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Castelgarden XE 866 B Ride on mower

Castelgarden XE 866 B Ride on mowerIt’s one of the most compact Castlegarden riding lawnmowers and features a 66 cm (27”) cutting deck and a single cutting blade that can be set for 6 different heights ranging from 30-80 mm to suit the desired lawn finish or grass length. These heights are easily adjustable from the drivers seat. It is attractive, maneuverable and compact and is equipped with Briggs & Stratton 875 Series 190 cc E.S engine.

Thanks to its small dimensions, the Castelgarden sit-on lawnmower is easily maneuverable, fitting through trees and normal gateways and it’s easy for you to store it in a space saving way after use. This machine has all the benefits of a lawnmower with the sturdy performance of a lawn tractor. It has an electric key start with geared transmission and features a big 150 litre grass collector.

Product features

• Dimensions: 183 x 70 x 101 cm ; 130 Kg • Equipped with Briggs & Stratton single cylinder 190cc electric start engine • 66/27 cut ride • Collecting compact mower • Geared transmission • After sales back up and spare parts

• Delivered fully assembled with full pre-delivery inspection

This is one of the best ride-on lawn mowers that is delivered fully assembled and you can immediately use it in your garden. It also comes with pre-delivery inspection in accordance with manufacturer instructions. You can easily adjust and tune the engine to ensure its optimal performance. It is palletized and wrapped in a secure way to ensure it arrives at your place in pristine condition. Free technical help on any aspect of the product is just a phone call away.

When you buy this mower you also get the confidence and peace of mind through a huge network of dealers that offer you spares and servicing.


Lawn-King SG60RDE Ride on Lawnmower

If you’ve a large garden then the lawn king could be the answer you’re Lawn-King SG60RDE Ride on Lawnmowerlooking for. It’s is one of the best ride-on lawn mowers that is much smaller than a traditional sit on mower, and its 1.9l Briggs & Stratton engine is powerful enough to handle any terrain. Its compact and stripped down nature makes it perfect to drive through narrow flower beds and trees, whilst it is easily able to pass through garden gates and other narrow passageways that are traditionally off limits to ride on mowers.

Product features

• Product Dimensions: 192 x 83 x 112 cm • Equipped with Briggs & Stratton Single Cylinder 190cc Electric Start engine • 60/24 inch Cut Ride on Lawnmower • Collect, Mulch or Discharge clippings • After Sales Back Up and Spare Parts • Transmatic gearless “shift on the go” ensures six-speed transmission with the help of foot pedal

From a usability perspective, the lawn king offers excellent value for money. Gear changing is very simple using the foot pedal, and this mower is capable of working in all types of lawns and can mulch, collect and discharge. And what you will really love about this machine is its “step through” design, much like a scooter it is very easy to get on and off. It is ideal if you need to disembark quickly to remove objects out of way as you mow.

When it comes to storage, the lawn king ride on is a winner in every possible way. Its’ big 150 litre grass collection bag is quite roomy for a mower of this size, and there are no worries about storing it when this mower is not in use due to its compact size.

The ride on lawn king is really versatile. The machine can optionally collect, discharge, and mulch grass clippings as per your desired effect. It is best for gardens where it is not possible to use a larger lawn tractor due to bushes, flowerbeds or other obstacles and it is small and nimble enough to fit through narrow pathways. Its transmission provides a gearless, smooth change of speed using the foot pedal.

The Lawn king is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. Pre-delivery inspection is carried out as per manufacturer’s instructions. When you buy this mower, you also get the assurance of possessing high quality garden machinery manufactured by a family run business that has been in the market for last 35 years.


Stiga Park Compact 16 Ride-On Mower

Stiga Park Compact 16 ride-on MowerThe Stiga Park Compact 16 ride on Mower is a feature rich, highly innovative machine that confers good maneuverability that’s just not possible with a conventional ride-on mower. It is considered one of the best ride-on lawn mowers and a great buy for all those whose lawn has tight corners or obstacles to navigate. Also, its rear-wheels follow the same path as its front wheels, so there’s absolutely no chance of the back end of the machine clipping something accidentally, therefore you can easily concentrate on all that’s happening in front of you.

Product features

Out-front deck ensures clear visibility and allows all hard-to-reach areas to be mown. Hydro-drive and articulated steering confers outstanding maneuverability. Its four wheel drive is best for effortless negotiation of slopes, rough ground and mud. • Its 10 step cutting-height means changing grass types can be managed easily. • Foot operated deck lift is easy to use • High powered Briggs & Stratton OHV engine with special AVS for reduced vibration • Electric key start for trouble free ignition every single time. • Choice of cutting decks-105cm Combi 2 Blade Deck and 95cm Combi 2 Blade Deck. • You’ll also receive a Multi-tool Easy Grip

The lawn mower’s front mounted cutter-deck offers two advantages. Firstly grass is cut before the wheels run over it, so you get a much neater finish; and secondly, you get a much clearer view of the cutting-line, making it easier to mow flush against fence-lines and walls with the utmost accuracy.

