Best Secateurs Reviews UK

• Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original Secateurs

Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original Secateurs
These classically designed original garden secateurs from Felco feature a variety of innovative features making them a more versatile and innovative option for the more modern gardener. Crafted from light aluminium these secateurs offer the perfect high performance strength while also still being lightweight and easy to handle.

They are Swiss made (so you can guarantee their quality) and the blades can even be replaced when they eventually do begin to lose their sharpness. This saves you a lot of money because you don’t need to buy new secateurs just new blades.

Amongst these secateurs other impressive features are: a wire cutting notch, a sap groove for removing debris, a non-stick coating that will prevent the blades from sticking together and they even feature a hardened steel centre bolt and nut so you can adjust them with pinpoint perfection.

Ideal for professional and amateur gardeners these secateurs are one of the most popular secateurs available today. They’re used in over 80 different countries and have everything a modern gardener could need.

With their dynamic, innovative design and variety of features, including a safety catch that will ensure there will be no accidental cuts and the peace of mind in knowing that when they’re left closed they’ll stay closed, these amazing secateurs will make a great purchase for any gardener.

 • Pro Anvil Secateurs

Pro Anvil SecateursThese stylish, strong and all-purpose gardening secateurs from Davaon will make a great addition to any gardener’s supplies! What do you really need from a pair of secateurs? Well these amazing Pro Anvil Secateurs certainly have everything you could want. They’re made from high quality sharpened SK5 carbon steel and they also have additional blade grips that will ensure more accurate trimming and cutting. But while the blades are certainly impressive, the blades aren’t the only important part of gardening secateurs are they? The handles are just as important and these secateurs feature the latest auto-rotating lower handle designs. This will help ensure that they’re always comfortable in your hands. You’ll also cut down on the all too common feelings of fatigue and blisters that come with using secateurs thanks to their roomy more comfortable grip. This also makes these secateurs ideal for people who suffer from arthritis or other hand injuries or ailments. The added soft plush padding in the handles will also help ensure you’re always comfortable while working and thanks to the grip size adjustment both men and woman can comfortably garden in harmony with these secateurs. The Pro Anvil Secateurs also offer 100% customer satisfaction thanks to Davaon’s guarantee! So in the unlikely event that you don’t enjoy using these secateurs or find them to be damaged or defective you can count on the manufacturer to help.



• Spear & Jackson Razorsharp

Spear & Jackson RazorsharpA good pair of garden secateurs is a valuable tool for any gardener, it doesn’t matter if the garden you’re working on is a small yard of a huge open space. A good pair of secateurs can help you master your garden and keep it clean and in order. These Spear and Jackson Razorsharp secateurs offer everything you could need and will also be a valuable and trusted tool you’ll always be happy to have with you. With strong and powerful blades that have been professionally forged from high quality carbon steel these secateurs will provide a quick clean cut through a variety of materials. But while powerful cutting blades are no doubt one of the most important aspects of modern secateurs that isn’t all you need from a good pair of secateurs, is it? These secateurs also feature a sap groove that is useful for ensuring a clean cut and an additional  cutting notch that will allow you to safely use these secateurs on thicker stems and plant stems. So these are a great choice for gardeners who want to cut through more messy gardens or older, thicker plants. You can also finely adjust the tension on the blades to ensure a finer cut when you need to, so these secateurs are also very versatile. Lastly the ergonomic handles of these secateurs are also worthy of mention. They’ve been carefully crafted from lightweight aluminium and also feature rubber shock absorbers. This means the secateurs will always be comfortable no matter how long you’re using them during your gardening work. It will also help you cut down on fatigue or issues like blisters and you can even purchase spare blades and replace them easily saving you both time and money.  


