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9 Backyard Garden Lighting Ideas

When it comes to lighting for the backyard of your house there are many different options that are available. Depending on your specific lighting needs you are likely to find a number of solutions that will work perfectly for your garden or patio.

Whether you are looking for permanently installed year-round lighting systems or temporary lighting for special occasions, you will find the right lighting system for you. While portable lighting systems do not require professional installation, the majority of the permanent or hard mounted lighting will require some degree of professional help. Most fixed patio and garden lighting is installed as part of an overall landscaping project, while specialty lighting is added in after.

Portable Lighting

1. Party Style String Lighting

Party Style String Lighting

Party Style String Lighting is designed to be set up for special occasions and taken down shortly after. These lighting systems can be set up in various ways, including special patterns and wrapping around trees and poles.

These lighting systems are not designed to be used in inclement weather as they are temporary and generally are not weatherproof. They do not require professional installation, however there are companies that offer temporary party lighting setup.

2. Low-powered LED Garden Lights

Low-powered LED Garden Lights

Low-powered LED Garden Lighting systems comes in a variety of different styles. They can be staked into the ground like typical solar powered lights, or hung to provide light to a wider area. These LED Garden lights were designed to replace inefficient incandescent lights with a much more efficient and affordable solution.

Low-powered LED Garden Lights are available in several different styles, making them one of the most versatile lighting solutions on our list. They can be found in styles such as rope, stake, spot or string.

3. String and Plugin Lights

12-volt string lights for garden

These are types of lighting solutions which can be used in a number of different locations. They can be set up under decks to highlight the edges or placed in a tree to add additional lighting. These styles of lighting run on a 12-volt power source and do not require professional installation.

The amount of light produced by these lighting styles will vary depending on the bulbs you use with them. These types of lighting typically use LED bulbs, however there are some which use brighter, yet less efficient halogen bulbs. LED bulbs are also frequently used for the purpose of adding multiple color lights.

4. Solar Powered Garden Lights

Solar Powered Garden Lights

Solar Powered Garden Lights are relatively new for being used as decorative garden or patio lighting. These types of lights come in a wide range of shapes and styles. Some can be staked into the ground, while others utilize hangers.

Solar lighting works well as an affordable solution to add a specific amount of light in a certain area in the garden. These lights will converts the sun’s rays into power, and when the ambient light reaches a certain level, the light automatically turns on. There are also options that make it possible for you to run them in manual or even on a timer that can be set for specific times of the evening or night.

Installed or Hard Mounted Lighting

5. Built-in Patio Lighting

Patio Lighting

Built-in Patio Lighting is generally installed as part of a larger landscaping project. This style of lighting can be found in a number of different configurations, including heavy-duty string lights, recessed style spotlights, regular spotlights, and built-in deck lights. ​

This lighting solution is designed to produce illumination for the whole patio. This way you can still make the most of your favorite backyard games like these once the sun goes down.

Most of these light fixtures are fitted with LED type bulbs which provide as much lighting as possible while also being highly efficient. The light fixtures typically feature a rustic appearance with bronze being a common color. They also can be purchased in all aluminum or mostly glass fixtures.

6. Stylish Hanging Lights

Garden Hanging Lights

Stylish hanging lights are some of the most commonly used temporary lighting solutions which can be easily set up and taken down when the weather turns bad. This type of lighting includes hanging lights, decorative tiki torches and other lights that are strategically placed near the patio seating.

These hanging style lights can be found in a number of different decorative shapes, the most common being old-fashioned lanterns. They can be either plugged in or solar powered, depending on the application and available power source.

7. Built-in Deck Lighting

built in decking lighting

Built-in Deck Lighting is a unique way to add an extra level of safety and stylish looks. These lights can be either solar powered or hardwired into the house electrical system. These deck lights would be an addition to any patio wall or post mounted lighting system that is typically part of a full patio remodel.

The lights typically use LED bulbs and come in cool white or blue colored lights that are daisy chained to share the power. The light fixtures are typically disk-shaped and are flush-mounted into decking material as not to interfere with foot traffic. These light fixtures are typically located at the outer edge of deck for an extra amount of safety.

8. Wall Mounted Garden Lighting

Wall Mounted Garden Lighting

Wall Mounted Garden Lighting is a type of landscape lighting which is strategically placed around the garden to provide a certain amount of necessary lighting depending on the design. The specific type of bulbs used in this type of lighting will generally depend on the amount of lighting the desired, but LEDs are extremely popular these days. Since this type of lighting is wall mounted and part of a total landscape package, it will definitely require professional installation.

9. Garden Security Lighting

Garden Security Lighting

This type of lighting is designed to flood the area with as much light as possible as to scare away a would-be burglar. Garden security normally includes a hypersensitive motion detector that switches on the built-in floodlight when something triggers the sensor.  

Depending on the specific type you purchase you may or may not have to have it professionally installed. Solar powered models do not require any AC power to be supplied, while some models do require connection to an outside power source.

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