what is lawn sand

What is Lawn Sand and What Does it do

A Complete Guide to Lawn Sand

Lawn sand is gardening product well worth buying if you love a healthy, vibrant lawn throughout the year. Easy to apply in any lawn, lawn sand is a great addition to any gardening supplies, although not everyone has heard of this product.

Check out the guide below for everything you need to know about lawn sand! 

What is Lawn Sand and What Does it Do? 

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  • Apply using a hand or wheel spreader

Lawn sand is a type of lawn tonic used to improve the overall condition of a garden lawn. It’s sold as a granular substance that features two key ingredients - fertiliser and ferrous sulphate.

The lawn fertiliser in lawn sand is typically a nitrogen-based fertiliser that generally improves lawn condition by feeding the grass nutrients that encourage vigorous growth, vibrant colour, and more robust grass. 

The ferrous sulphate works to kill of any moss present in the grass. Moss is a sign that your lawn is in poor condition, with a lack of proper drainage, overly acidic soul, compacted, soil, or too much shade causing the growth.

When to use Lawn Sand 

Lawn sand should always be applied when the lawn is growing, so anytime between spring and autumn is okay. You should never apply lawn sand to a lawn when there is a risk of frost, drought, or imminent rain. Also, avoid using it during windier conditions, as this may cause accidental spreading of the granules to unwanted parts of the garden, such as flower beds or ponds.

It is recommended that you don’t cut your grass before applying lawn sand - let it grow for at least three days prior to using it. After applying the lawn sand, leave it to settle for 3-4 days before mowing.

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How to use Lawn Sand 

There are two ways to apply lawn sand - by hand or by lawn spreader. Regardless of the method, you should mark out sections of your lawn that require the treatment, with most manufacturers recommending you spread it across square metre sections

Follow manufacturer instructions for how much granules to spread per square metre and spread this across each of the marked sections.

If applying by hand, always make sure you’re wearing protective gardening gloves and try evenly sprinkling across each marked section. Lawn spreaders should have an auto setting, so just adjust it according to the recommended amount of lawn sand per square meter

After using the lawn sand do not walk on the treated area until there has been rain. If no rain occurs for a few days, consider watering the lawn. Don’t let kids or pets near the treated spots until you are sure the granules are watered in.  

Where to use Lawn Sand 

Lawn sand can be used across the entire lawn or turf, although only do so to established lawns. Newer growth or turf cannot be treated with lawn sand until it has had at least a year to settle, so avoid applying it to anything newer.

Be aware that the lawn sand granules can discolour surfaces if accidentally spread, so always brush the granules from pathways and decking and use a patio cleaner or decking cleaner detergent for slabs, tiles, decking  they contact. 

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