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Ladders are ideal for reaching those difficult areas, such as rooftops, ceilings and windows, yet they are noticeably cumbersome. Given the need to extend to such high heights, ladders are often hard to store, heavy, and generally difficult to transport unless you own an appropriate vehicle.

Storing them at home can also be easier said than done, which is why you will come across many ladders that have been left outside because there’s nowhere else to put them! As you can see, most of the setbacks with ladders relate to their size, meaning it would be very useful to have something more compact.

Well, that’s exactly what you can expect from telescopic ladders! Thanks to an innovative design, telescopic ladders provide a host of advantages over standard ladders, as well as being able get you closer to those hard to reach areas.

Top Seven Telescopic Ladders Reviews

In the market for a telescopic ladder? These are some of the best models currently available:

Finether 5M Aluminum


· Extended height of 5m

· Compact height of 96cm

· Max load capacity of 150kg

· Multi-functional: both a step ladder and extension ladder

· Strong aluminium alloy, anti-corrosion and rust

· Rung by rung extension with double grip handle for added safety

· EN131 certification

The Finether 5M Aluminum is a robust, versatile telescopic ladder that is suitable for use at home and work. EN131 certification means it is safe to use for light industrial applications, and its massive 5m height will also be useful in this regard.

It is also a multi-functioning model, as it can be folded in half with the hinge and release rod to function as a step ladder as well. There’s a total of eight rungs when used as a straight ladder, with a locking mechanism for each height that allows the ladder to reach various heights, with a total extension of 5m.

This means you can easily use at work or around the home, with the impressive height suitable for washing windows, cleaning the gutter, and building maintenance. The step ladder feature is very useful for home decorating too!

Expect them to be easy to transport too, as they retract into a very compact 96cm and weigh only 18.7kg, again highlighting how suitable this ladder is for commercial use – it will easily store in the back of a van without issue.

More importantly, the Finether 5M Aluminum takes many steps to ensure safety. Double grip handles are present on each run to ensure no accidental jams or pinches from misplaced hands, while the stabiliser bar and rubber feet ensure the ladder remains stable in every position.

This is great option for anyone looking for a telescopic ladder that will be performing a range of tasks. It offers a fantastic maximum height, made even better by the foot-by-foot extension achieved with each rung.

Whether you will be using it at home, work, or both, this is a ladder worth investing in. 

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VonHaus 2.6m Telescopic Ladder


· High-quality aluminium material

· Extended height of 2.6m

· Compact height of 78cm

· Max load capacity of 150kg

· Lightweight at just 7.8kg

· EN-131 certification

The VonHaus 2.6m telescopic ladder is a market leader, being one of the most popular smaller sized ladders of their kind. Made from a quality aluminium material, it’s a small yet strong ladder that is perfect for many uses, particularly around the home.

However, with EN-131 certification, you can easily use the VonHaus for various professional applications, although the 2.6m height may somewhat limit this.

The rung by rung extension feature does ensure that the ladders can be used a variety of height settings, so you will find it useful for many DIY and home maintenance tasks such as decorating, while also be a great way to reach higher cupboards, lofts, shelves etc.

It shouldn’t be difficult to store either, weighing just 7.8kg with a very compact height of 78cm when fully retracted.

Moreover, it’s a safe ladder to use. Rubber feet are present to ensure it remains secure when used, while the anti-pinch protection feature helps to avoid accidents, and the rung by rung locking mechanism works automatically for added safety.

For anyone that requires a robust ladder that can be easily stored at home or work, this is a model worth consideration.

So, while it may not be best suited for working with due to the somewhat lower height capacity, there are few jobs around the house that this ladder won’t be able to help you with, and it can certainly be thought of as one of the best smaller telescopic ladders available today.

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Finether DIY 3.8M Portable

· Multi-functioning: works as a straight ladder and A-frame ladder

· Extended height of 3.8m

· Compact height of 0.86m

· Strong but lightweight aluminium alloy material

· EN-131 certification

The Finether DIY 3.8M Portable is a great telescopic ladder that will have many uses around the home or workplace.

For instance, it features a multi-functioning design that allows it to work as both a straight ladder or an A-frame step ladder. As it can be extended rung by run, there’s many height settings, with total expanded height of 3.8m.

This makes it suitable for tasks of every scope and size, whether it’s reaching a very high point to paint or clean, or trying to fit into a more compact space where a traditional ladder wouldn’t fit. This makes perfectly suited for home use, be it in a house, flat, garage, loft or anywhere else.

Of course, it can easily be used commercially too, with EN-131 certification ensuring it is built to the highest safety standards possible. It’s also great for work because it is easily collapsible, with a retracted height of just 0.86m!

This makes it simple to transport in most vehicles, while also being easily stored in a compact space at home.

Moreover, it is a ladder designed with safety in mind. For example, there’s clear visual indicators for the locking system, making it easy to understand how to safely extend, retract and lock the ladder when being used. The non-slip base of the ladder also increases the overall safety.

