Unusual Garden Ornaments

Unusual Garden Ornament Ideas

Wall-mountable Black Cast Iron Tarantula Spider Garden Ornament

Those of you with an aversion to creepy crawlies, look away now- this ornament might be a bit too much for you! For those who are a bit braver, though, this little guy is a great way to bring a little more life to any garden. Unlike a real tarantula, though, there’s no need to fear him. He’s perfectly tame, we promise!

Large Nosey Neighbour Novelty Polyresin Garden Gnome

If you had to spend all day, every day fishing in the same pond, we’re sure that you’d get pretty bored. So it’s no surprise that this little fella is seeking new horizons- quite literally! The perfect ornament if you’ve got a nosey neighbor, this gnome will remind them to keep their nose out of your business- and your garden.

Digging Dog Garden Ornament

This is one dog that you won’t have to worry about digging up your garden! With his head buried firmly in the soil- or so it may appear- this ornament looks just like the real thing, so it’s sure to fool more than a few visitors to your garden

Bud Frog Stone Garden Ornament

Statues of animals are always a popular choice in garden ornaments, but this one puts a neat twist on that trope. If you’ve watched even a single commercial break then you’ll know exactly who these guys are- and they’re the ideal ornament for those who like to enjoy a cold one with the boys!

Design Toscano St. Francis's Garden Blessing Sculpture

St Francis was famous for his love of nature and animals- so why not bring his saintly touch into your garden? This charming statue couples the man himself with a few of his faithful furry friends, and it also includes a built-in bird bath to attract some real critters, too!

Frayer Fairy Garden Ornament with Light-up Solar Features

When you see this ornament in action, you’ll be saying “I do believe in fairies” all day long! While the statue is certainly pretty by daylight, it’s after dark that it really comes alive. Thanks to the built-in solar panel, the fairy’s wings sparkle with a touch of magic- ideal for brightening up your garden by night.

Tin Man Sculpture Perfect For Gardens and Grounds

As a kid, who didn’t love the Wizard of Oz? It’s been a holiday favorite for decades now, and this little Tin Man-inspired piece is sure to bring out your inner child. Have a heart- add him to your garden today!

Garden ornament Buddha

Bring a little peace and tranquility to your garden with this mini deity. Sitting in a relaxed meditative pose, this Buddha statue will help encourage you to take some much-needed time out of your hectic routine to sit back, relax and let your mind go.


While the other items on this list are fairly small ornaments, this one is a biggie. That makes him th perfect centerpiece for your garden, to really make an impression and lend your backyard a touch of class. If you want to indulge your arty side with your garden design, then this is the piece for you.

Garden Peeker Elf Tree Hugger

Finally, the last ornament on our list is a cheeky little fella who can’t help but take a peek at those strange big people wandering about his turf. The way he works is actually pretty clever- simply loop the head and hands around a tree, and it looks like he’s really hidden behind it!

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