• Pro Bypass Secateurs

Pro Bypass SecateursThese Pro Bypass gardening secateurs from Davaon offer a more unusual and quirky design that really makes them stand out from other secateurs available. Davaon is always a manufacturer you can rely on for high quality but with their more unusual design how can you be sure if these Pro Bypass secateurs are for you? Well let’s take a look at what these secateurs offer shall we? The handle is an important part of any gardening secateurs and the Pro Bypass secateurs offers a handle like no other. The handle of these secateurs are auto rotating which means you can spread your fingers and use the secateurs without exerting yourself. This means that common issues that come with using secateurs like muscle cramps, blisters and fatigue will all be much less of a problem and it also makes these secateurs much easier to use for people who suffer hand ailments or who are older. Gardening is something people of any age can enjoy and with these secateurs everyone will be able to garden in comfort. They also offer precise cutting and are great for a variety of plants and foliage from trees and bushes to plants like roses and much more. The blades are also made from SK5 carbon steel so will last a long time without losing their edge. The blade are non-stick and the finger protection guard will ensure there’s no accidental injuries. Davaon also once again offer their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! So in the unlikely event that you don’t enjoy using these secateurs or find them to be damaged or faulty in some way you can contact the manufacturer directly for any assistance. But with all their great features and build we’re confident you’ll have everything you could need.  


• Ratchet Secateurs by Greenco Gardening

Ratchet Secateurs by Greenco GardeningFrom a design point of view the Ratchet Secateurs from Greenco Gardening certainly look like a stylish tool that any gardener will be glad to have with them. But an admittedly flashy design doesn’t mean that they’ll be great when it comes to the task at hand. So how do these secateurs measure up, are they as good as they look? A good pair of gardening secateurs needs to be able to do a lot of things, there’s certainly a lot to consider and look at before you buy a pair of secateurs so let’s see what these Ratchet Secateurs feature and offer. The main highlight that is instantly noticeable is their hardened stainless steel construction, featuring twin SK5 high carbon steel 2.5mm blades with a non-stick coating these sharp blades will cut cleanly and smoothly while also staying sharper for longer. The design isn’t just stylish it’s also ergonomic with a strong and secure locking mechanism for maximum safety and security. The handles are also designed with extra padding to give you a tighter and more comfortable grip. This means people who suffer from arthritis or hand fatigue will be able to more comfortably use these secateurs. Even left handed gardeners (who are often forgotten about) will be able to more comfortable use these secateurs. The secateurs are designed from maximum leverage for increased pruning power and thanks to the hybrid power of this versatile tool you can cut and prune a variety of different foliage quickly and easily. While these Ratchet Secateurs from Greenco Gardening might be a little more advanced and complex than the more traditional secateurs available their variety of features and versatility makes them an excellent gardening tool anyone will appreciate.  


• Jardin De France Sécateur Pruner

Jardin De France Sécateur PrunerSecateurs and scissors aren’t the same, but these innovative secateurs from Jardin De France are designed to work more like a traditional pair scissors which will make cutting through any foliage a much more simple and easy experience. When it comes to buying secateurs there’s plenty of things to consider but with their more versatile design approach how do these secateurs stand out from the competition? Their more versatile design approach means these secateurs are perfect from people who suffer from conditions or ailments that affect their hands. And they are perfect for cutting up to 20mm in diameter so any gardener will no doubt have a variety of uses for this tool. While the larger handle makes these secateurs easier to handle and use they also feature very strong blades that are just as important. Made from a Teflon coated carbon steel these blades will guarantee a strong, clean and smooth cut and they’re also protected from rust and corrosion. Due to their design, you can also more easily sharpen the blades if they do suffer nicks or general damage from wear and tear. Replacement blades are also available which will save you time and money. While these secateurs might not follow more traditional design plans they certainly feature impressive specs that would make them a great addition to any gardeners supplies.  


• Wolf Garten RR5000 Professional

Wolf Garten RR5000 ProfessionalFollowing a more traditional and simpler design these Wolf Garten German made secateurs would make a great addition to any gardener’s supplies. While they’re undoubtedly a simpler choice they offer a variety of features and are sure to be long lasting and durable. Let’s take a look at the handles first and see what they offer. The handles are an important part of any gardening secateurs and these Wolf Garten secateurs are suitable for both left and right handed use. The handles also feature extra shock absorbers and are made from a robust, strong and durable aluminium. Their strong construction and extra comfort makes them very secure and easy to handle. The dual 2.5cm blades are made from high quality carbon steel and are coated to ensure non-stick pruning and easy, quick cleaning. You can also ensure a delicate and precise cut no matter what you’re currently aiming to tidy up whether it’s a: tree, bush, plant of just general foliage. In short these Wolf Garten secateurs offer a more traditional and simple design but with their strong performance and impressive specs they’ll make a great choice for any gardener. So if you’re looking for a quality pair of more simple and streamlined secateurs these are a great choice.       In their own way any of these garden secateurs would make a great purchase and they each offer something a little different. It’s important to remember that secateurs can be used in many different gardening activities and any gardener professional or otherwise should have a pair with them. You might not think you’ll need them but trust us you will, from small gardens to huge sprawling ones a good pair of secateurs will be something you can always rely one to help you keep any garden looking clean and tidy.

