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Nothing can be more off putting for a gardener than the sight of weeds. Invasive and unattractive, the sight of weeds in a garden is enough to drive most people mad, and that’s before they spend an age trying to remove them!

Thankfully, many weed killers are widely available, making life that bit easier for anyone trying to remove a weed infestation throughout the garden. Unfortunately, not all weed killers can get the job done, especially those that are sold in supermarkets and garden centres.

When a standard weed killer isnt doing the job, it may be necessary to get something stronger to tackle the problem. Industrial grade weed killers are some of the most effective herbicides available today, so when a normal weed killer isn’t cutting it, you may want to look for this stronger alternative.

Recommended Strong Weed Killers

For the most effective results in your garden, we recommend investing a strong industrial grade weed killer. They differ from conventional weed killers as they are sold as concentrates, meaning you will need to prepare the weed killer yourself, so you will want to get a garden sprayer to administer the herbicide.

Be sure to get a new sprayer however, as it is a bad idea to use one that was previously used for spraying fertiliser!

Here are some of the top strong weed killers available today:

  • Incredibly powerful
  • Systemic weed killer
  • Large concentration of glyphosate

As one of the strongest weed killers available to buy online in the UK, this industrial strength weed killer from Gallup is up there with the best. As a glyphosate weed killer, it effectively deals with most annuals and deep-rooted perennials without causing harm to soil.

It’s suitable for killing a variety of common weeds, including nettles, dandelions, bindweed, and grass. The concentration is high too, highlighting the strength of this weed killer, with 360l of glyphosate in the 2l bottle.

This works out at as much as 3332 sqm of coverage per bottle, which should be more than enough for most UK gardens for much of the year, depending on the severity of weeds etc. Because of its strength, the weed killer is generally very effective, meaning a one-time application is usually enough to kill any weed.

As mentioned, the weed killer is harmless to soil. So, if it accidentally comes into contact with soil it is immediately inactivated. Soil breaks down the substance without causing any harm or residue, so you can replant in most areas it’s been applied to in around a week.

It’s easy to apply too. Simply mix 24ml of the liquid with water for treatment on areas of 40 sqm. They work best on living plants with thick foliage, as this increases absorption rates - just avoid spraying it on any of your favourite plants!

A great weed killer that is powerful and effective - great for gardens dealing with lots of weeds and other undesirable growth.

Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate

Our Rating:

A great weed killer, Weedol Rootkill is a popular option thanks to its easy application and effective weed killing solution. Coming in a 5L spray bottle (although smaller sizes are available), this weed killer offers 145 sqm of coverage, which is ideal for dealing with weed growth in paths, driveways, patios etc.

A synthetic weed killer containing glyphosate and pyraflufen-ethyl, it works to quickly and efficiently kill weeds straight down to the root, being easily applied using the spray gun attachment on the bottle.

As a systemic root killer, even the toughest perennial weeds should be gone after one application, with the weed killer being suitable to use from April to November. It works great on perennial broad-leave weeds and grasses, killing some of the most common weeds such as docks, nettles, thistles, dandelions, and buttercups.

Better still, Weedol Rootkill comes ready to use in the bottle! There’s no need to mix up any solution, simply grab the bottle and spray the weed killer on any problem areas. As it degrades in soil, there is no risk to pets while the area can be re-cultivated in around a week.

Do be careful not spray on any wanted plants nearby to the weeds, as it’s so effective at soaking into the foliage that you may end up accidently killing something. To be on the safe side, cautiously spray in fine droplets over the leaves of the weed, avoiding all other plants.

Fast acting, easy to apply, and very effective - the Weedol Rootkill is a great weed killer worth investing in.

Weedol Rootkill

Our Rating:

  • Unique blend of contact and systemic weed killer
  • Fast results in around 24 hours
  • Comes in a ready to use spray bottle

If you’re looking for a convienent and effective weed killer, then the Resolva 24H Weedkiller is certainly one worth checking out. Fast acting and efficient, everything you need comes in a handy bottle that is ready to use throughout your garden.

Fully mixed and ready to use, the weed killer works to kill weeds at an incredible speed, with visible results appearing in 24 hours. In fact, most weeds are gone in just a few days, highlighting how effective the 24H Weedkiller is.

With a 3L spray bottle, it could be easier to apply around your garden. Whether you want to use it to control weed infestations in flower beds or kill overgrowing weds along your patio, simply spray the solution on the foliage of the weed and wait for the results to show.

It works fast thanks to the unique solution, which combines the fast-acting response of a contact killer with the effectiveness systemic killer. This means the weeds quickly absorb the killer with ease, which then works straight to the root to kill it, ensuring it doesn’t survive and return later.

This solution is unique to Resolva weed killers, making the 24H Weedkiller one of the quickest acting products on the market. If you want results fast, then this is certainly a weed killer that can deliver. Like most other weed killers, ensure you don’t spray it on wanted plants and growth, even your lawn!

A very handy weed killer that gets fast results, the Resolva 24H Weedkiller offers great value for money.

