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Review of the Best Wheel Barrows for Sale

The wheelbarrow is perhaps one of the best tools to have in your garden. For anyone that loves to spend time maintaining their garden throughout the year, having a great wheelbarrow will simply make life so much easier.

From transporting compost around the garden to moving heavy materials to and from the shed, there are countless tasks made simpler with the help of a wheelbarrow. Plus, with so many great options to choose from, it’s easy enough to find the perfect wheelbarrow for your needs!

Let’s take a look at some of the best wheelbarrows available today:

WORX Aerocart

Sporting a unique design and many useful features, the WORX Aerocart is a wheelbarrow well worth investing in. In fact, it doesn’t even claim to be a wheelbarrow, rather an ‘all-purpose lifter, carrier, and mover’.

One of the most notable aspects of this wheelbarrow is that it uses two wheels rather than a single wheel. This helps to lighten the load quite significantly, evenly distributing the weight throughout the wheelbarrow, making a 90kg load feel like 7kg!

As you can imagine, this makes the Worx Aerocart a very useful wheelbarrow for anyone that struggles to move around heavy weights, and it’s made even easier thanks to the auto-balance support.

Furthermore, the Aerocart converts into various modes that allow for different types of carrying and transporting. For instance, using the fulcrum allows the wheelbarrow to convert into a heavy-duty trolley, making it ideal for lifting very heavy objects such as boulders or heavy plant pots.

Simply attach the webbed straps to any bulky objects and let the Aerocart do all the heavy lifting for you. Better still, this can be used to move heavy appliances such as washing machines or furniture around your home – talk about versatility!

There’s also minor features that are still very useful, such as the bag holder. While nothing ground-breaking, it just makes gathering loose debris and leaves so much easier than doing it manually. Maintaining your garden will never be easier!

There’s no denying that the Aerocart offers so much more than a traditional wheelbarrow. It’s stronger and more robust, capable of carrying weights far heavier than anything a normal wheelbarrow could.

Plus, with nice touches such as bag attachment and straps for attaching bulky objects like pots and boulders, garden maintenance has never been easier when using the Aerocart!

County ClipperWheelbarrow

While it may look basic in design, the County Clipper wheelbarrow has all the hallmarks of a high-quality wheelbarrow – but with a very affordable price!

Both the frame and tray of the County Clipper feature a robust design that is built to last.

For example, the bright green tray is made from polypropylene, an incredibly strong yet lightweight plastic that can handle loads of between 90 to 110 litres. You may think that plastic such as this isn’t as strong or durable as metal materials, but this is the complete opposite – if anything, it’s better than most metal wheelbarrow trays!

The frame features similar high-quality craftsmanship, including a galvanised tubular steel frame that is rust-resistant to ensure longevity long beyond a traditional wheelbarrow. The frame itself is seam welded and features an oversized cross brace, resulting in an impressively strong wheelbarrow.

This is made even better by the inclusion of steel skids. Welded to the bottom of the legs of the wheelbarrow, they provide a protective barrier between the tubular steel frame legs and the ground, meaning the frame itself lasts so much longer as it isn’t as susceptible to rusting.

While the single wheel may make lifting heavy loads too difficult for certain people, it’s 4-ply design does make traversing different surfaces easy enough, whether it’s grass, stone, gravel, or soil. Still, the wheelbarrow remains strong enough to hold a great volume despite the single-wheel design, so unless you need to shift lots of materials, you should be OK!

All-in-all, the County Clip is a high-quality wheelbarrow with an affordable price. It’s made using the best materials and processes, ensuring that the wheelbarrow lasts for many years to come!

Heavy Duty Metal Garden Wheelbarrow

As the name suggests, the Heavy Duty Metal Garden Wheelbarrow is perfect of those heavy-duty garden tasks, and even some moderate construction work if need be! Of course, most of us will only need this for gardening, but it still goes to show how strong and reliable a wheelbarrow this is given the fact it’s perfectly suited for construction work!

So, as you can imagine this wheelbarrow is a great choice for those that tend to do more heavy lifting around the garden. With a 90l capacity, you can certainly get plenty of debris into the tray, and thanks to the under-pan support it can carry a total weight of 180kg.

Even if you don’t have any immediate plans for heavy tasks in the garden, this wheelbarrow is very much worth grabbing.

Let’s face it, most of the time we only need a wheelbarrow for moderate garden chores, but in those rare instances where you need to move heavy rocks, gravel, or piles of compact soil, this is the type of wheelbarrow you want to have on standby.

As the frame is a single piece of metal, it makes putting the wheelbarrow together so much easier than other models – it should take longer than ten minutes! This single frame also helps to reinforce the wheelbarrow as a whole, highlighting just how strong this product is.

It’s a single-wheel model, which is to be expected given the very affordable price. So, if you struggle to lift heavier weights, then you will want to refrain from filling the tray too much as it might prove difficult to move.

