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Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex Lawnmower Review

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The Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex Lawnmower is a powerful and versatile electric mower that performs well without being a strain or an effort, designed especially to allow anyone to operate it with ease, and has a wide array of features to allow for competition with other models on the market, and in some instances outperform them.

The Bosch Ergoflex model has many impressive features to offer as a competitor on the market, and Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex Electric Rotary Lawnmowerthese include;


  • A powerful and functional engine
  • Ergonomic handles for improved comfort and decreased strain
  • A responsive and elegantly designed control system
  • Easy adjustment of blade cutting height for increased efficiency.


The Bosch Rotak lawnmower is a powerful, efficient and well designed machine, using a powerful 1700W motor that ensures exceptional cutting power in all different types of weather, making the model ideal for larger lawns up to 500 m², yet still providing the power required to handle even larger lawns than that with ease. The model features an integrated powerdrive motor to provide all the power you’ll ever need, and gives you up to 99% collection of grass cuttings with the storage box, to keep your lawn looking professional and well maintained. The Rotak 40 model has a powerful 40 cm steel blade which has been hardened for maximum efficiency., also features adjustable cutting heights which start at 2 cm and increase to 7 cm for a superior and higher level of control over your mower.The cleverly designed grass combs ensuring a clean and methodical cut right up to the edge of your lawn, and a generously large 50 L grass box is provided, allowing for an increased buildup of cuttings and mulch, and less time spent removing waste materials from your machine.

Furthermore this lawn mower also has intelligently designed and practical ergoflex handles for an improved standard of control,  an improved posture and a reduced strain on muscles whilst working. The handles have been specially designed to provide improved control and a more even weight distribution, thus taking the weight and strain off the back, as well as a design with emphasis on being lightweight and practical to make mowing around obstacles simplistic and hassle free. An extremely practical feature is the grass-box capacity, which is not just large but is also capable of filling up with high amounts in use by the clippings being delivered right into the back of it, instead of being deposited near the front. Usually it is a necessary pain to repeatedly lift off the box and push the the clippings down and backwards in order to make room for more, but it really isn’t necessary with this mower’s sleek and practical design.





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