Blaupunkt GT4000 grass trimmer

Blaupunkt GT4000 Grass Trimmer

The Blaupunkt GT4000 is a great tool for use in the garden, and is extremely good at accomplishing all of your grass trimming and other gardening tasks with ease. It’s got a lot of great features which can appeal to everyone, and these include such things as;

• An adjustable head for trimming hedges and edging bushes

• A 3-year warranty to protect your tool

• A cutting diameter of 270mm

• A high power motor which has ample force for tasks

My experiences with this particular tool were very pleasing, and I was satisfied with the level of performance I could maintain with it. The model is designed intelligently, and this is reflected in the adjustable heads which allow you to trim grass, hedges and bushes with a simple chop and change formula. This allows for a versatile tool which doesn’t need to be traded in for another midway through your session. Instead, you can just chop and change as you need to, which makes this great for gardening and maintaining lots of different surfaces.

A positive feature for me was the three-year warranty. It brought me a sense of relief, because it’s obvious that this is a well designed and robust product, and the fact that the manufacturers gave it a three-year warranty suggests that they have complete faith in their product and it’s ability to perform, and thus far my faith hasn’t been shaken in the tool at all.

telescopic trimmer
timming mode
edging mode trimmer

There’s certainly a lot of power available for use, with a 550w motor inside the model, and with a cutting diameter of 270mm, trimming grass and hedges is a breeze, and not at all difficult. As well as this, there’s an ergonomic grip on the tool, which means that you can use it for long periods of time without worry about getting an ache in your hand or arm, as this particular model was obviously designed for user comfort. I was also pleased to be able to get to grips with the auto-feed line system. It works by a simple press of a button, which releases a new line and then cuts it to the length you require, which is all part of the intelligent design this model brings to its users. As well as this, it’s really lightweight, weighing in at just 3.5 kg, which makes it great for me, and for my neighbours as they aren’t as strong as they used to be, so lifting this around is less of a chore and more of a joy.

Overall, my experience with the GT4000 was positive and of high quality. The fact that it is so versatile and lightweight helped to win me over and it felt like a multi tool for the garden. The ample supplies of power you’ll have to make it so you can work with confidence and skill. This is definitely an intelligently designed model, with an emphasis on user comfort and efficiency, and I’d have no problems recommending it to anyone that is looking for an all round tool to use in their garden.

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