However, it’s a great no-nonsense wheelbarrow that will get most of you heavy lifting work done with ease. The price is fantastic, and while there are some issues such as it not being galvanised, these are only minor setbacks that can be easily dealt with (i.e. don’t leave it out in the rain!)

VonHaus Wheelbarrow

The VonHaus wheelbarrow is another great of wheelbarrow, coming with inexpensive prince and some great design features, especially for anyone that may struggle to use a single-wheel wheelbarrow.

With a double-wheel design, the VonHaus wheelbarrow is much more stable so should be a lot easier to manoeuvre. Unlike single-wheel designs, double-wheels evenly distribute the weight throughout the wheelbarrow, making it much lighter to move and balance.

This makes the wheelbarrow a fantastic option for anyone that might not be too comfortable moving around heavy loads. Whether it’s struggling to lift the weight of the wheelbarrow or keeping a good balance, single-wheel models do cause issues for certain people.

Typically, this is the case for some older gardeners, making the VonHaus an especially useful option for any elderly people looking for a great wheelbarrow they can easily use. Soft grip handles are also present, so it should never feel too uncomfortable to use.

In terms of capacity, the plastic tray can hold a decent volume, around 78 litres in total. This roughly translates into a 100kg carry load, which should be enough for even moderate garden maintenance, including transporting gravel, soil, sand, and other debris.

In fact, this wheelbarrow would certainly be handy for transporting heavier goods inside the home too, especially if you’ve got some DIY tasks to get completed.

Strong, sturdy and reliable, the VonHause wheelbarrow is a fine product that will be a great addition to any garden!

CrazyGadget Wheel barrow

Not everyone requires the largest wheelbarrow available, as sometimes a smaller product is more than enough for many gardens. After all, there are few tasks that regularly involve filling a wheelbarrow over and over again – sometimes something smaller is more than up to the task!

In these instances, the CrazyGadget wheelbarrow is well worth checking out. Granted it is smaller than many wheelbarrows, but a 65-litre capacity should be plenty for most garden maintenance tasks, allowing for a top load of around 65kg.

The frame and tray of the wheelbarrow are made from galvanised steel, ensuring that the product will last for many years to come. By being galvanised, the wheelbarrow is able to resist the onset of rusting, which is a death sentence for wheelbarrows – especially if left outdoors for long.

It does only feature a single wheel, but given the smaller capacity of this wheelbarrow, it’s unlikely to suffer from any balancing issues unless you overfill it. The handles also come with a plastic cover to prevent heavy loads causing too much discomfort when in use, so manoeuvring shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Furthermore, the wheelbarrow weighs very little when empty. At 9kg, most people should have no issues transporting it to and from their shed, which is advised to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Plus, this is possibly one of the easiest wheelbarrows to assemble. The tray and frame as easily connected using bolts provided, so it won’t take long to have it up and running!

One of the parts about the wheelbarrow being on the smaller side is how it impacts the price. It’s one of the most affordable wheelbarrows out there offering great quality and durability, so if you are looking for a good wheelbarrow but don’t want to spend too much money, this is a great choice.

Wheelbarrow Buying Guide

It’s not uncommon to be unsure of what to look for when buying a wheelbarrow. After all, there are countless different designs to choose from, and each of these could be suitable for your gardening needs.

So, it can be a lot easier to choose the best wheelbarrow if you know what to look for! Here are some important things worth considering when shopping for a new wheelbarrow:


Most of us are familiar with a traditional single-wheel wheelbarrow design, and it should be perfectly suitable for the majority of people. However, there are instances where a single wheel isn’t the base choice, particularly for those that may struggle moving and balancing heavier loads.

For anyone like this, a double-wheel design is certainly advisable. By using two wheels rather than one, the weight of the load is evenly distributed throughout the wheelbarrow, making loads feel much lighter than compared to a single-wheel design.

Plus, they don’t tip to the side at all thanks to the balance provided by both wheels, so using them is generally much easier. This might not be much of an issue for certain users, but you may find two wheels preferable all the same.


Wheelbarrows are available in a range of materials, but there are two that stand above the rest -stainless steel and polypropylene.

Steel is perfect for creating strong and robust frames for a wheelbarrow, and in many cases, they make for a great tray too. However, its recommended that the steel be galvanised, otherwise they are susceptible to rusting and likely need to be replaced much sooner.

Polypropylene is a fantastic choice of material for wheelbarrow trays. Lightweight yet incredible durable, they won’t rust or deteriorate over time – providing the quality is good enough.

A galvanised steel frame and a polypropylene tray is one of the best combinations of materials for a wheelbarrow, making them much more durable than any other material can.


Now, not everyone requires any additional features on a wheelbarrow, but there are certainly reasons to consider models that include them.

For example, certain wheelbarrows can include extra attachments such as a snow plough or bag for gathering leaves and loose debris, while others can actually convert into different forms of transport such as a two-wheel trolley for moving heavy-loads.

As you might expect, additional features tend to result in a higher price, but if they are going to be useful for your needs then they could be worth considering!.  

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