P1PE P5100SPE Petrol Mower review

P1PE P5100SPE Review

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P1PE are one of the lesser known garden tool manufacturers but that’s not to say that they don’t have some serious hardware available. Take the P1PE P5100SPE, a petrol lawn mower that is fitted with a monstrous Hyundai petrol engine to produce one of the most powerful lawn mowers available.

This thing packs some serious punch along with a huge cutting deck, making it ideal for those larger gardens that have lots to mow or have become overgrown jungles. This machine is also highly versatile thanks to several cutting modes, making it a great choice for professional gardeners and groundskeepers!

 Over the years, Flymo has reigned supreme in the lawn mower market. First invented in the 1960s, the brand took inspiration from the hovercraft and decided to implement this clever design with a new lawn mower. Now, over 50 years later, their product range is expansive and they enjoy a healthy share of the market alongside the likes of Bosch, Black & Decker, and others.

With so many different lawn mowers available today, even dozens from Flymo, you might be wondering where you need to start and which you should buy. Luckily, we like to stay up-to-date in the market and this knowledge is going to come in handy as we review the Mighti-Mo 300 Cordless Mower today. As well as discussing important features, we’re really going to dig deep into the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this product. Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Key Features

  • Hyundai 173cc 4 Stroke Petrol Engine
  • Self-Propelled
  • Electric Powered Start Button
  • 50cm Cutting Width
  • Seven Cutting Heights (25mm to 85mm)
  • Four Cutting Modes
  • 60L Grass Bag
  • Engine 

    The P1PE P5100SPE is a petrol-powered lawn mower that uses a monstrous 173cc air cooled 4-stroke Hyundai engine. While the machine itself isn’t made from Hyundai, the engine is and this gives it some ridiculous cutting power and fantastic durability, as is common with most Hyundai combustion engines whether in a car, motorcycle or lawnmower.

    As you can imagine, this engine offers some of the best cutting power found on any type of lawn mower, making it suitable for medium and large gardens. In fact, it can easily handle overgrown and wet grass too, so there are few lawns that you can’t easily maintain with this model.

    One big issue with petrol mowers is how difficult they can be to start. The P1PE has no such problem as it uses an electric start system, with a single button on the handle being pushed to power up the mower – no need to constantly pull at a starter cord like with most petrol machines.

    P1PE P5100SPE Petrol Mower

    Cutting Width

    Featuring a massive 51cm cutting blade housed inside of a treated steel chassis, the P1PE P5100SPE has one of the largest cutting widths. It makes the mower perfect for those massive gardens that need a sizeable cutting deck to remove enough grass on each pass.

    Anyone struggling to maintain an especially large garden should always consider something with a wide cutting deck, which is exactly what you get here. In fact, there aren’t many with a cutting blade bigger than 40cm, so this is an impressive feature and one worth noting if you have an extra-large area to cover.

    Cutting Height 

    The cutting blade isn’t just large it can be adjusted a whopping seven times! Ranging from 25mm to 75mm, the P5100SPE offers a fantastic range of cutting heights to suit any type of lawn no matter how long or short the grass is.

    Shorter lengths are perfect when regularly maintaining your lawn, giving a close-cut finish for a well-manicured long. Anyone dealing with longer grass can adjust the blade higher so as not to remove too much length at one time, while there are plenty of heights in-between to suit every condition.

    To adjust the height simply pull on the orange lever located at the side of the cutting deck. It’s a big lever that is easy to adjust, letting you quickly change cutting heights as you mow to ensure an even finish throughout.

    P1PE P5100SPE electric startP1PE P5100SPE wheels

    Cutting Modes 

    Another impressive feature is the inclusion of four different cutting modes.

    These modes include a cut and collect, which gathers the clippings into a massive 60L polyester grass bag, ensuring you don’t need to stop and empty clippings even when mowing larger areas.

     Cut and drop is the standard cutting mode where the clippings are simply dropped where they are cut, while there is also side discharge which works much the same but sends the clippings outwards.

    Finally, there is a mulching function. This is certainly a welcome addition to any lawnmower, especially for gardeners that want a healthy and vibrant lawn, because it allows you to use the clippings as fertilizer.

    It works by chopping up the clippings into a finer consistency and distrubiting it across the lawn, where it nourishes the lawn as it breaks down. This works on grass of any length and saves the hassle of needing to use lawn fertilizers, as you are using something completely natural as you mow!


    The one drawback of petrol lawnmowers is that they aren’t always easy to operate. As generally heavier machines than their electric powered counterparts, petrol lawn mowers can be difficult to push around when they weigh so much!

    Weighing 42kg, it is certainly not the lightest mower on the market. It’s much heavier than electric mowers and even quite heavy for petrol models, which may be quite off-putting for people that don’t want to exert too much energy when mowing.

    However, there is one big feature that makes the extra weight less of a problem – self-propulsion.

    Thanks to a self-propelled driving system, the P1PE isn’t difficult to operate, with this feature offering much easier mowing by significantly reducing the effort needed to push and pull the mower.

    It feels a fraction of its actual weight so it’s easy to push around for long periods, espiecally on sloped areas of the lawn that can be a struggle to mow with a heavier machine.

    There is also an ergonomic soft grip handle to reduce the vibrations felt in the hands and wrist when mowing, reducing feelings of fatigue for more efficient and hassle-free mowing.


  • Incredibly powerful petrol engine can handle lawns of any condition
  • Large cutting deck makes it perfect for bigger gardens
  • Various cutting modes including mulching
  • Good selection of cutting heights
  • Robust yet durable steel chassis
  • Disadvantages 

  • At 43kg it is on the heavier side but self-propulsion makes it unnoticeable when mowing
  • P1PE P5100SPE P1 Hyundai Powered 20' 51cm Petrol Lawnmower, Self Propelled,...
    163 Reviews
    P1PE P5100SPE P1 Hyundai Powered 20" 51cm Petrol Lawnmower, Self Propelled,...*
    • Features an electric start for effortless starting when the battery is charged, and a recoil pull...
    • 51cm Cutting Width, Ideal for medium to large sized lawns.
    • Seven cutting heights adjusted with a central single height adjuster.

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