Best Telescopic Tree Pruners

A telescopic tree pruner is a fantastic tool for maintaining trees in your garden. By having fully extendable handles, telescopic tree pruners make it easier to get to those high branches in tall trees, allowing them to be trimmed from the ground.

This is very useful for anyone with larger trees in their garden that pruners and loppers cannot reach. Yes, using a ladder is an option, but the hassle and risks of scaling a ladder to trim branches and leaves makes a telescopic tree pruner a much safer and more convenient option.

Plus, a good set of telescopic tree pruners can be used throughout the garden. They’re suitable for pruning other things like shrubs and hedges, making them a great choice for all types of garden maintenance.

Another key benefit of using a telescopic tree pruner is the fact they reduce fatigue. This tool is designed to be lightweight, so it can be used when stretching outwards to reach those troublesome branches, so they don’t cause fatigue when using them, unlike other pruners and loppers.

The extendable reach offered by a telescopic tree pruner just makes tree maintenance so much easier. You can reach the tallest trees, shrubs, and hedges, there’s fewer risks of injury compared to other tools, and they couldn’t be easier to use!

  • Detachable curved pruning saw blade
  • Cord-operated cutting blade
  • Extendable pole from 1.5 - 2.5m

This telescopic tree pruner from Draper Expert is one of the best options on the market. Available for an affordable price, it features a great build that allows it to cut through many types of wood with ease.

The lightweight design is very important, allowing easy operation at full extension, ensuring you don’t tire quickly when using it for those tall trees and bushes. With an extendable pole offering between 1.5m and 2.5m of height, the tree pruner can reach even the tallest trees with ease.

It features both a saw and looper attachment, allowing you to either saw through branches or lop them off using the cutting blade. Better still, the pruning saw blade is removable should you need to sharpen it or use it on other plants, with the blade measuring 35.5cm.

The cutting blade is operated using a nylon cord - simply pull down on it to cut through dead or alive branches up to 2-inches in thickness. The Draper Expert 32mm Diameter Tree Pruner with Telescopic Handle is a fine choice, offering the right balance between performance and affordability.

Draper Expert 32mm Diameter Tree Pruner with Telescopic Handle

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  • 1.6m long reach shaft
  • PowerRee cutting mechanism
  • Adjustable cutting angles

The Fiskars Anvil is an outstanding telescopic tree pruner that features one of the best cutting mechanisms on the market. Known as the PowerRee, the cutting mechanism allows for a much more efficient cut, being up to 12 times more efficient at cutting compared to other telescopic tree pruners.

This is great news for anyone that struggles with fatigue, as the cutting action makes short work of even the thickest branches, so it should be easy to use the Anvil without tiring. Furthermore, the cutting action is suitable for both dry and hardwood, making it a versatile performer suitable for every garden.

At 1.5m, the telescopic pole isn’t the longest on the market, with many going well above 2m, so keep this in mind if you’re quite short or have trees and bushes that are notably tall.

What it does have that most other telescopic tree pruners don’t is an adjustable cutting angle. This allows you to set the lopper blade to various angles up to 26 degrees, which helps when trying to prune in tight spots or overgrown parts of the tree.

Fiskars Tree Pruner Anvil

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  • Variable length up to 2.6m
  • 30cm cutting saw
  • Ratchet cutting action
  • Carbon steel hardened blades

This telescopic tree pruner from EasyKut is notable for its unique ratchet pole cutting action. By using a more comprehensive cutting system, the pruner is up to 20 percent more efficient than other pruners that don’t employ a ratchet system.

By using this, operators can expect a much easier time cutting branches at various heights. The lopper cuts through branches up to 26mm in diameter, so should be suitable for most branches.

Should you be struggling with thicker branches, then the 30cm cutting saw is a great alternative that makes short work of those trickier parts of the tree, and both blades are made from hardened carbon steel so are built to last.

The tree pruner has a very impressive reach, extending to 2.6m at full reach, and the tubular design of the telescopic shaft make it lightweight, so you shouldn’t tire quickly when operating it. Better still, the handle is lockable at any section, making it simple to get the perfect height every time.

EasyKut Telescopic Ratchet Pole Pruner

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Spear & Jackson W223 Razorsharp Telescopic Tree Pruner

  • Carbon steel blade
  • Variable handle length extends up to 2.3m
  • Lopper blade cuts branches up to 33mm in thickness
  • 13-inch saw blade

The Spear & Jackson W223 Razorsharp is an excellent telescopic tree pruner suitable for maintaining trees, hedges, and shrubs of varying heights. With a lopper and a prune saw, there shouldn’t be any branches too difficult to reach with this tool.

A variable length telescopic handle allows you to set the pruner to various heights to suit the plant your trimming. Capable of reaching 2.3m when fully extended, expect all but the tallest trees to be manageable using this telescopic tree pruner.

The bypass lopper blade is suitable for cutting through branches up to 33mm in diameter, so should be fine for removing dead and living branches at various heights. It’s easy to use too; just pull down on the cord when ready to cut and the branch will lop off.

For those branches in difficult to reach spots, the pruning saw is a fine alternative to the bypass lopper. At 13-inches long, it can be used to saw through those thicker branches the lopper struggles with, along with those that are hard to reach.

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