The hydrostatic drive of this sit-on lawnmower gives variable speed control in both directions; which helps you easily cover any sort of adverse terrain that would otherwise be impossible for a two-wheel drive. Its split differential prevents scuffing during turns. Stiga is equipped with an adjustable seat, servo-assisted steering, and a foot-pedal deck lift. A choice of 10 different blade-heights (25 to 85mm) means you will be able to achieve a precision finish.

The Stiga has a commercial grade Briggs & Stratton engine equipped with B & S’s Balance-Tek technology for ensuring reduction in vibration. Its cast-iron sleeve ensures superior long-term reliability. This mower is best for gardens up to three acres and you get a choice of either a 95 or 105 cm deck which you can quickly set up for rear-eject cuttings or for mulch.

Ride-on Mower Guide

Just as the name suggests, a ride-on lawn mower is a motorized vehicle that you ride across your lawn as you trim grass. In place of the traditional pushing mower, you ride the motorized one, effectively simplifying the task.

The machine is especially ideal if you have a large area that needs tidying up fast. Schools, institutions and places with large playgrounds take advantage of these. Homeowners with specific needs or those with have large lawns also benefit.

Although a ride-on lawnmower is more expensive than its conventional pushing counterpart, it is worth the advantages that it brings. While there are different types and models of these lawnmowers from different manufacturers, the most important thing is buying one that actually meets your demands.

What you Need to Know Before Buying one

Learn the different operations of different sit-on mowers plus their cutting mechanisms. For example, a front-engine mower is cheaper and less capable than their rear-engine counterparts. In addition, rear-engine mowers are more user-friendly, as the exhaust fumes go behind you. You can inhale more exhaust fumes with front-engine ones.

Most ride on mowers have steering wheels to help you make turns, bends and spiral movements. You can make a 180-degree turn with these. Therefore, it helps you to navigate the mowing area with ease and allows you to mow at a desired pattern.

On the other hand, there are mechanical mowers with basic levers to which you hold when working. These do not provide as much flexibility as desired because they have a zero-turn radius.

Invest in a mower with as few jerking movements as possible. In addition, buy one that comes with a bagging kit and blower ready for assembly. Generally, the sit-on mower comes with assembly manuals and instructions that are simple and easy to follow.

Some homeowners have lawns and spaces with many obstacles such as stones and concrete pavements. If you are one of them, invest in a four-wheel-steering lawn tractor. When you buy these devices, be prepared to conduct regular maintenance such as sharpening of blades, cleaning underneath surfaces, engine tune-ups and fluid checks.

Benefits of a ride-on mower

When you use a lawn tractor to mow grass, the machine can cut to a desired swath. This depends on how tall or short you want the grass to be. This means that you have the freedom to cut grass to very low heights at some portions and leave it high at others.

In addition, the machine efficiently collects the cut grass and puts it in an inbuilt bag. You can press a button or push a lever and discharge the bagged grass at a desired spot. This eliminates the need to collect or rake grass manually after mowing an area.

If you suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma, a ride-on lawnmower can come in handy. Unlike a push mower that throws grass fragments, dust and debris in the air, a sit-on mower keeps these in a bag for later emptying. This way, you can maintain your lawn to a desired preference without hiring a mowing professional.

Most advanced models of riding lawnmowers are compatible with attachments such as small trailers and snow plows. This makes them ideal for carrying gardening implements, tools and equipment. They are strong and versatile too.

A zero-turn ride-on lawnmower helps you to cut grass evenly in a straight line. You typically mow from one end of the lawn to another and manually place the mower on the next portion. You can achieve visually impressive lawns with these machines.

How to get the best from it

Learn as much information as possible about your desired lawnmower. This helps you settle on the one that best suits your needs. More importantly, purchase yours from trusted retailers to ensure any problems you many encounter will be resolved swiftly.

Just like a car, conduct basic yet important safety precautions. Ensure that the various components are working properly before starting. Check the engine and refill the various fluids. Only use the recommended fuel. Otherwise, you may risk ruining its engine.

When riding the mower, wear adequate protective equipment. While a helmet protects your head in the event of a fall, leather gloves keeps your hands from the usually sharp cutting blades especially during maintenance. Do not let children ride the sit-on mower as a toy. Instead, follow the recommended procedures for its mowing and keep it in under shade or in a garage when not in use.

Most gardeners will own either a manual push lawn mower or a standard petrol, electric corded or battery mower also for smaller tasks. Check out our reviews of the best lawn mowers where we cover both petrol and electric to help you make the right decision for your needs.

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