Flymo Glider 330 Lawnmower Review

Flymo-Glider-330-Electric-LawnmowerFlymo are one of the most popular manufacturers of garden equipment such as lawn mowers among others which indicates that they are a trustworthy brand in the business. The flymo glider 330 lawnmower is one of their equipment that is popular with buyers who want a powerful lawnmower for cutting lawns of different sizes.

The lawnmower looks attractive, performs extremely well and is very easy to maintain, making it a fantastic equipment for anyone who desires to maintain their lawn in the proper shape without great hassle.


Flymo Glider 330 Features

Powerful motor

The Flymo glider 330 features a cool 1450 watt electric motor that is powerful enough to cut lawns that have been neglected for a while. With a motor that powers a whopping 33cm cutting blade you’ll notice that cutting your lawn will be an extremely enjoyable experience.

Changeable cutting blade’s height

The cutting blade’s height can be changed with ease so that your lawn can be one of the four lengths ranging from 12 mm to 32 cm. It is so simple to set the height, use the plastic spacers at the sides of the lawnmower and the height will be changed in seconds.

Has a long mains cable

Another feature which is very attractive for users is the 12m long mains cable that is extremely longer than in many other lawnmowers. This means that if you’ve a larger garden, the long cable will enable you get to all the corners easily and quickly.

Has a large grass box

The grass box of the lawnmower is as large as 26l. A large grass box means few trips to the bin as you empty out the lawnmower. This will also help you save more time when cutting the lawn, a feature that attracts many buyers. The box also features a handy transparent window to enable you know when its full.


Flymo glider is also very light, as it weighs as little as 10 kg. This feature makes it a favorable product for people who struggle with heavier lawnmowers. In addition, the gliding action of the lawnmower when in use is fantastic making it a popular mower among most people.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance of flymo glider is extremely easy as it has been made in the highest standards, meaning it doesn’t need regular attention to keep it running for several years.


Comes with a one year manufacturer’s guarantee
Powerful Electric engine
33cm metal cutting blade
26L grass box capacity
12m mains cable
Folds down easily


Not as easy to clean as other mowers.

Final verdict
Though the flymo glider lawnmower has afew flaws, it is still one of the best electric lanmowers available. With a powerful motor, large grass collection box, a lengthy mains cable, a 33 cm metal cutting blade, and so much more, the equipment is truly your next generation mower.


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