Hyundai 99cc 4-stroke Petrol Push Rotary mower

The Hyundai 16in Petrol Push Rotary Lawn Mower

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The Hyundai 16” 99cc Petrol Push Rotary Lawn Mower is an excellent example of lightweight yet powerful mowing technology that consistently manages to perform to a high level. With an emphasis placed on manoeuvrability and control, the model is also durable and has enough power to complete all tasks with ease.

Designed with a more environmentally friendly approach than other models, the mower features the Hyundai 99cc 4-stroke OVH Petrol Engine. This means the mower not only delivers cutting power but also generates lowered levels of noise and fuel consumption to minimise the pollution generated, and lower the disruption caused by fuelling, ensuring that the mower will keep running. The mower features an easy starting petrol engine which has the helpful option to move the pull start towards the top of the main handles which makes it more accessible and eliminates the need to bend down when starting the model. There are three separate cutting lengths available which range from 25mm, best used for smoother lawns, to 75mm which is best used for cutting longer grass.

The mower is simplistic in design as well as quick and easy to assemble out of the box, allowing you to begin using it in your garden immediately, with low maintenance requirements. The generous quick release 40l grass catcher bag allows you to spend less time emptying the cuttings and more time mowing with its large storage capacity. Attaching and removing the collection bag is simple and fast, allowing for instant disposal of cuttings without hassle. With a strong polypropylene moulded deck, your mower is tough and durable, and will remain free from rust and corrosion for a long time to come.

Comfort and practicality were at the forefront of the mowers’ design, as the emphasis on increased comfort means Hyundai 16 inch Petrol Mower enginethat this lawn mower features a soft grip handle, which reduces fatigue when mowing large lawns or mowing for an extended duration. The Operating Presence Control means that as soon as you let go of the handles, the safety lever will automatically deactivate the engine, which gives you complete control over the mower at all times. Weighing in at just less than 19kg, this is one of the lightest petrol lawn mowers on the market, which is a welcome feature for hand push models to reduce fatigue and provide manoeuvrability and tight controlling of the mower. It also means it can be easily moved and transported around in vehicles, making it good for both domestic and professional use.

Overall, the Hyundai model is a lightweight yet durable model, which is perfect for any type of gardener thanks to its easily controllable design and portable nature. The engine is still powerful enough to cope with the demands placed upon it while remaining environmentally friendly, with little noise pollution and fuel consumption being low. The intelligently designed and strong construction means that there’s high life expectancy, with the mower being built to last. Ergonomic handles and added safety features means that this mower is comfortable, reliable and efficient.



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