What to consider when buying garden secateurs

  • How Comfortable are they in your hand?
  • Look at blade material and construction
  • Know what type of Secateurs you want 
  • Ratchet or Spring
  • Check the grips
  • Do they have blade locks

Tips for picking and purchasing secateurs

With gardening comes the responsibility of maintaining the aesthetics and the production of the plant that is being grown. Whether you have a bush which needs to be cut back, or a fruit tree which needs to be pruned, having a good set of secateurs can come in handy. Yet, with so many secateurs on the market, finding the right brand, as well as finding a set of secateurs which meet the demands of the purchaser is difficult. Here are a few things to consider when buying garden secateurs.

How comfortable are they in your hand?

The very first thing you should consider is the comfort of the tool in your hand. As secateurs tend to be used quite often and for long durations of time, they should not cause the hand to strain or discomfort. Try to operate the secateurs. If there is any rubbing against the skin, you may wish to take note. Using a set of secateurs which rubs against the palm could cause blisters and other irritation.

Look at the blade material and Construction

You will want to find a set of secateurs which has a strong blade. Aluminium based cutters and light metals tend to bend after minimum use. Steel, preferably stainless steel is the best option for a blade and will ensure that your secateurs last a lifetime. Blades should have a few mm worth of thickness to further minimize bending.

Construction wise, the blades should be attached with an adjustable screw or fastening device. This will allow you to fine tune the secateurs over time as well as to remove the top from the bottom blade for easy sharpening. While most gardening cutters do not allow for total blade removal, being able to open up the blade a bit more will greatly reduce the frustrations which can accompany sharpening your blades.

Know which type of secateurs you wish to purchase

There are two main types of secateurs, and you should choose the selection which will best fit your gardening needs. The first type is the Bypass secateurs and is more apt to handle the smaller branches and precision cutting. It is a good tool to have for fragile stems, such as roses. The second of the two secateurs is the Anvil. As the name, would suggest, this tool is more intended for heavier cutting. Thick branches and bushes do well with this selection.

Ratchet or Spring?

The norm for secateurs is a spring-loaded device. However, there is the option for a ratchet based one. These devices tend to work better with the thicker branches and in getting through some hard woods. Those which have difficulty in using the standard secateurs may find that using a ratchet gives a bit of ease to the handling.


When picking the best gardening secateurs, look for grips which have a bit of padding/rubber upon them. Tools which are thinly covered metal, may wear off or be uncomfortable to hold. Additionally, you should look at how the grips are coated. If there is no definitive means of holding the covering on the secateurs, the rubber may start to slip off the grips after some use.

Grips should have enough padding to allow the scissors to rest comfortably in the palm. If you cannot operate the device with one hand, then the padding is too much or the spacing on the grips is too large. Remember, the sheers must be comfortable in your hand to ensure that you get the best use from the product.

Blade Locks

Most secateurs have a side locking device to hold the blades in place when not in use. There are two parts which you should consider. First, look to see if the clasp for the lock is situated away from the fingers, or if you will be bumping up against it when using the tool to prune. Secondly, look at the swivel part of the lock. Is there a tightening screw? In most cases, the swivel will get a bit loose after extensive usage. Being able to tighten down the lock is a big plus.

Special Locks, handles, and special features

Special features, slide locks, customized handles, etc. are all intended to add to the comfort and maximize the use of the tool. Therefore, they should not be cumbersome. Sliding locks should not get in the way or slip while in use. If the handle is looped, the fingers should not press against the metal. Coloured blades should still be constructed of steel.

Remember, you get what you pay for

Some gardening secateurs come with lifetime guarantees, others come with limited warranties. This should not be your deciding factor. Look for a quality product. You may have to spend a bit more, but then again, you do tend to get what you pay for.