Best Lawn Sprinkler Reviews UK

Best Garden Lawn Sprinklers Reviews UK

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Kärcher Oscillating Sprinkler

  • Oscillating Sprinkler
  • Powerful Spray for Medium and Large Lawns
  • Adjustable Spray Settings

The Kärcher Oscillating Sprinkler is a powerful sprinkler that is ideal for medium and large sized lawns. Offering impressive power, its spray covers up to 320 sqm, which should be more than enough for those lawns on the larger size that require more coverage.

A very impressive feature is the spike anchors that offers fantastic stability. Oscillating sprinklers are traditionally known for being quite unstable, especially when set to high-pressure, so it’s great to see this model isn’t easily moved by the jet spray. It’s also made from hard-wearing plastic that add to the weight, further adding to the stability of the sprinkler.

The spray and coverage area of the sprinkler can each be adjusted to suit your preferences, with plastic sliders being used to find the right setting. It couldn’t be easier to set, allowing you to get as much control over the spray as needed, whether it’s a high-pressure spray with maximum coverage or a lower pressure setting covering a smaller area.

Better still, you can manually close individual jets across the sprinkler, which is great for achieving more precise water sprays. There’s also a hole cleaner featured to ensure no blockages occur!

A strong and durable sprinkler with adjustable settings, the Kärcher Oscillating Sprinkler is a fantastic choice for anyone with medium or large lawns.

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Greenkey Pulsating Sprinkler

  • Pulsating Sprinkler
  • Coverage of up to 25m diameter
  • Adjustable spray patterns

The Greenkey Metal Base Pulsating Sprinkler comes with a robust design that guarantees longevity, sporting a solid alloy base, brass hose connector, and zinc sprinkler head. This, along with a two-year guarantee, highlights just how long you can expect the sprinkler to last, especially when compared to plastic lawn sprinklers.

While there is no spike to stick the sprinkler into your lawn, the heavier materials to offer a degree of stability that should prevent it from easily being overturned. Just make sure you don’t accidently kick or stand on it, as it is as solid as they come!

Coverage is impressive, with a 25m diameter in a circular direction, with the spray pattern being adjustable from vertical to horizontal. The water pressure requires two bars for most effective performance.

A great performing lawn sprinkler that’s ideal for most circular lawns, the Greenkey Metal Base Pulsating Sprinkler is made from some of the most durable materials available, ensuring it will last for many years to come.

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Gardena Popup Sprinkler

  • Coverage of up to 200m sqm
  • Four nozzles with different flow rates
  • Adjustable range from 5 to 8m

The Gardena Popup sprinkler is a fantastic choice for medium size lawns, offering a versatile sprinkler that can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

Offering a coverage up to 200 sqm, the Gardena Popup also comes with an adjustable range should your lawn be smaller than this, with settings from 5 to 8 metres available. There are also four different nozzles that can be attached to produced different flow rates, while the integrated dirt filter ensures the sprinkler operates uninterrupted.

The adjustability allows you to set the sprinkler to cover different areas, whether it’s an entire circle covering all the lawn or a more specific section of the lawn. This means you can easily use it for irrigating other arears of your garden, such as flower beds or hedges.

Better still, it comes with a memory function that pre-sets your most frequent settings, removing the need to constantly set it any time you use it. Not only that, it means you can leave the sprinkler in the same section of lawn and it will always irrigate in the desired area, offering a hands-off approach that is very reliable.

A great product that offers consistent results, the Gardena Popup is well worth investing in for medium sized lawn areas.

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Spear & Jackson Oscillating Sprinkler

    • 18 Spray Nozzles 
    • Variable flow control 
    • Adjustable coverage 

This great oscillating sprinkler from Spear and Jackson is suitable for medium sized lawns, being especially hand for those that are square or rectangular. The all metal body construction is a welcome change from most other types of oscillating sprinklers, helping to ensure the product is very durable.

The aluminium tube features a total of 18 spray nozzles, offering a complete coverage area of 200 sqm. A great feature is the ability to easily adjust the flow from the nozzles, allowing you to set the perfect pressure setting for your lawn, requiring 5 bars of pressure to work at maximum efficiency

Furthermore, the spread coverage of the sprinkler is also adjustable. This means you can cover as much as 200sqm should it be needed, or you can easily adjust it to a lower spread to cover smaller sections of the lawn.

