The Bosch AHM 38G Push Lawnmower

  • 38 cm width cut
  • Five bladed cylinder
  • Rear roller
  • 14-43 mm cut height
  • 25 litre grass fill capacity
  • Only 10 Kg in weight

  • The Bosch AHM 38G lawn mower is a personal favourite of  mine. It is a manual powered machine and is considered one of the best in the hand pushed mower class. In my experience It is great for cutting smaller grassy areas. It is portable, lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and carry, and smaller than electric lawn mowers that can often be cumbersome when it comes to smaller or asymmetrical grassy areas. When you are working in your garden in spots where there are many flower beds, it's important to use a mower that will be able to move around the flower beds easily. This is the strength of the Bosch AHM 38G manual garden lawn mower. This manual lawn mower is suitable for most British gardens.

    This mower is fast and efficient, making light work of cutting the grass, with no set up required. A detachable handle allows for ease of storage in smaller spaces and convenience the user, and the mower is light enough to be carried around with relative ease.

    Overall, this is a practical and efficient machine, designed to mow lawns quickly and without hassle, and with a contact free cutting system it accomplishes that task with very little noise pollution, making it great for a pleasant gardening experience. The blades are sharp and durable, being able to cut paper, meaning that you needn’t worry about constant repair and maintenance, the Brill brands are built to last.

    WOLF-Garten Hand Push Cylinder Mower

    The Wolf-Garten WPCM Cylinder Hand Mower is an excellent example of innovative mowing technology. Boasting a 30cm 5 bladed cylinder made from carbon steel for a superior cut and longer life, the mower is efficient and environmentally friendly. This is a perfect choice for eco-friendly gardeners who want to maintain their gardens without worry of noise pollution. A full width rear roller means that the classic stripped lawn look is now easily possible. And with a 19-35mm adjustable cut height if you have neglected the lawn and let it get overly long, the blade will still cope even if you have to run over it twice.

    The mower comes with a 20 litre collection bag, which holds a good amount of cuttings, so you can minimise the trips to the waste bin, allowing for a faster, more efficient gardening experience. As well as this, the model has an upswept handle with an ergonomic grip, allowing for easy manoeuvrability without straining your back. Another convenient feature of the model handle is the fact that it folds up for extra storage space. As this is a push mower, it isn’t restricted by wires, so there’s more freedom to move around your garden, with the added bonus of having no noise and or fuel pollution. The model has been designed with a stronger, more robust construction, and it’s ready to go immediately out of the box, as soon as the handle unit has been assembled and attached to the body.

    Overall, a fantastic piece of kit for any gardening enthusiast perfect for the maintenance of your lawn.

    AL-KO 38cm Manual Lawn Mower

    The AL- KO 380HM Soft-Touch Premium Hand push Lawnmower is a lightweight yet powerful mower that performs quietly and efficiently as it cuts. The 38cm hand propelled blades work in conjunction with the contact-free cutting system for a gentle, yet thorough cut which will leave you with a professional looking, neat garden. The modern design is perfectly complimented by the robust yet stylish aluminium handlebar, which easily folds for convenience with the integrated quick-locks. The model’s blades can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate a variety of cuts, and the 38cm blades allow for excellent manoeuvring between garden ornaments and edging, making for an efficient mowing experience.

    An intelligent design means that the mower is both easy to use and easy to maintain, with the blades being adjustable with an ordinary Allen key and the length of cut being as simple as flicking a switch. This model is perfect for those who would prefer not to have electric wires trailing, or those who do not like the idea of handling fuels.

    In conclusion, the mower is a practical, efficient and environmentally friendly machine, with a lot of thought clearly having gone into its design and features. The blades, while not as wide as other models, are great in their own right for tight, precise manoeuvring around common garden obstacles and for maintaining smaller gardens, but still being able to tackle the bigger ones with ease. The fold up capabilities ensure this mower is easy to store and transport around, giving it a good set of features to compete against other models.

    The Handy Hand Push Lawn Mower

    The Handy Hand Push Mower is a compact and lightweight machine, yet still up to the challenge of tackling whatever garden lawn task it’s needed for, with a wide range of features allowing it to compete with larger, more powerful systems, without needing power supplies and fuels.

    The lightweight attributes of this model mean that there’s little difficulty in moving around your garden, enabling a wide variety of person to operate it with ease. The 30cm blade cut allows for a more precise mowing experience and the entire model is environmentally friendly, being operated purely by kinetic energy. The adjustable cutting heights ranging from 16 – 41mm means that you can trim your grass to any length you desire. The model has an environmentally friendly design which means that it’s not as heavily dependent on parts and servicing, which contribute to the mowers excellent service life, predicted to be at least 12 years. A narrow yet powerful cutting system means that time and time again this mower will be perfect for manoeuvring around ornaments and plants while still providing a professional, efficient and even cut from start to finish.

    Overall, this is a fantastic and innovative piece of technology, designed to be practical and self sustaining, and a great alternative to conventional mowers which run on electricity and create pollution. The environmentally friendly features allow for an eco-conscientious gardener to continue to maintain their gardens in an efficient manner yet still contribute little to the pollution in the atmosphere. This is a great mower, definitely worth purchasing.

