Honda Izy HRG 416 SK Review

Honda IZY HRG416SK Lawnmower Review

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Think of the words, precision’, innovation’, and power’, and it’s likely that Honda would be one of the first names that come to mind. The Company is world famous for its efficient and super reliable cars, as well as bikes, and boat outboard engines. So you can be sure that if they’ve designed a petrol driven lawnmower, it will be more than up its job of cutting your lawn.

So with all these high expectations in mind let’s have a close look at Honda IZY HRG416SK Lawnmower and see exactly what it offers.

Honda Izy Lawnmower Features

  • Auto choke system ensures easy start each time, even during winter, with a soft grip recoil pull for that added comfort.
  • Durable 41 cm cutting deck is made of steel and has been treated to strongly resist corrosion, rust and UV abrasion.
  • Built to be shock resistant.
  • Self propulsion mechanism powered by a 160cc OHC four stroke Honda engine. It has been designed to reduce noise and vibration and has a forward speed of 0.92m/s.
  • Rear and front wheels feature integrated ball bearings for ensuring a smoother movement.
  • Features precise cutting height adjustment with 6 different cutting heights ( 20-74mm).
  • Equipped with a large 50 litre grass bag to maximize user’s working time between clipping disposal.
  • Features high airflow design to boost collection performance.
  • Folding handlebar and very low overall weight (31kg) to ensure easier transportation and storage.
  • Intelligent blade design where the blade immediately twists when it hits any obstacle thereby reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability.


The first thing which you’ll notice about this mower is that it comes with a self propelled start, meaning a less Honda Self-Propelled Lawnmower jpgstrenuous job for its user. It also has an important safety feature where the mower halts and its cutting blades also stop when you accidentally let go of the handlebar.

Being self propelled, it moves forward at a decent pace, but it is not suitable for those with very low walking speed. It is easy to maintain and cuts well. You just need to top up the motor oil and clean it. .

Honda’s commitment to convenience and flexibility is also evident from the fact that the Honda IZY comes with a big 50 litre grass bag which reduces the frequency with which the user needs to stop and dispose clippings. This definitely improves overall working efficiency. This grass bag has been designed to improve airflow and maximize collection performance, while a fine quality mesh that has been used in its construction helps in containing dust for a more comfortable operation.

As the HRG416SK IZY is self-driven, it is suitable for most lawn types, even where there are many obstacles, trees and bushes to cut around. Its pull start has been specifically designed to be virtually effortless. A double lined flexible cable makes adjustments more precise and adjustable.

One of the stand out features that Honda’s design team has been busy perfecting with the HRG IZY is improvement on one of the biggest nuisances associated with lawn mowing, the noise which it generates! Thanks to innovative wind tunnel experimentation, a hi-tech blade design means not only the noise generated by the machine is cut by 30 percent as compared to its predecessor, but it also enhances the cutting and collection ability of the mower. To help in air flow and guidance of grass into the collection bag, the design of the cutting deck has also been considered.

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A Blade brake in the mower stops the engine and blade when you let go of its handle. This is ideal for added safety and peace of mind. Its folding handle allows for easy storage in the smallest of spaces.  Its 4-stroke engine and quieter blade design gives it quick maneuverability and great reduction in noise. An easy starting choke system ensures the perfect start each time in cold weather. Its easy to adjust level gives you a choice of six different cutting heights and its extra-wide no-slip wheels offer good maneuverability.

The durable steel cutter deck is of high quality. Its rounded design ensures optimal airflow for good grass collection and easy cleaning with no nooks and crannies for wet grass to stick to. An easy starting, high torque engine means reduced risk of clogging due to grass, no matter how thick it is.

Using their experience with outboard engines for boats, Honda has added a new “auto choke” system that means their mower will start in any season and under any condition, and will automatically open when its engine starts, and close the engine when it cools. This ensures easier mowing and much better engine performance, and that’s great.

The shock-resistant cutting deck is very durable and has been treated to strongly resist all kinds of corrosion, rust and UV abrasion. Honda’s confidence in the sturdiness of this mower is reflected in the full 3 year warranty they offer as a standard with the HRG 416 SK, so you can be rest assured of years of reliable service from this machine. Finally, for added convenience the mower’s folding handlebar works to ensure effortless storage, and the machine’s low weight of 31kg means that its transportation is similarly simple.


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