These great features make the Finether DIY 3.8M telescopic ladder perfect for many people. It works in both commercial and domestic capacities, so anyone looking for a ladder that can be used in either will certainly like what they see here.

It’s a highly versatile ladder, made even better by its compact design and how easy it is to store and transport, which will especially appeal to trade workers.

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WORHAN 5.6M Telescopic Ladder

· Extended height of 5.6m

· Compact height of 0.96m

· Max weight capacity of 150kg

· Foldable design

· Quality anodized aluminium material

· Weighs 20kg

· EN-131 certification

German manufacturer WORHAN have produced one of the most robust telescopic ladders in the market, with this 5.6m model being perfectly suited for both professional and domestic use.

The massive 5.6m extended height certainly makes the model ideal for many different trade sectors, and the EN-132 certification ensures that it will be safe and suitable for every work environment.

This is enhanced by the step by step extension that allows you to adjust the overall height in small increments, granting access to a huge selection of spaces as needed. Better still, the ladder has a foldable feature in the middle, allowing it to be used as both a straight ladder and step ladder.

Because of this handy feature, you can easily get work done on uneven surfaces, stairs, and almost any hard-to-reach areas that a normal ladder wouldn’t be capable off. Whether it’s being used to decorate, climb a roof, or conduct any form of maintenance, this versatile ladder can get the job done.

Of course, being a telescopic ladder in design means that it can be easily retracted for storage and/or transport. The ladder retracts to a very compact 0.96m, and with a reasonable weight of just 20kg, it will be easy to move and store as necessary.

It also features sturdy rubber pads at the feet to ensure maximum stability, as does the stabiliser bar fitted to the base. Still, expect this to remain strong and reliable throughout its lifespan, as it enjoys a total weight capacity of 150kg.

The WORHAN 5.6M is a ladder perfect for any trade. The ability to extend to several different heights while also functioning as a step ladder makes it a hugely versatile ladder suitable for many jobs and tasks.

That’s not to say you cannot get use out of it at home, as the ladder is capable of reach both high and low heights as need. If you are looking for a ladder to get you to those harder to reach places such as the roof or higher windows, it’s worth investing in for sure.

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SOTECH 3.8m Telescopic Extendable Ladder


· Extended height of 3.8m

· Compact height of 0.8m

· Maximum capacity of 150kg

· High-quality aluminium material

· EN-131 certification

· Includes carry bag for easy transport

This model of SOTECH ladders are a fine choice for anyone looking for telescopic ladders that can be used in and around the home. With a very compact design of just 80cm when retracted, these ladders are easy to store, be it in a cupboard at home or in the boot of your car.

They even come with a handy carry bag for storing and transporting!

Their unfolded length is an impressive 3.8m, making them great for almost any kind of home maintenance or DIY task. Some telescopic ladders will still be limited because of their height, but this model will be great for reaching roofs, ceilings, windows, and any other difficult areas.

Step by step extension also means they can be used in a variety of different heights as well, meaning you don’t just need to use them for reaching high spots – you will be able to reach any compact areas that normal ladders can’t with this handy feature.

To ensure they are safe to use, the ladder features non-slip rungs that are ergonomically designed to provide a more secure grip when in use. Likewise, security locks prevent any accidental retraction when you are on the ladder, while a maximum weight capacity of 150kg ensures it will be able to withstand almost any person.

A great model for home use, this ladder will be suited for almost any home project or task you may need them for, but they can easily serve as a reliable set of ladders for work too. 

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Stella DIY 2.6M


· Extended height of 2.6m

· Maximum capacity of 150kg

· EN-131 Certification

The Stella DIY 2.6M is a no-nonsense telescopic ladder that will have many uses throughout the home. An extended height of 2.6m makes it great for many different DIY and home projects, namely decorating and other general maintenance.

The step by step extension provides a lot of control over the height of the ladder, allowing for various height settings to be used, which will certainly be useful in those tight spaces where you still need to reach a high spot.

A great aspect regarding the extension process is that it includes indicators that clearly show when the rung is properly secured – many cheaper models don’t include this feature, so it is great to find it here.

This also makes it easy to collapse, with the ladder able to quickly retract as needed, be it by one rung or the entire height of the ladder. When not in use, the ladder is incredibly compact and will not take up much in the way of storage space.

Another fine selling-point is the material used for the ladder. It’s a combination of high-quality aluminium and PVC (found on the sides) which helps the ladder be more durable over the long-term. Don’t expect any breakages or wear and tear found on other ladders!

The Stella DIY 2.6M is a robust telescopic ladder that will not disappoint. It’s been perfectly built for use in and around the home, so while it may not be the best option for commercial use, you can be sure it will get the job done at home.

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Charles Bentley DIY 2.6 M

· Extended height of 2.6m

· Compact height of 78cm

· Lightweight design weighing 7kg

· Max load capacity of 150kg

· Made from aluminium

· EN131-1, EN131-2, EN131-3 certification

The Charles Bentley DIY 2.6m is a high-quality telescopic ladder that is perfect for home use. However, with EN131 certification, you can certainly use it for any light trade work, making it very versatile indeed.