    VonHaus Manual Cylinder Mower

    • It is lightweight  -  only 7.1kgs
    • 40cm cutting width
    •  variable cutting height between 15-35mm
    • 5 horizontally mounted rotating blades.
    • Easy to push with a padded handle
    • A large 23L grass collector

    Powerful and Precise

    With the VonHaus 40cm Manual Cylinder lawn mower you can keep your lawn looking presentable and pristine.

    Ideal for Small Gardens

    At 40cm, this lawn mower cuts a quite wide path meaning you will finish the job faster than when using a smaller mower. It cuts grass the eco-friendly way without using petrol, batteries, electricity or any other power source, it only needs a good self-pushing.

    Quiet and Quick

    There are 5 blades mounted horizontally that cut the grass quietly. Along with a 40cm cutting width and variable cutting height which can be adjusted between 15-35mm, you will be able to achieve the length and look of grass you want.

    Ease to assemble

    It arrives well packed, you will need to attach the collecting basket and connect the handles. The manual instructions are simple and clear; it will take you less than 15 minutes to assemble it.

    Easy To Use

    Weighing only 7.1 kg, it is maneuverable and the gearing spins the blades efficiently which means less work for you. The blades are sharp and can cut any type of grass perfectly even in a lawn full of bumps and humps.

    This lawn mower is also quite sturdy, the roller bar enhances stability when cutting along lawn edges. It is equipped with side wheels and a padded handle which makes it comfortable to push. The 23L grass collector holds quite a lot of grass which can be easily dumped into the gardening or compost bin.

    Easy to store

    You can store this mower fully assembled if you have enough space or take it apart for storage.

    Overall, this manual hand pushed lawnmower is a great perfomer, efficient and easy to push which makes it ideal for anyone with a small lawn to mow.

    Brill RazorCut Push Cylinder Mower

    The Brill RazorCut Premium 38 Cylinder Push Lawn Mower is a great example of a carefully designed and innovative mower, with a wide variety of features to appeal to all gardeners and ensure product satisfaction, without needed access to electricity or fuel.

    The new design features large wheels for increased traction, and the ergonomic foam rubber handles allow for a comfortable grip while operating the mower. The blades have been precision sharpened to ensure a superior cut, and are complimented by the blade cylinder, and the bottom blade, which is made of a special hardened steel. This contributes towards the end result, a lawn that gives the appearance it has been meticulously cut with scissors. The model is lightweight and durable, with the handles allowing for a responsive and intuitive control, with manoeuvrability around the common garden ornaments and obstacles being easily accomplished.

    Push Lawn Mower Buying Guide

    Manual lawn mowers, also known as hand mowers or reel mowers, are one of the oldest types of lawn mowers still in use. While many people assume there is no need for a manual lawn mower due to the prominence of electric powered models and petrol-powered models, there is still a strong market for manual lawn mowers.

    They require no power source to operate, instead being pushed manually by hand. This means there’s no emissions whatsoever, while it’s also a very effective mower for cutting away grass. Because it’s a manually operated machine, these mowers also come with very affordable prices, making them a great investment for many.

    How a Manual Lawn Works 

    As the name suggests, a manual lawn mower is operated manually by the user. This is pretty easy to do, as you simply push the mower around your lawn like you would do with an electric mower.

    Manual lawn mowers are in fact a type of cylindrical mower, meaning they cut grass by using a selection of horizontal blades located at the front of the mower. When the mower is pushed, these blades rotate against another blade that is fixed to the bottom of the mower, resulting in a very fine cut on lawns.

    Benefits of a Manual Lawn Mower

    You may be wondering why anyone would even bother spending money on a manual lawn mower when they can easily buy an electric or petrol-powered device that does most of the work for you. While true to a certain extent, a manual lawn mower offers a number of advantages.

    For example, they are quiet to operate, expel zero emissions, while also costing nothing to operate. The most impressive aspect of a manual lawn mower is the precise cut it offers, providing clean cuts that are actually healthier for your lawn compared to much harsher cut from other mowers. It means your lawn will look much better when mowed using this tool.

    Choosing a suitable manual lawn mower 

    There are a few things to consider before choosing a manual lawn mower to ensure you get the best push mower for your garden.


    Manual lawn mowers tend to have between 4 and 8 blades, with more blades representing more cutting power. However, the more blades there are, the heavier the mower is, making it more strenuous to use.

    Thick grass often needs a mower with 7 or 8 blades, while finer grass with less volume and variety should be okay with fewer blades (around 4 or 5).

    Cutting Width 

    There are various cutting widths available for manual lawn mowers, any of which may be suitable for your garden. Those with larger cutting widths can cut more grass quickly, but do require more energy to operate compared to those with smaller widths.

    Anything too wide may be difficult to move due to the added weight, not to mention being tougher to manoeuvre in tight spots. So, unless you are concerned about the effort it takes to move a wider manual lawn mower, it’s worth getting a wide cutting width for quicker mowing.

    Cutting Height

    Cutting heights are generally quite low on a manual lawn mower due to their fixed design, but there are many that are adjustable. This means you can attain different cutting heights throughout the year if necessary.

    This may not be much of an issue if you’re looking to achieve a close-cut lawn that these mowers are known for, but if you want more control over cutting height be sure to go for something that is adjustable.

    We have also written a buying on cordless mowers here

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