Best Plant For Hanging Baskets

Best Plants For Hanging Baskets


Hanging baskets are a great way to decorate your garden or any other outdoor space, they come in many shapes and styles but all work in the same manner. Whether you just have a pair of hanging baskets above your doorway or a whole line of them adorning the side of your home, they make great garden design pieces.

Hanging baskets also come in many forms and styles as well ranging from the classic circular hanging baskets, to pyramid shapes and much more. Don’t be put off using a particular shape, all hanging baskets work in the same manner.

However, a common mistake many people make is not picking the most suitable plants for their hanging baskets. You want plants that will trail over your hanging baskets and grow around the edges, this way you can make sure your hanging baskets are properly utilized and that the plants will be safe, healthy and displayed in all their glory.

The good news for any gardeners out there is that there are plenty of different plants available that are suitable for hanging baskets. You might have heard of some of them while others might be completely new to you, but they all make great plants for hanging baskets. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best plants to use for your hanging baskets in more detail.


Surfinia Pink Plant Flowers

Surfinas are a close relative of another popular hanging basket plant namely the petunia, but Surfinas are a more hardy plant that boosts better weather resistance and they’re available in a variety of different colours as well. This includes whites, blues, purples, reds and oranges so if you want to go with a particular colour scheme you have plenty of colours to choose from.

Surfinas can reach a maximum length of around 90cms and their trailing branches will look stunning flower over and around hanging baskets. And just a few plants in a basket can grow surprisingly quickly so you don’t have to pack the hanging basket with plants either. Speaking of flowers Surfinas flower in May and due to their hardy nature, their flowers will last into October so it’s a plant that you can enjoy for a sizeable chunk of the year.


Fuschsia plants for hanging baskets

Fuschsia’s are one of the most common hanging basket plants and for good reason, they offer such variety! With their bell-shaped flower heads, Fuschsia plants look very striking and go great when mixed together with other flowers.

Fuschsia colours can vary but they often feature a variety of different colours on a single flower head. Colours like red and white or white and purple are some of the most popular combinations but there’s a great variety to choose from. Another good thing about the Fuschsia is that it also comes in a trailing variety which will flow over the hanging basket, the more traditional upright versions look just as good though so both will make great additions to any hanging basket.

Trailing Tomato Plants

Trailing Tomato Plants

If you want to try something a little different then hanging baskets are great for growing tomato plants! Plus as an added bonus you’ll also be able to use them in your kitchen if you want so it’s a win-win situation all round. And don’t be discouraged because growing tomatoes in your hanging baskets is much easier than you might think.

Make sure you plant your tomato seeds in March or at the very latest April if you want to see results, then all you need to do is water and nurture them and in a little time you’ll have gorgeous trailing tomato plants. All kinds of tomato seeds will work but you’ll get better results with certain seeds so don’t be afraid to try a few different kinds and experiment a little

Trailing Begonias

Trailing Begonias

Begonias are a classic garden flower that many people already adore but did you know that they also make a great hanging basket flower? Trailing Begonias will look amazing flowing over your hanging baskets and they’re much tougher than they look because they will even grow in the shady areas of your garden. So if you’re looking for a flower that will still look stunning in the shade then begonias are perfect for you.

Trailing begonias might be limited in colours with shades of yellow, orange and apricot being the most common but their vibrancy and power will look amazing in any setting and thanks to their early blooming they will be harbingers of the summer. They look great alone or mixed in with other trailing flowers and their versatility makes them ideal for gardens of all sizes.

Million Bells

Million Bells for hanging baskets

Officially called Calibrachoa but more commonly known by their nickname Calibrachoas these small and elegant flowers are closely related to the petunia but have their own striking style to them. And they’re available in a wide range of colours including reds, oranges, yellows, white, blue and pink.

Million bells come in many different varieties and some even feature sharp neon like colours! They look stunning on their own but thanks to their smaller size they are commonly used to accompany larger plants in hanging baskets. Million bells are also surprisingly tough little plants and can thrive even in very high temperatures.


hanging basket petunia

You’ve already seen them mentioned a few times but I think it’s finally time I introduce you to the stunning petunias! Petunias come in many forms and styles and you’ll find a huge variety of different colours available, this includes all the common colours like white, red, pink, yellow and even two-toned colours and different shades.

You might have to do some searching to find the perfect colour you’re looking for but if you have a dream colour in mind it’s highly likely the petunia will come in it. Petunia flowers can grow very wide and will look amazing in any hanging basket and thanks to their wide variety of colours you can mix and match them to create gorgeous hanging baskets full or colour.

Thunbergia Alata

Thunbergia Alata

The stylish Thunbergia Alata more commonly known as the Black-Eyed Susan Vine is a great alternative to more traditional hanging basket plants. Vines would seem like a great fit for hanging baskets but unfortunately not many can actually be grown successfully in them but the Thunbergia Alata can.

And they will certainly look stunning as they twirl and grow around your hanging baskets, the sharp smaller flowers they bloom add the perfect extra touch as well perfectly highlighting the lush green vines. The flowers are usually a soft white but they can have shades of gold as well and they make a great elegant hanging basket plant.


Pansies hanging flowers

Pansies are a favourite of many gardeners, they come in a range of colours and look good in flower displays of any kind. And hanging baskets are no different, you can even get trailing pansies to create more elegant and stylish displays. Whether you want to partner them with other bigger plants or on their own they make stunning hanging basket plants and will add a dash of colour to any setting.

Trailing Geraniums

Trailing Geraniums

Trailing Geraniums make stunning additions to hanging baskets and can easily be used on their own to create beautiful flowing displays. Geraniums have become so popular that artificial ones are a very popular alternative for people who don’t have the time to care for the natural plant its self.

But while artificial flowers may look nice they can’t really compare to the vibrant colours you get with the real thing! Trailing Geraniums are available in a wide range of colours including white, various shades of purples and shades of red. They work beautifully on their own but make excellent partners to a range of other hanging basket plants and are a great way to add some summer colour to your garden.

Lofos Plants

Lofos Plants For Baskets

Source: Flickr

Lofos plants originated in Central America and are sure to make glamorous and exotic accompaniments to any hanging baskets. They will flow down the edges of hanging baskets to create stunning displays and be sure to capture everyone’s attention.

Lofos plants come in a variety of colours including stunning deep reds, purples, whites, oranges and much more. The flowers perfectly mix with the lush green leaves to create elegant displays that will look amazing in any garden. Thanks to their draping design Lofos plants can be used to drape over the edge of hanging baskets while the basket is filled with other flowers.


Lobelia plant

These stunning hanging basket flowers offer something a little more unusual as their most common flowers are a little darker. More commonly seen in a deep purple colour these stylish flowers will look beautiful accompanying any hanging basket and a great way to add a darker contrasting colour.

Lobelia can also grow to dramatically flow all around the hanging basket so they can fill hanging baskets all on their own. While they are more traditionally seen in a purple colour Lobelia come in a range of colours including white, yellow and red and as an added bonus the lobelia plant is also a natural herb as well.

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