Made from quality aluminium, the ladders are very lightweight at just 7kg, making them simple to move around. That’s not to say they aren’t strong however, as they can withstand an impressive 150kg.

It features a total of eight runs, which can be locked at individual heights with step by step extension, allowing various heights to be achieved. This means it can be used for many functions, such as a loft ladder or a ladder for painting.

Storage is also very easy, with the model collapsing to a compact size, and when not in use a Velcro strap ensures it remains compact, which is certainly useful when being transported.

In terms of safety, there’s clear instructions for how to avoid accidental finger jams when extending the ladders and there is a clear clicking noise when locked, while curved rubber-coated feet ensures it remains stable when in use.

All in all, this is one of the best telescopic ladders to use at home, although many will certainly find it useful at work too. With a total height of 2.6m, this can be categorised as a small telescopic ladder, so it isn’t designed for getting on roofs, reaching high windows, gutters etc.

However, it’s perfect for almost any type of DIY home projects and you can easily store it when not in use. Buy on Amazon

What are Telescopic Ladders?

Telescopic ladders are extendable ladders that can be easily collapsed for storage and transport purposes. There are various telescopic ladder designs available, all of which are based around classic ladders, including straight and folding.

The main difference is that telescopic ladders are made using lightweight materials and have a design feature that allows them to expand and retract in specific increments.

As they can be collapsed into much smaller sizes yet can expand to reach certain heights, telescopic ladders are much easier to store than traditional ladders, as well as being much easier to transport – they can fit into the boot of even the smallest cars!

Benefits of Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic ladders offer a range of benefits when compared to more traditional types of ladders. They are perhaps the most versatile style of ladder currently available, having many useful applications in both personal and professional capacities.

Easy to Store and Transport – One of the most prominent reasons to get a telescopic ladder is because it is easy to store and transport. Their ability to be easily compacted into a much smaller ladder makes it easy to transport in virtually any vehicle, while they can be stored anywhere at home without taking up space.

Lightweight Materials – To make them easier to move and store, telescopic ladders are made of lightweight materials, typically a combination of aluminium, fibreglass, and plastic. This results in ladder that isnt the heaviest, making it much easier to use for many.

Useful Extension – The way in which telescopic ladders works means that they collapse and extend one rung at a time. This provides a lot of height options when extending the ladder, allowing it to be used at many different heights as needed.

Multi-Purposed – Depending on the type of model purchased, telescopic ladders can offer a range of features. For instance, some models can function as a straight extension ladder or a step ladder, while others are simply designed for one use (e.g. extension or A frame)

Ideal for Home or Work– All telescopic ladders with an EN-131 classification can be used around the home or in the workplace. This helps to make them some of the most versatile ladders on the market.

Robust Design – Despite the ability to become small and compact, telescopic ladders remain very strong. They can withstand significant loads when in use, with the ability to handles weights of up to 150kg, depending on the specific design of each model.

Things to Consider When Buying a Telescopic Ladder

Given the wide range of benefits offered by telescopic ladders, they have grown in popularity in recent years, meaning there are many options available when looking to buy. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many cheaper telescopic ladders being sold that don’t meet the same standards as the more reputable makes.

They may lack certain features and functions, or could be even be more dangerous to use, which is obviously something everyone wants to avoid. Of course, just it’s an affordable telescopic ladder, doesn’t mean it’s not reliable, some may just with a basic design and fewer functions but can still work well for specific tasks.

Here’s some things to consider:


Always be sure to purchase a telescopic ladder that adheres to UK and European standards. Ladders with certification have been tested for performance and safety, making them the safest and most reliable on the market.

There are currently three different classifications for telescopic ladders, so be sure any that you buy conforms to one these:

· Class 1 – Industrial use

· Class EN131 – Light trade work/Heavy DIY

· Class III – Domestic

Class EN131 are widely viewed as the most suitable option, as they are among the safest to use and are still versatile to be used in domestic and professional applications, while maintaining an affordable price.

Insurance providers also prefer ladders with this certification, so this is worth keeping in mind if you plan on using them for work.

Step by Step Extension

When looking to buy a telescopic ladder, be sure it has the step by step feature. This refers to the way in which the ladders are extended, which is done step by step, allowing for many different heights to be achieved when in use.

This is the most desirable feature you will want from a telescopic ladder, as it can be used in a variety of tight spaces where normal ladders aren’t able to fit. It also means that the ladder will lock at each individual rung, which is the safest design possible.

Be aware of this, as some of the cheaper models are not able to lock unless the ladder is fully extended, taking away a key advantage of being able to use the ladder at several height settings.

Additional Safety Features

There’s some safety features on telescopic ladders that you will not want to skimp on! For instance, it’s worth splashing the extra funds for features such as an aluminium stabiliser that offers additional support or rubber coated feet for better grip when in use.

Stabilisers should certainly be present on larger ladders, as they require the extra support to ensure they are as safe as possible. Cheaper models tend to skip this help lower the price, but it is recommended that you invest a little more – it is your safety after all!

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