the most important fact to remember. Without care and replacement parts, you’ll be forced into paying extra for a replacement sooner than necessary!

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