Evopower battery powered Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Evopower battery powered Cordless Lawn Mower

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Evopower battery Lawn Mower

Evopower EVO1536Li Cordless Battery 36 V Lawn Mower

  • 36 V, 2.6 A rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Six cutting heights
  • 15-inch cutting width
  • Compact and lightweight design

The cordless lawn mower market is continually growing. Not only do more customers seek the advantages of a cordless lawn mower, but the models are becoming much more affordable, helping to significantly increase their popularity.

A perfect example of this is the Evopower EVO1536Li. This electric cordless lawn mower comes with one of the most competitive prices for a cordless lawn mower, allowing users to take advantage of its great performance for a reasonable price.

As a fully cordless electric lawn mower, the Evopower EVO1536Li is powered by a 36V, 2.6ah lithium-ion battery. These types of batteries are ideal for cordless mowers as they offer great performance and can charge in reasonably quick times.

For instance, the Evopower EVO1536Li’s battery offers around 30 minutes of mowing on a full charge, making it suitable for most small to medium-sized lawns. This may vary however, as the different grass (e.g. long, thick, damp) requires more power to effectively mow, which is where the adjustable cutting heights come in handy.

The mower has a total of six different cutting heights, all of which can be quickly adjusted using the central cutting height lever. This is ideal if you haven’t mowed the lawn in a while and the grass has become quite long, or for those warmer periods where more frequent mowing is needed (such as the summer). Simply hit the lever to get the desired cutting height!

As for the charging the battery, the Evopower EVO1536Li comes with a respectable five-hour charge time. While not the fastest charging battery on the market, it’s still a reliable charge speed that should be fine for most.

Of course, this charge time is more than worth it when you consider the benefits to be gained. For one thing, this is an environmentally friendly investment, as there’s no petrol necessary and the mower consumes low amounts of electricity.

Another key advantage is the fact that the lawn mower is cordless. This makes it much safer to use as there is no risks of accidently cutting the cord when mowing, while having no cords may be preferable for households with pets.

Additionally, cordless lawn mowers such as the Evopower EVO1536Li are generally much easier to operate. They come with no cords which makes manoeuvring the mower instantly easier, while the lightweight design (it weighs just 16kg!) reduces strains and fatigue when operating it.

This lightweight design makes storage simple too. The compact shape of the Evopower EVO1536Li allows it to fit snuggly into most garages and sheds; just fold down the handles over the body and use the carry handle at the front.

With the dual purposes blades offering a 15-inch cutting width, the lawn mower is suitable for lawns of most sizes. Anything in the small to medium range can be easily mowed with the Evopower EVO1536Li, although it’s not the best suited mower for larger gardens.

As one of the cheapest and most reliable cordless lawn mowers available, there is a lot to like about Evopower EVO1536Li. It’s got enough power to tackle most small and medium lawns, while the lightweight and cordless design make is so easy to use. There are plenty of cutting heights as well, making it the perfect mower for year-round maintenance.


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