Both the coverage and flow rate are simple to adjust, with a knob and switch found above the brass connector, so using the sprinkler at different settings is straight-forward – just make sure you avoid getting soaked!

A fantastic oscillating sprinkler for medium sized gardens, this product from Spear and Jackson is manufactured with quality materials to ensure it lasts for many years, so expect great value for money when purchased.

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Sled Rocking Sprinkler

  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • Automatic and Fixed Rotation
  • Coverage of up to 200sqm

The Sled Rocking Sprinkler is a very versatile option that can be adjusted in many ways to get the perfect irrigation for your lawn.

There are three spray settings available with the sprinkler, each one using set number of spray nozzles for different sprinkle effects. For example, it can be set to use 6-holes, 12-holes, or all 19-holes, with each one offering different distance for the fan spray.

The 6-hoel produces a long spray, while the 19-hole overs a wide area of coverage, with the 12-hole spray falling somewhere in-between. It’s easy to adjust these too – simply rotate the shaft to choose the desired setting and it’s good to go.

You can also adjust the volume of water used by turning the knob at the top of the sprinkler, and it can be set to rotate for wide angle coverage or to remain in a fixed position if necessary. The largest coverage is around 200sqm using the 19-hole setting at maximum volume, making the Sled Rocking Sprinkler a fine option for small and medium sized gardens.

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Lawn sprinklers are a great addition to your garden supplies, offering the opportunity to maintain a healthy lawn even during the drier months. Sprinklers come in several styles, any one of which may be ideal to use in your garden.

The most obvious benefit of a lawn sprinkler is providing irrigation for a dry lawn, allowing it to maintain a healthy growth and appearance, even during times of low rainfall or drought. Using the perfect amount of irrigation for your lawn leaves it looking as good as ever, improving the aesthetics of your garden.

Another great benefit is the fact that sprinklers can conserve water. Rather than wasting too much water with a hose, using a lawn sprinkler allows you to provide the perfect amount of irrigation for any given period, reducing water wastage.

Lawn sprinklers are also versatile, being suitable to use beyond your lawn. They can water flower beds, hedges, shrubs, and any other plants in your garden, with the ability to adjust the settings to accommodate different irrigation purposes.

Types of Garden Lawn Sprinklers

There are three main types of lawn sprinkler available, any of which may be good to use in your garden.


This type of lawn sprinkler features a long tube made from plastic or metal that is filled with small openings that release sprays of water. The tube moves back and forth to produce a fan-like spray of water over a rectangular area.


Features a rotating head that produces a pulsating spray of water across the lawn. The water spray covers a circular area, making it a great choice for even coverage in larger areas, while the sprays can often be adjusted to different patterns such as mist or stream. They offer high-pressure so can be a great fit for large garden lawns.


One of the smallest types of lawn sprinkler, they offer great coverage for smaller lawns, spraying water for fixed holds on the sprinkle head. They often come with one pre-set pattern (e.g. circular or rectangular), so aren’t the most versatile, although they tend to be the most affordable. Perfect to use for a small lawn.

Choosing the Right Lawn Sprinkler

Any type of lawn sprinkler may be suitable for your garden, so it helps to think about a few things before you choose one.

Lawn Size

Not all lawn sprinklers are suitable for all lawn sizes, so always make sure you establish the size of your lawn to help find a suitable sprinkler. For example, large lawns require a sprinkler capable of high pressure and more coverage, in which case a pulsating sprinkler is the best option.

Stationary sprinklers are the best choice for smaller lawns, while an oscillating sprinkler are suitable for most types of lawns, providing they come with the suitable pressure settings.

Water Pressure

The higher a sprinklers water pressure, the more water it can spray over large areas. So, high-pressure sprinklers are a must for large lawns, while low pressure models are suitable for small and medium sized lawns.

Lawn Shape

Sprinklers produce jet sprays of varying shapes, so it’s important that you choose one that is suitable for the shape of your lawn. For example, anyone with a square or rectangular lawn should consider an oscillating sprinkler, while circular or irregular shaped lawns benefit most from pulsating sprinklers.

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