Turf Calculator – How Many Rolls Do I Need?

Use the above calculator as a guide only. Always contact the supplier to find out how much of an area each of the rolls of turf will cover and to ask them to give you an accurate estimation of the amount needed.

Whenever planning to add new turf to a garden, the first question to ask is how many rolls of turf do I need? It’s often overlooked yet very important, as buying too many rolls ends up wasting many while buying not enough turf only makes the project that more time consuming.

Calculating the number of turf rolls you require is certainly easier than it once was. Decades ago, everything was measured and harvested by hand, and the rolls of turf always had uneven thicknesses to make it that more difficult.

Today, turf rolls come in pre-measured sizes, and there are many dimensions to choose from to suit all lawn sizes. Regardless of size, the rolls are even and easy to lay, so the hardest part is usually working out how many rolls of turf you need!

Turf Roll Size

Before you work out how many rolls of turf you need, you should first establish what size of turf roll you require. There are many options to choose from, and any may be suitable for your garden. For example, many turf rolls are sold in sizes of one square metre, making it relatively easy to install in square lawns.

Yet some rolls are slightly wider or shorter in length, so it is not always a give that they measure one square metre. Always be sure to check the size of the turf, as some vary and may even be better suited for your lawn, depending its shape and size.

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How Many Turf Rolls Do I Need?

Once you know what size of turf roll to buy, it’s time to work out how many you need. To do this, start by measuring the area size where the turf is being laid. It’s recommended that you dig up current turf before buying anything new, as this makes it easier to accurately measure how many turf rolls are required.

Sometimes it’s easy to dig more or less space than originally planned, so always take the time to thoroughly measure the area after digging up the original turf. This avoids buying turf rolls only to discover you are a few short!

Measuring in metres, take note of the length and width of the entire space where the turf is being laid. For circular spaces, measure the widest point of the circle.

Now, there are many online turf calculators that may be useful, as they automatically calculate the number of turf rolls needed based on space measurements.

If you can’t access something like this, try using the following calculations:

Rectangle/Square Area

Area = length x wide

e.g. 5m x 5m = 25m²

Circular Area

Area =3.14 x Radius²

Radius = ½ width of circular area

e.g. 3.14 x 2.5 x 2.5 = 19.6m²

Triangular Areas

Area = ½ base x width

e.g. 2.5 x 5 = 12.5m


Remember, if measuring in metres means then your answer is also in metres –  1m² = 1 turf roll.

For instance, if you measure a square area of 25m², then you would buy 25 rolls of turf, assuming one roll measures 1m² – which most do!

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