The Blaupunkt Hedge, Shrub, Grass and hedge Shear is a great example of gardening technology which has been designed to provide the best possible performance for the user. It has many features which are sure to appeal to gardeners and enthusiasts alike, boasting things such as;

• Two interchangeable blades, to allow for versatility

• A compact yet durable design

• Ample amounts of power for completing tasks with

• A generous 3-year warranty

I was very impressed with this model, as it performed extremely well and maintained a superior quality of performance. This garden multi tool combines multiple features in its design, so you don’t regularly need to change tools and swap around, which makes working much easier. This is facilitated by the two interchangeable blades, which means you can just chop and change at a moment's notice, which is great when you’re tackling big hedges or lawns.

hedge and grass shrub trimmer

Despite this being a lightweight model, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s quite tough too, feeling quite sturdy and robust in my hands. It’s powered by a high-powered lithium-ion battery, which has 7.2v of power available for completing tasks, which is more than enough, I found it could handle my gardening tasks without any problems at all. It also gives another level of convenience, because the tool itself can be used cordless for around 45 minutes, which lets you take it further and further away from your house without worry.

The tools themselves allow me to maintain and interact with a variety of plants, such as my hedge, my shrubbery, and even get at those hard to reach areas of the lawn, the ones that hide on the back of the shed, and similar such places, which is great because a conventional lawn mower can’t actually reach into those spaces. The blades are of good quality as well, and they’re easy to pick up and use. I recently loaned the tool out to a friend who isn’t massively strong anymore, and they were extremely impressed with how easy it was to pick up and use. As well as this, there’s an excellent three year warranty on the model, which to me speaks volumes about how much faith and trust the manufacturers placed in this tool, so much so that they were prepared to offer a three-year warranty, although I’m confident it won’t be needed, this model shows no signs of slowing down.

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