How To Stop Cats Pooping In Your Garden

How To Stop Cats Pooping In Your Garden

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, you might even have one yourself but even if you don’t it’s highly likely that local cats will visit your garden. This might not seem like a problem but if you care for your garden and have flowers and plants then cats can be a bit of a nuisance.

They can dig up soil and plants but the main problem people have with cats is that they can use your garden as their own personal litterbox! Now cat poop is not a fertilizer, a common mistake many people make is that they believe it is and think it’s actually beneficial to their plants.

But make no mistake it isn’t! So if you do see it in your garden then make sure you clean it up straight away, and if you live around a lot of cats or have your own then you should take extra precautions to stop cats making a mess of your garden.

How To Stop Cats Making A Mess Of Your Garden

Stopping a cat doing something it really wants is tricky, any cat owner will tell you that. But you can stop them from pooping in your garden in a few different ways, remember these might not work straight away so don’t expect instant results but with a little time and effort your garden will be much cleaner.

Cat Repellent Sprays/ Pellets

Cat repellents and scarers come in many forms and you can buy them from a wide range of different suppliers. Most cat repellents are also biodegradable so they won’t harm plants, soil or the cats themselves. The repellents come in spray and pellet forms and can be used in small and large gardens although to maintain effectiveness you will need to reapply them frequently.

Ultrasonic Sounds

They sound very high-tech don’t they? But they’re actually very simple and can work really well especially in large gardens. Ultrasonic repellents are small devices that you can plant alongside your flowerbeds and when they detect movement or in some cases heat they will make an ultrasonic sound that will scare away cats.

Water Sprays

Water spray is a more natural way to keep cats away from your flower beds and with a little time, they can completely keep cats and other animals away from your flowers. The water spray devices can be planted in your flowerbeds and will spray any animals they detect with a jet of water when they come close enough.

Protective Barriers

If you want to forgo repellents and sprays then you can also protect your flowerbeds by using fencing or netting. This can be costly depending on the size of your garden and how many areas you have to protect, certain kinds of netting could also potentially harm cats as well. If you have a certain problem area in your garden that cats like going then just fencing away that area might work.


Spices and Vinegar

Cats will often be attracted to certain areas in your garden and if you can confuse their senses then you can make these areas less appealing. Cat repellents do work this way but you can accomplish the same results by using spices and natural perfumes like curry, lavender, vinegar and much more. Make sure you don’t use something that could harm your soil or plants though and remember to reapply it frequently to ensure cats stay away.

Remember To Be Patient

While all these strategies can work the important thing to remember is to be patient, they might not work right away. You should also always clean any cat waste you do see quickly as it contains harmful parasites and if you do see a cat about do its business try to shoo it away. It might take a while for the cat to take the hint but eventually they will stop trying to use your garden as a litterbox!