Gtech Cordless Grass Trimmer GT 3.0 Review

Gtech Cordless Grass Trimmer GT 3.0 Review

GTech have recently released an update to their cordless grass trimmer (the GTech Cordless Grass Trimmer GT 2.0). The new trimmer doesn’t break the mould in terms of naming - It’s called the GTech Cordless Grass Trimmer GT 3.0 after all – but it does outdo the old trimmer in nearly every other way.

This is only to be expected from Gtech, a company synonymous with good quality cordless tools for the home and garden, but the new Grass Trimmer manages to push the boundaries of what consumers can expect from quality gardening equipment to another level.

We’ll dig into why in a second, but first let’s take a look at what you get for your money:

What exactly is the GTech Cordless Grass Trimmer GT 3.0?

The 3.0 version of GTech’s Grass Trimmer (or strimmer as we call it in my household) is a replacement for the already popular 2.0 version. It shares a lot of the design and functionality of the older model but has been improved and upgraded in many key ways making it a great purchase for those new to Gtech’s range of products and fans alike.

As with most trimmers, the new model includes a replaceable high quality plastic blade that will power through grass with ease. The replaceable battery included in the box takes 4 hours to charge and will give 30 minutes cutting time from a single charge.

Like the previous version, the new GTech Cordless Grass Trimmer is lightweight and designed to be comfortable to use. It even has a 180 degree turning head to change from flat cutting to edge trimming easy.

The main drawback to the strimmer is the cost. It is slightly more expensive than the old 2.0 model and comes in at the top end of the home use strimmer price spectrum. The question is, are the improvements worth the cost?

We think so and we will explain why a little later. But first:

GT 3.0 grass trimmer

What are the key features?

Let’s have a look at the key features of the new strimmer.

Improved Usability

The new strimmer was redesigned from the ground up to be easier to use and ergonomic. There were some critical comments about the old strimmer’s usability, with suggestions that it gave users back and wrist ache. Gtech have taken this on board and adapted the handle and weight balance to make the strimmer not only easier to use but less stressful on joints. A new additional handle allows for weight to be distributed across the machine better like heavier petrol strimmers, and has improved usability further.

Easily Changeable Plastic Blades

Anybody who’s used strimmer cord before knows how fiddly it can be and how easy it breaks. The plastic blades in the Gtech strimmer are not only good quality but cut through grass with ease making them a much better alternative to cord. The trimmer comes with 20 blades in the box and more can be purchased in packs of 50 for £3.99 from Gtech.

Incredibly Lightweight

The Gtech Cordless Grass Trimmer is incredibly light at only 1.85 kg. This adds to the ease in which it can be used and lessens the aches and pains that generally come from a long gardening session.

Interchangeable Battery

As with the 3.0 and Gtech Mower, the battery in the Gtech Cordless Grass Trimmer 3.0 is interchangeable with other Gtech products in the range. This is incredibly useful and allows you to keep at least one extra battery on charge if you have either of the other tools.

180° Rotating Head

Whilst not ground-breaking, the rotating head is a useful addition and makes switching from general grass cutting to edge cutting a breeze. Need to strim the lawn? No problem. Need to edge a flower bed? A quick twist of the Trimmer’s head and away you go.

Battery of GT3.0 gtech trimmer

Things we liked about the Grass Trimmer GT 3.0

There are many things to like:

  • The interchangeable battery is a genius idea… so long as you have other Gtech 3.0 products. More batteries can be purchased but they are expensive.
  • The rotating head is useful and does make switching from grass cutting to edge trimming very easy.
  • The trimmer is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. The new handle part way down the trimmer and the overall weight balance of the machine make it a joy to use.
  • The plastic blades are decent quality and the machine comes with a pack of 20. Blades are always a far better option than strimmer cord which tangles and breaks incredibly easy.

Things we didn’t like

As with all of Gtech’s new home and garden tools, there isn’t a lot to dislike about their new Grass Trimmer. Here are a couple of our (minor) observations:

  • The battery life is the same as the previous model which is a shame seeing as all other areas of the strimmer improved. All the other 3.0 tools released by Gtech have seen an increase in battery life but not this one.
  • It is slightly more expensive than the old model, which was already expensive making its cost maybe a little too much for some gardeners.


Despite the price increase, the Gtech Cordless Grass Trimmer 3.0 is a great buy for most gardeners and will give a perfect finish to any small to medium lawn. We can’t recommend it enough.

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