Best Automatic Robot Lawn Mowers Reviews

Flymo Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower 1200R

The Flymo Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower 1200R is the ideal way to take care of the garden without any undue stress or effort. The automated machine takes care of the mowing quickly and easily, allowing home gardeners and professionals to get on with tending the flowerbeds or removing any weeds.

The irregular mowing pattern of this particular robotic mower means it can tackle an area up to 400 square meters – which will surely be enough for the vast majority of gardens in the UK. The mower leaves no wheel marks at all, and it creates a simple and smooth cut that leaves lawns looking neat and tidy.

The Flymo 1200  weighs in at 7.4kg, which means it’s light and agile enough to trim the grass in sloped gardens and inclines up to 25%. With built-in collision sensors and a boundary wire, the mower will effortlessly avoid all obstacles and remain on track.

Most regular lawnmowers have a storage compartment for all of the cut grass – but the Flymo Robotic Mower 1200R simply leaves the grass clippings to break down into the soil, where they’ll act as a potent fertilizer.

With an 18v 1.6Ah lithium-ion battery, the robotic lawnmower is long-lasting, and will trim around 30 square meters per hour. It’s almost completely silent when it’s moving, so you won’t disturb the neighbours while trimming your grass anymore – and it doesn’t use light to ‘see’ where it’s going, so you could feasibly set your Flymo 1200R to trim the grass during the night and wake up to a perfectly neat lawn.

Bosch Robotic Lawnmower

The Bosch Indego Connect Cordless Robotic Lawnmower comes with a multitude of smart features that will make cutting the grass even easier. The accompanying Indego app lets users manage the mower remotely, and the unique ‘Logicut’ navigation system helps the mower plot out the most efficient way to mow the entire lawn.

As long-lasting as it is intelligent, the Bosch Indego Robotic Mower comes with a 32-volt lithium-ion battery, with auto-charging. It can mow for up to 50 minutes with a single charge, which should be more than enough time for most UK gardens and outdoor spaces. It’s also highly efficient, which is ideal for those worry about the impact their devices have on the environment.

Like the Flymo gadget, the Indego’s grass clippings act as mulch for the grass, which should contribute towards a healthier lawn in the future. It can handle slopes of up to 35%, and it’s excellent at detecting obstacles – if there’s something in its way, the Bosch Indego will simply mow around it.

These robotic mowers are high-end technology, and Bosch recognizes this – it’s installed a number of great safety features, including an alarm system and a PIN, which prevents it from being stolen and used by somebody else.

At 25kg, it’s a much heavier robotic lawnmower, but its many smart features and security systems certainly make up for it, to position it as one of the top robotic mowers on the market.

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Lawn mowing is a meditative experience to some. It is a chance to switch off and forget about the fraught week you had at the office while you take in the smell of freshly cut grass. However for others it is a time consuming task they could do without. But now you don’t have to do that work anymore. Robotic lawn mowers are here to do the work for you. That’s welcome news for people who would gladly pass when it is their turn to get behind the mower and would rather spend their time on more enjoyable activities. After some initial setup the bot just needs you to switch it on and off it goes mowing the lawn without any human supervision.

How These Machines Do Their Mowing

To use a simple analogy, a robot lawn mower operates like sheep. How? Well, it randomly moves around your lawn as it nibbles away at your grass while slowly increasing the amount of grass it cuts. For the second analogy, we shall think of it as a dog. The lawn mower is prevented from moving out of your property much like a dog would, by an electric fence. A low-voltage border wire is set up around your lawn that creates a small electromagnetic field. When the robot reaches the boundary it senses it, turns and goes off in another random direction. The electromagnetic fence is also used by some specific models to locate the recharging dock. Once the boundary is set and the mower is ready to get to work, it is programmed to go on for about 1 hours to 3 hours. Mowing the lawn for that much time every three days in a week should leave your lawn looking lush and carpet-like, the kind that invites you to roll around on during a fine summer day.All robot lawn mowers cut grass like any typical mulching lawn mower; this means that they do not collect the grass they cut. Rather, they cut it into fine clippings that are left to rot in the soil.


New Lawn Mower Robot Tech To Make Them Even More Autonomous

Robotic lawn mowers were made to do their work with little or no supervision. Companies are releasing new models that improve on this all the time. Bosch, for instance, has a mower that can be set to move in straight lines rather than make random movements. Moving in such fashion prevents the bot from skipping some areas, something that often happens with those that turn at random. The tech improvements do not stop there as there are some that come with rain sensors and some that are self-docking. The potential in the market is limitless.

What you need to think about if you wanted one for yourself

Robot lawn mowers don’t come cheap. As such, it’s good to know what to go for before spending your hard-earned money on one. First thing to check for is the machine’s overall specifications. If they are too high then the price tag is expected to be just as high. Another thing you want to consider is the security system. A good mower should come with an alarm, pin-code lock and GPS-tracker. With such security specifications, you are sure that the mower is not a safety hazard to yourself or, most importantly, the kids. The next aspect to look out for is a simple-to-understand display. You don’t want a machine that has buttons that keep you wondering about their functionality. A straight forward display that is easy to navigate is part of the reason the mower is said to make work easier. Basic things such as the size of the wheels and the kind of charging system are among those you should be keen not to forget about when you come across the array of models available for you.

The friendly-looking machines are easy to maintain and don’t need anyone to watch over them as they work. Hence, it should come as no surprise that as of 2005, robot lawn mowers ranked in the second largest category of domestic bots used in households. This a testimony of shifting tastes and preferences across the board. If you are in the market for a conventional model, read our guide and reviews of best cordless battery mowers, mains powered mowers and powerful petrol models.

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