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Tools You Need To Keep Your Lawn in Shape

garden toolsMost people who own homes for the very first time are not sure of the right equipment and tools they need to transform their lawns into beautiful and attractive landscapes. For most people, having an attractive lawn not only enhances the look of their home, but it also helps to keep the entire area neat and keeps annoying pests away that hide in a messy garden.
In order to keep your lawn in shape, you must know that the tools and equipment you use vary in quality and size. As a homeowner, you must have the major tools necessary, ready at hand that will make the task easier for you. With the right tools, you can ensure that you save time as well as the labour needed to transform the entire look of your lawn. Here are the essential tools you need to keep your lawn in tip top condition.

Select the Right Lawn Mower
Among the equipment you need to keep your lawn neat, is a lawn mower that is in good working order. Whether you decide to choose a conventional mower that needs a push or one that works automatically and propels itself, the choice depends on you. In most cases, homeowners make a pick based on the size of their property. People who own large plot areas tend to purchase self propelled lawn mowers or riding mowers.
When you decide to shop for a lawn mower, it is advisable that you purchase one you can afford. An expensive mower may only be an investment that looks attractive in appearance rather than performance. You should know that the role of any mower, no matter the brand is to level the lawn and trim it to a fixed shape. A quality mower should last you for a long time, so make your decision wisely.

Another essential tool for your garden, Cordless garden strimmers work by cutting the grass that your mower may not be able to reach. They come in handy when you want to access tight spots with long grass. The machine has a nylon string, which cuts extra-long blades of the grass when you use it at high speeds.

Garden Gloves
Homeowners and gardeners who want to invest their time in their lawn must invest some money in the right garden gloves. With gloves, you can save yourself from the stress and pain that comes from using their bare hands to pull out annoying weeds or shrubs.

Turfing Iron
With this tool, you can get rid of turf from the lawn that exists currently. Once you cut the square of the turf, the turfing iron comes in handy to slice the region underneath the grass, which cuts it off from its root. The tool has a pointed edge with an angled handle, which allows gardeners to cut any level of turf with precision.

Edging Shears
A lawn with attractive edges is a feature that most homeowners are always working towards. With edging shears, you can make the trimming of edges a lot simpler. The equipment works by pushing away the soil from the edges of the grass and you can use the scissor like shears with the cutting blade to move the edges and cut it.

Half Moon Cutter
This is the ideal choice for creating a crisp edge or cut in your lawn. The half-moon cutter tool comes with a unique design that allows you to slice the lawn efficiently with its flat blades. This ensures that the lawn trims in a straight line. At the time of cutting, ensure that you pull a line of string and use the blade to follow it. Preferably, chop the lawn in a downward manner.

Other Essential Tools
Apart from the mentioned tools above, if you want to keep your lawn in a good shape, you must use other handy tools like rakes and shovels. If you are searching for advanced gardening tools, you can make use of trowels or a bulb planter.

To ensure that your lawn remains neat all the time, it is advisable you keep your gardening shed equipped with the right tools. Gardening is a hobby for most and with the right tools; you can take your hobby to the next level and have a garden that is the envy of your neighbours.