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Best Garden Water Features

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This water feature from Primrose features a gorgeous design shaped into a pump and barrel, giving it a classic feel that is ideal for that cottage garden vibe. Made from polyresin, the water feature looks like it made from real wood, stone, and metal, with an impressive amount of detail throughout.

It has a classic water pump appearance, making it a great fit for gardens looking to capture a rustic aesthetic. The water cascades from the pump and into the first barrel, which in turn flows into a secondary barrel and back through the pipe. Each barrel has LED lights that add a pleasant illumination during the evening.

Entirely self-contained, the water feature doesn’t need any reservoir, while it’s UV and frost resistant so should last many years. A 10m cable is supplied to connect the feature to a power source.

1. Pump and Barrel Water Feature with LED Lights

This natural looking water feature appears to be made entirely from stone – but it’s really made from polyresin. The detail on the stone is so impressive that nobody will notice it’s not made from real stone.

As an electric powered water feature it does require professional installation. It’s powered by a 240V electric pump that processes 1400 litres per hour, while the 10m 2 core power supply cable should be suitable to reach any power source.

It is completely weatherproof too, with the polyethylene polymer offering the upmost protection against the elements and general wear and tear. Expect it to last many years without minimal maintenance.

The Monolith Stone makes for a beautiful water feature that looks stunning in any garden, although its natural appearance does make it a better fit for tropical or modern style gardens.

2. Garden Water Feature Monolith Stone

An ornamental water feature for the modern garden, the Blumfeldt Watergate will be the main focal point of the garden with its incredible water display. It is quite a large feature with a brick wall background and large stone basin – the water cascades down in waterfall style to produce a beautiful feature.

Despite the stone appearance, the water feature is actually made from galvanised steel and given a cast stone finish. This makes it a much more durable compared to just stone, with the feature being completely weather resistant to avoid rusting, and it’s also simple to clean.

As an electric water feature it does require professional installation. It’s powered by a 15-watt pump that provides 1000 litre per hour waterflow, so it saves energy too compared to many other water features.

 It can even be placed indoors should you prefer, although it really works best when installed outside. Enjoy the water feature with a spot of meditation thanks to its calming qualities

3. Blumfeldt Watergate Garden Fountain

Anyone looking to create a Japanese garden in their outdoor space will love this Kyto Three Bowl Cascading Garden Water Feature. At 49cm tall is not too imposing a size, fitting nicely in most spots in the garden, with a tiered bowl design producing a tranquil effect when turned on.

Two of three bowls are also fitted with white LED lights that produce a lovely appearance, especially a night time. It’s made from stone-resin so is very durable and relatively low-maintenance. Also, it’s completely child and pet safe, making a fine addition to family gardens.

The low voltage of the water feature further adds to the safety of the device, while also making it eco-friendly. Everything is included with the self-contained water feature, which includes a pump and 10m cable to connect to power.

It is a beautiful water feature that really stands out for its unique design inspired by Japanese gardens.

4. Kyoto Three Bowl Cascade Garden Water Feature

This garden water feature is made from ceramic terracotta that give it classic style fit for any garden. Sporting a cascading design, the water flows from the upper jug and then into each of smaller bowls before finally reaching the large bowl that also acts as the sump for the water.

This resulting in a calming ambience perfect for relaxing in the garden. Better still, this water feature is entirely solar powered through a 2.5W panel, making it simple to install and eco-friendly. There is backup battery that stores solar power, ensuring the feature always has a steady supply of power to operate with.

Should you want to use it indoors there is also mains power adaptor, although both the battery and water pump are solar powered so you only need to use this for indoors. It also comes with a LED lights to illuminate the feature in the evening time.  

5. Solar Powered Terracotta Cascade Water Feature

Water Feature Buying Guide

A water feature is a fine addition to any outdoor space. Not only does it offer a stylish fixture in your garden, but also offers encourages a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing in your favourite spot in the garden. Better still, some water features may even add value to your property, although these are generally quite expensive and require professional installation.

There are also many affordable water features available that are easy to install yourself some of which use a simple garden hose. With so many attractive designs to choose from it is easy to find a water feature that fits the style of your garden, working to enhance your outdoor living space with little effort.

However, with so many options to choose from, buying the best garden water feature is quite challenging! Check out the tips below to buy the best garden water feature:


The location of the garden water feature effects how it looks. For instance, having it placed in a poorly lit corner of the garden makes it less visible. You want it in an open spot with plenty of sunshine so it gets the attention it deserves

Furthermore, most water feature need electricity to function, meaning you need to place it somewhere with a reachable power point. There are solar panel water features that remove this problem however, although they may not be as reliable as those connected to a power source.


There are countless water feature designs to choose from, so make sure to think about what works well with your garden. For instance, a classic water feature usually has a finish to give it an antiquated appearance, such as terracotta. There are also more unusual garden ornament styles which are more quirky.

Classic designs often depict stonework too, while a traditional fountain design is also a timeless look for a water feature in the garden. Bird baths that double as water features are also quite popular, especially if you love the local wildlife in your garden.

There is no shortage of modern designs either. Almost anything is possible with a modern water feature, although cascading and tiered designs are notably popular. Also, modern features tend to include LED lighting, which really enhances the appearance.


Garden water features are made from various materials. Polyresin is a popular option for modern and classic designs, as the material is very easy to mould in various designs. It’s also durable and lightweight.

Classic water features are often made with real stone, but this does make them very heavy and cumbersome, although it’s not much of an issue once it is installed. Stainless steel offers a nice modern aesthetic but may need more frequent cleaning.

Power Source 

As mentioned, water features require some form of power source, usually being solar powered or using a mains power. Solar power water features are often cheaper and you can install them on your own.

Those that connect to mains power require professional installation from an electrician. They should also feature an RSD socket to ensure no electric shocks. For a solar power water feature, make sure the panel remains clear and visible to ensure it receives enough power during the day. Read our reviews of solar garden lights.


The bigger the water feature the more difficult it is to clean. Algae, dirt, grime, and droppings are all the main offenders, so make sure you buy a suitable cleaning product and take the time to regularly clean the water feature. A small water feature will reduce the garden maintenance which can add up when you include all the other tasks. 

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