Murray EQ400 18 Rotary Mower

Murray EQ400 18″ Rotary Mower

  • Petrol rotary lawn mower
  • 18” cutting width
  • 6 adjustable cutting heights
  • 2-in-1 collecting and discharge settings
  • 60L grass collector

The Murray EQ400 is a robust petrol-powered lawn mower suitable for small and medium size gardens. Boasting a powerful engine, variable cutting heights, and a two-in-one collection and discharge setting, it’s a great lawn mower that will do a fine job on even the toughest of lawns.

Even smaller lawns can be tough to mow, especially if they are uneven, constantly wet, or have lots of weeds present. Combine each of these factor and mowing becomes quite the task. Thankfully, there are models like the EQ400 available for such lawns.

If your garden lawn is small to medium sized but quite a challenge to mow, then the EQ400 is worth consideration. This is mostly down to the very impressive engine powering the mower. Featuring a 450E series engine from Briggs & Stratton (Murray’s parent company), the petrol-powered engine provides the rotary blade with enough juice to tackle those tougher lawns.

It certainly packs a punch despite the smaller size of the mower, allowing for easier handling of lengthy grass, weed-heavy lawns, and for mowing on slopes. These conditions often make it difficult to get a nice, even cut, but the powerful engine of the EQ400 makes it a non-issue.

Of course, not everyone appreciates the emissions produced by petrol mowers such as the EQ400, but there are measures in place to reduce this. As part of Briggs & Stratton’s E-Series initiative, the engine is designed to produce much less emissions, putting the mind of eco-conscious gardeners at rest.

While the EQ400’s engine isn’t self-propelled, which would make handling it much easier, it does come with a lightweight build of only 26kg. This means it shouldn’t be too difficult to mow on medium lawns, while being easy enough to operate in small spaces.

However, those that struggle with heavy loads may want to avoid this particular mower, unless they have quite a small lawn and are confident that fatigue won’t be a problem. The EQ400 is designed for use in small to medium size lawns in any case, so it’s always worth to sticking to these recommendations.

To make handling the EQ400 more comfortable, an ergonomically designed handle is included. It’s adjustable to three different positions, making it possible for most users to find a comfortable setting when in use.

Better still, the handle completely collapses, allowing the EQ400 to become compact for easier storage – perfect for anyone short on space in their shed or garage!

The EQ400 comes with an 18” cutting width, while the cutting height is adjustable from 28mm to 92mm, so it’s certainly versatile enough to achieve different lawn finishes. The adjustable height settings are quite important when it comes to maintaining a health and vibrant lawn.

For example, it’s never recommended to remove more than a third of the blade length when mowing. Taking too much off is always a bad idea for lawn health, as it can lead to spots of brown grass developing or even patchy spots.

Instead, you want to adjust the height to suit the season. For instance, it’s good to remove more length at the start of growing seasons when the weather is warm and there’s ample irrigation. When mowing regularly, cutting heights should be lowered to accommodate the shorter growth, so there’s a lot to consider when choosing a cutting height.

With six different options that are easily swapped using the two lever adjustment, it couldn’t be easier to get that perfect cutting height to suit every lawn.

Better still, the EQ400 features a two-in-one system for efficient collecting and discharging.

You can either gather the entire clippings into the massive 60L collector bag or opt to discharge them directly onto the lawn for mulching Both are very convenient, allowing you to gather clippings in the way that most suits your gardening preferences.

Murray EQ 400 18"/46 cm Petrol Push Lawnmower with Briggs & Stratton 450E Series...*
  • Reliable, powerful and easy to start Briggs & Stratton 125CC 450E Series petrol engine
  • 18 Inch/46 cm Durable steel deck for increased protection against damage and corrosion
  • High lift blade type, easily adjustable cutting height ranging from 28 mm to 92 mm in 6 positions

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