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Aerotek Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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If you’re currently looking for a new lawn mower, you’ll know there are several brands and even more products from which to choose. Today, we want to review the Aerotek Cordless Lawn Mower so you have a better idea of its features and whether it can help you!

Key Features

  • Cordless – no cord and more freedom
  • Ability to mow space of up to 400 square metres
  • 40cm cutting width
  • 50 litre grass box
  • 40V battery
  • Cutting height of between 25mm and 75mm
  • Folding for easy storage
  • Two-year guarante

Much like Ryobi models, the Aerotek Cordless Lawn Mower is part of a much larger product range where they all utilize the same battery and charging system. The advantage of choosing Aerotek over Ryobi, however, is their quick-charge system. Although they don’t advertise just how fast this quick-charging system operates, it leads to 35 minutes of mowing time and this, coupled with the 40cm cutting width and 40V battery, allows for the mowing of around 400 square metres. Compared to other models where the limit is 250 square metres, you can already see this is a mower that is highly efficient.

Aerotek lawn mower foldingAerotek Cordless Lawn Mower

Elsewhere, the grass box is larger than many competitors at 50 litres; this means you aren’t going to have to keep stopping to empty the box. In addition to this, the cutting height range is one of the largest you’re likely to find; Aerotek has chosen six different settings from 25mm to 75mm. With other brands, the maximum will probably reach 50mm or maybe 60mm but it rarely stretches above this.

Aerotek mower handle

In terms of smaller features, owners will enjoy the folding handle since this lends itself to easy storage. Despite the larger grass box, the unit can fold down into a small enough size to fit into the shed or garage with little to no trouble. The mower also offers the ability to mulch grass, and the result offers fine cuttings rich in nutrients.

Finally, we should also mention something that’s often overlooked; the fact the mower is cordless. Rather than being tethered to an extension cord that leads back to a socket in your home, you’ll be free to walk around your garden and really get into the crevices without worrying about running over a cord.


The biggest benefit of choosing the Aerotek Cordless Lawn Mower is that it’s designed with performance in mind; the key features of the mower are upgraded compared to many other models in the niche. For example, in reviews we’ve provided before, the grass box capacity reaches 30 litres and maybe 40 litres but Aerotek extends this to 50 litres. Aside from this, the cutting width is 40cm while many others are lower and the cutting height has a wider range than many others. Therefore, it goes beyond the ‘basic’ market and is ideal for anybody who wants to upgrade their current, smaller model.


On the other hand, although it’s splitting hairs somewhat, the mower isn’t self-propelled (unlike some in this ‘upgraded’ portion of the market) and it doesn’t leave a pattern behind on the grass. Furthermore, because of the advanced and improved features, it does fall within a more expensive section of the market. However, this could be seen as a good thing because the investment should be worthwhile; this is compounded by the two-year guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

Aerotek 40V X2 Series Cordless Lawnmower, Lithium-Ion 2Ah x2 Batteries & Charger...
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Aerotek 40V X2 Series Cordless Lawnmower, Lithium-Ion 2Ah x2 Batteries & Charger...*
  • Cordless; No limitations and potentially harmful cords to get tangled up in or messy petrol motors...
  • Quick charge; Mow lawns of up to 400 square metres
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