Best Petrol Rear Roller Lawn Mowers

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A roller mower will help you achieve the perfect striped lawn while also assist in flattening any bumps that exist. Below are the reviews of some of the best roller mowers available to buy in the UK.

Hayter 617 Spirit 41 Push Rear Roller 41cm Petrol Mower

Hayter Spirit 41 Roller Petrol Mowers

The Hayter Spirit 41 Roller Petrol Mower is an excellent example of powerful and practical mowing technology, which has many different features that are sure to impress. Some of its outstanding features include:

  • A strong, yet durable design
  • A 3-year warranty for peace of mind
  • 55L of grass collection space
  • Seven different cutting settings for superior control

The model is a reliable and an intelligently designed model with a frame comprised of lightweight aluminium which is both robust and manoeuvrable. This maximises the level of control you have over your mowing experience, particularly navigating around garden plant pots and chairs. This is further complimented by the seven different cutting settings that are available for use, ensuring that the user can decide on the type of finish they want with the lawn every time. The mower is powered by a 500 series engine designed by Briggs and Stratton, which affords you all the power you need to complete your tasks. An especially pleasing feature of this mower is the generous three-year guarantee that’s been provided to you as standard. This solidifies the manufacturer’s trust and confidence in their product and further highlights that the model is made of high-quality materials.

Overall, it is evident to see why this is an attractive and extremely well-designed mower, with all the features it boasts as well as the 55l collection bag to minimise the trips to the waste bin, this mower will definitely earn a spot in your prized collection of tools.

 Self Propelled Castelgarden XS43BSR  Petrol Roller

Technology is always developing and changing, and the Castelgarden XS43BR lawn mower is an example of how change can be overwhelmingly positive. This model offers a broad range of features to appeal to a wide audience, and some of them are as follows:

  • Ergonomic handlebars for comfort
  • Self-propulsion system
  • 125cc 4 stroke engine
  • Folding handles for improved portability

The Castelgarden was built with power in mind, and with a 125cc 4 stroke engine courtesy of Briggs and Stratton, it’s clear that there’s power to spare when performing all your mowing tasks, complimented by the self-propulsion system for natural movement of the mower. An intelligent and practical design gives this model the capacity to compete well with other models, as this variant of mower incorporates a steel based cutting deck for improved durability and reliability. Furthermore, the model has multiple cutting heights which range from 20 to 70mm, giving you an increased sense of control over your mower and the finish on your lawn. The model also features ergonomic handlebars, which makes for a comfortable grip during extended usage, as well as folding handles, which make this model ideal for domestic and professional usage due to its portable and transportable nature.

Overall, this model is a fantastic example of modern technology and demonstrates how the designs of mowers are progressing and becoming more and more user-friendly and helpful over time, as this variant of the Castlegarden range is readily usable by many different types of people.

Hayter 19” Rear Roller Self Propelled Lawnmower

Hayter 19” Rear Roller Self Propelled Lawnmower The Hayter 19” Rear Roller Self Propelled Lawnmower is a powerful and innovative tool to assist with the maintenance of your lawn. The mower has a range of excellent features, some of which are listed as follows;

  • A highly durable and sturdy aluminium deck
  • Adjustable mowing speed and power
  • Multiple adjustable cutting heights
  • 3-year warranty for added peace of mind

The model has been designed with power and durability in mind, constructed with an aluminium deck that was built intelligently, and testimonial for its permanence comes in the form of the mowers 3-year warranty, which really highlights the level of confidence and trust the manufacturers placed in their product when it was built. The model is extremely user-friendly, featuring an array of adjustable features to ensure anyone can operate it. The adjustable speed and power mean that you’ll never be out of control of your mower, and this is further improved by the adjusting cut heights, which range from 13 to 60mm. This ensures that you’ll always be in control of your mower, deciding the type of finish on your lawn,

Overall, this is an excellent petrol lawn mower with an emphasis on longevity and reliability, but thanks to the self-propulsion system and the adjustable speed, power and cutting heights, the model is ideally suited to a broad audience. The mower can be tailored to suit any circumstance, including those elderly gardeners who aren’t ready to stop work yet.

Webb 17 in Petrol Lawn mower with Rear Roller

Webb 17in Petrol Lawn mower with Rear RollerThe Webb 42cm Petrol Lawn Mower has been constructed with a specific intention and incorporates many different features to appeal to a broad audience. Some of these features are listed below;

  • Multiple adjustable grass cutting heights
  • A durable deck comprised of thermoplastic materials
  • Self-propulsion system
  • Foldable handles for increased portability

The mower has been designed to perform well in both a professional and a domestic setting, incorporating foldable handles that give the model portable properties. There are ergonomic handles which improve the comfort of the model, and the self-propelled engine ensures that anyone can operate the machine with ease, regardless of physical capability. The mower was designed to be sturdy and long-lasting, featuring a thermoplastic decking that’s been rigorously tested for strength, and the multiple adjusting grass cut heights ensure that you can always have the perfect finish on your lawn. There’s also a 55l collection bag to collect a generous amount of waste before needing to stop and use the waste bin.

This is a fantastic piece of technology, well designed and built to be a welcome addition to anyone’s gardening supplies. The heavier construction is countered by the high levels of durability, which is a positive trade off, highlighting the mower’s ability to tackle tougher tasks. The two-year warranty is evidence of the fact that the manufacturers place a high level of trust and confidence in the design of this high-quality machine.

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