  • 100% Natural Product
  • Contains Four 5L Bottles
  • Can also be used for household cleaning

Many people want a weed killer that doesn’t utilise harsh chemicals, and if this is something you are concerned about then be sure to check out Golden Swan White Vinegar. An all-natural product that features no harsh chemicals, Golden Swan White Vinegar has a variety of applications beyond a weed killer, making it an incredibly versatile product that has many uses.

As the name suggests, this isn’t a traditional weed killer, rather being a white vinegar concentrate that effectively kills weeds without the need for chemical ingredients. Not only are harsh chemicals removed, no horrible odours are left behind when applied, making it one of the safest and more pleasant weed killers on the market.

Vinegar kills weeds naturally due to the presence of acetic acid, which works to draw moisture from the foliage of a plant, causing it to wither and die. It’s surprisingly effective and the results are just as fast as most weed killers with synthetic chemicals - expect to see results in a quickly as a few hours, if not a day or two later.

Again, this is a non-selective killer, meaning it will kill pretty much any plant it touches, although tougher weeds may need a few applications to kill permanently. There’s no spray bottle included, so you will need a plant sprayer to apply it safely to the weeds you want to kill.

A highly effective weed killer that is all natural, Golden Swan White Vinegar is the perfect solution for anyone that wants a chemical-free weed killer.

Golden Swan White Vinegar

Our Rating:

Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray

Not only is this a fast acting and highly effective strong weed killer, it also comes with the spray bottle included!

As the name suggests, the Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller is all about killing weeds fast. It only takes a few hours for the weed killer to take action, and you can expect to see impressive results in only a day or two.

Roundup carries quite the reputation for its herbicides, being a favourite of most professionals. In fact, this weed killer is based around a similar product used in agriculture, so the quality of this product should never be in doubt.

A great aspect about this weed killer is the Pump 'n Go sprayer system. Rather than having to buy a separate garden sprayer, the sprayer system is already included and can offer as much as ten minutes of continuous spray

This ensures fast and efficient application of the herbicide even for larger areas. Soil will be protected by micro-organisms that breakdown the herbicide upon contact with the ground, while weeds will absorb it into the entire system for effective results.

It will kill the foliage and root systems of some of the most prominent weeds, including annuals and deep-rooted perennials such as dandelions, bindweed, thistle, dicks, and various grasses.

Roundup Pro Biactive 360 Strong Glyphosate Weedkiller

Roundup Pro Biactive 360 Strong Weed Killer

Roundup Pro Biactive 360 Strong Weed Killer

Roundup Pro Biactive 360 is a foliar applied weed killer, meaning it is applied to the foliage of the plant to ensure even more glyphosate is absorbed into its cells.

This makes it a very fast-acting weed killer, with results appearing in little as an hour for annuals and around 4 hours for hardier perennials. In fact, Roundup Pro Biactive 360 is one of the most effective weed killers for removing those tough perennial weeds that frequently regrow throughout the year.

It’s completely safe and hazard-free for pets and people, and the herbicide naturally degrades when it contacts soil or water. Plus, with a dilution rate of 20ml per litre of water, you can expect this to cover larger-sized gardens.

Good Grow Extra Strong Weed Killer

Good Grow Extra Strong Weed Killer

Good Grow Extra Strong Weed Killer

At 150ml, Good Grow’s extra strong concentrated weed killer can make up around 5-10 litres of herbicide, which is able to cover around 200m2. When combined with the very reasonable price, this is a fantastic strong weed killer option for smaller gardens, and it isn’t much costlier than far less powerful products sold in supermarkets.

This weed killer is very fast-acting so you can expect some results to appear in a week or two. It’s a very long-lasting weed killer as well and can remove 99% of weeds, including the hardier plants such as nettles and brambles.

As soon as the spray dries in, it is completely safe for children and dogs, and the soil won’t be damaged if contact is made, so it is definitely a safe option for those worried about the hazards of a strong weed killer.

A systematic weed killer, this will get into root and foliage of the plant to ensure that it is effectively killed from within, so there is no need to worry about regrowth down the line.

The Benefits of Strong Weed Killers

You’ve likely seen strong weed killers in action before, as they are widely used in public areas to help remove any problematic weed outbreaks. From residential arears to city centres, strong weed killers are used by professionals to great effect, and it is something you yourself can use at home.

For the most part, these stronger weed killers are glyphosate-based, a form of systematic weed killer that seeps into the plants entire system to kill it from within. This is highly effective as it kills both the foliage and the root of the plant, preventing any regrowth’s from occurring.

A great advantage of this type of weed killer is that it is unharmful to soil. Should the herbicide come into contact with soil on the ground, then it simply biodegrades and forms a natural substance that will not cause any harm to the soil – this isn’t always the case with other types of weed killer.

If you plan to use other products like weed and feed after you have the weeds under control, it may be worth considering a lawn spreader to help with the job.

Strong Weed Killer Reviews UK
  • Best Strong Weed Killer


Above we have outlined what we believe to be some of the best and strongest weed killer for sale on the consumer market.

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