Titan Pro Zero Turn Lawnmower Review

Titan-Pro Zero Turn Lawnmower Review

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Titan-Pro Zero Turn Lawnmower Review

If you’re considering the possibility of purchasing a zero turn lawnmower, then you’re making a smart decision. There’s no denying these lawnmowers can make the task of mowing your lawn much easier, and being able to turn on a tight spot is essential.

In this review, we’re going to take a closer look at the Titan-Pro zero turn petrol lawnmower with the Kohler Courage XT775 engine – so let’s take a closer look.First of all, this lawnmower has a massive 80 L collection bag, making it suitable for very large lawns indeed. It also gives you 22 inches of cutting width, which means you’ll make light work of most average size lawns – and it’s also well suited to getting those nice, clean lines, too.

The cutting height is fully adjustable, allowing you to go as short as 20 mm, and as long as 95 mm. Finally, it has the option of either side discharge or collecting the grass in the large collection bag at the rear. Of course, one of the key features offered by this lawnmower is the zero turn ability – which allows it to fully rotate on its own footprint. This obviously gives you excellent control over the cutting process, allowing you to easily sidestep your flower beds and paths, and virtually any area which you do not want to clip. It also makes it very simple to get professional-looking lawn lines in your own garden.

The motor is exceptionally powerful, and truly makes this model a heavy duty item that won’t let you down. The addition of the aluminium gearbox means you will have a clean transfer of power and it should last you for a very long time with very little maintenance required.So what are the current owners saying about it?

In general, the user reviews are very positive – and it even boasts a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Amazon at the time of writing. Many reviewers praised this model for its excellent power, easy start features, and general reliability. For people who have never benefited from a zero turn lawnmower before, this model is a clear upgrade – and it’s ideal for anybody looking to replace an older lawnmower.

Perhaps the only downside is that the collection bag gets very heavy if you are going to fill it to the limit – but unless you’re trimming a large orchard or allotment, this is unlikely to be a problem for you.Overall, this is an excellent petrol lawnmower for large gardens that’s well worth the price tag it commands.


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