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The Frisky Fox PLUS 20″ Lawn Mower Review

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The Frisky Fox Plus 20” Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is a great example of practical and powerful technology that has been built to tackle heavy duty tasks with ease, yet still maintain the quiet efficiency making it equally suitable for smaller domestic tasks. The model has many features which would make it appealing and a worthwhile addition to any gardeners arsenal.

The first and one of the most immediately appealing features about the Frisky Fox model is the powerful engine that it comes equipped with. A Wolf “Dynamic” OHV 4 stroke petrol engine has been fitted to ensure you have the power required to complete any task, no matter how big or small. Additionally, the mower has been intelligently constructed with a new deck and drive system that further increases its capacity for larger tasks. The 20 inch cutting width allows for a precision and control over the mower at all times, while still being large enough to perform tasks quickly.

The intelligent design of the model is shown in its incorporation of a single lever height adjuster, which gives you access to different heights with ease. The 55 litre grass collection bag is especially helpful, allowing you to work for extended periods of time without the need for constant trips to the compost heap to rid yourself of waste material, instead halving the number of trips required. The model also includes a four step process for disposing of waste should you not wish to store it in the collection bag. The Frisky Fox cuts the grass, and collects the cuttings. From there, the cuttings are mulched down and discharged from either the side or rear ports, so they can decompose naturally into the soil, returning the nutrients into it.

What is the Frisky Fox PLUS 20″?

This machine is a 4 in 1 mower specially designed for large sized lawns. With a cutting width of 510mm, Frisky Fox PLUS features a unique quad-cut 4 blade technology that is aerodynamically enhanced to double the number of grass cuts per minute. Additionally, the 200mph blades are perfectly designed to improve the grass compaction process and create better suction.

This device is fitted with a high-end engine speed controller that gives you full control over the driving speed. You can personalize the speed according to your own needs. You can also easily adjust the height using the single lever.

What are some of its Features?

Frisky Fox has a number of unique features that make it stand out over the competition. For frisky-fox-lawnmowerstarters, we need to mention the 5.5 HP Wolf Dynamic petrol engine that can make the machine run smooth for a long period of time. Because this is a 4 in 1 device, the Frisky Fox will cut, collect, discharge and mulch the grass.

Due to the 200mph cutting blades complemented by the Quad Cut technology, this lawn mower will do wonders when cutting long grass. It usually cuts twice as much grass per revolution than the amount of grass cut by standard lawn mowers. The superior quality of materials ensures a long lifespan, while the unique design make the Frisky Fox PLUS 20″ a beautiful and very appealing lawn mower.

The suction effect on the grass is much stronger than traditional lawn mowers. Moreover, the 4-bladed rotation system is far superior to other similar systems and can cut grass much faster. This item weighs 39 kg and comes with 12 months full warranty.

Frisky Fox Lawn Mower Review

frisky fow lawn mower review

  • High-quality: this is a solid piece of equipment built to last a lifetime
  • Beautiful: in addition to being very well built, this mower has a beautiful design and could definitely win a beauty contest for lawn mowers
  • Very easy to assemble and to utilize
  • Easy to adjust the height using the lever
  • Adjustable drive speed to suit your needs
  • Powerful engine that keeps Frisky Fox PLUS 20″ running for a long time
  • Helps you save precious time: the bigger the lawn, the more time you save with this machine



    Quite heavy: at 39 kg, carrying this device around might prove quite a tedious task. However, you can easily push it down the pavement right into your garage while turning the mowing function off.

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