Black and Decker Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Black and Decker CLM3820L2-GB Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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Black and Decker Battery Powered Lawnmower

A lush green lawn looks awesome, but requires a certain level of nurturing and tender care to keep it in best condition. In addition to raking, watering and feeding, mowing can definitely refine the quality of your lawn. The latest Black & Decker CLM3802L2 is an easy-to-use, innovative, 36 V cordless lawn mower best for keeping your lawn in optimal condition.

The company has been offering a wide range of battery operated mowers in the recent years, and is definitely an expensive offering but one that could well be worth the investment if you’re not comfortable with a idea of a long lead trailing behind you with a conventional electric mower. In addition, battery operated mowers have low noise and crate less mess than petrol mowers.

This Black & Decker mower is equipped with a high performance, high torque cutting system that maintains a high quality stall-free cut, even in damp or long grass. Supplied with 2 lithium-Ion batteries, it can effortlessly mow up to 650 m2 of lawn regardless of how far you go from your power source and with no need of using an extension lead.

Product Features

• Adjustable height with 6 heights from 30-80mm • Supplied with 2 Li-Ion batteries • Sturdy and easy to empty 35L grass collection bin • Integrated handles make moving and lifting easier • Fast and compact storage with retractable tanks 

Box Contains

• Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB 36v Electric Lawnmower  • Two 36v 2.0ah Batteries  • One Fast Charger 

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The best thing about CLM3820L2-GB is that you get 2 batteries in the package, so you can easily use one whilst battery powered lawn mowerssecond one is on charge. This will ensure a longer mowing time as you have another battery ready and waiting. This mower works very well for lawns up to 600 square meters and it should not be overstretched. It’s latest Li-Ion batteries have been specially designed to be resistant o ingress, moisture, and accidental self-discharge. This battery is also much lighter than traditional equivalents, and at 15 kg, this mower is only 2-3 kg heavier than an equivalent corded mower.Large capacity

The Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB offers a 38 cm cutting deck making it best for medium sized lawns. It has a huge 35 litre grass collection box and it comes with a grass fill indicator that will immediately let you know when it is full. Cutting height adjustment (from 30-80mm) is available with one simple movement using its one touch adjustment lever.

Safe, intelligent design

It incorporates a safe-start, two-handed mechanism to prevent accidental starting. So as soon as you let go the switch, this lawnmower will automatically turn off. It’s fitted with an integrated carry handle, which helps in carrying the machine safely around the garden or back to shed. Its main handle is foldable and is compact and convenient for storage in small area.

Saves time and effort

With CLM3820L2-GB , its easy to access all hard to reach areas around shrubs, bushes, and under garden furniture due to its low profile nose design. Its large sturdy wheels can easily cope with rough terrain and bumps and improve maneuverability.


The Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB comes with a unique self-propel function. Its self-drive bail handle quickly activates a self-propel feature and it features variable speeds that can be easily adjusted using its speed control level, as there are no switches or buttons. This lever makes speed adjustment easy and you can quickly personalize it even while the self-propel is engaged. Its self-drive bail handle cuts the self-propel function off once released, making it easy to go from self-propelling to manually pushing the mower. Learning to use this self-drive bail handle in an effective way to maximize power may take some time, but its actually a matter of becoming comfortable with this mower.

Because CLM3820L2-GB comes with a small bag, clippings sometimes find a way out of the bag, however, it does mulch and discharges its clippings effectively.

This lawn mower also features a special 3-in-1 switch on its mower’s deck. It makes it easy to choose form mower’s modes: mulching, bagging or discharging your grass clippings. When it is in bagging mode, make sure the bag is firmly attached and you’re good to go. In order to switch between mulching, bagging and discharging, you need to simply flip the switch to the desired mode.

Another useful feature of CLM3820L2-GB is its height adjustment function. In some mowers, you need to rise or lower the height of each wheel individually, but in this mower you can quickly set the blade height using its one-touch adjustment mechanism. This system features a single handle on its right side that you grip comfortable in one hand.

Squeezing this handle releases the wheel-height locking system, which allows the mower to rise to its highest cutting height. As this height adjustment system is pressurized, raising its height is effortless.

Warranty & Support 

Black & Decker offers a comprehensive 2 year warranty against all defects in workmanship and material which includes two options of replacement or free repair. One option is to return your defective mower to the retailer you purchased it from for a replacement, and the other option is to take it back to the authorized service center.

Other forms of support are also available. These include product FAQS, email, and phone support Monday thru Friday (8 am- 5 pm ). There is a comprehensive explanation about the products on the company’s website and you can also access many online communities and interact with other Black & Decker consumers. With membership to this community, you also get access to eNewslettes and new product notifications.


• Lightweight, reliable battery technology• Range of 6 cutting heights• Charge indicator that helps you plan your movements while mowing• Large 35 litre grass collection bag


• Slightly heavier than corded mowers



Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB boasts of latest battery technology that makes this lawn mower last longer. It is also packed with user-friendly and easy-to-use features that help you do mowing and mulching effortlessly and in a much better way than many gas mowers currently being manufactured. Add in all of its features that make mowing your lawn convenient – the low noise level, 3-in-1 mode, low maintenance – and you have the best electric lawn mower available on the market!

The Black & Decker performs as reliably as any gas powered mower and is easy and fun to use. When it comes to your next cordless lawn mower purchase, the CLM3820L2-GB is your best bet.


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