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WORX Aerocart

There are many tools that make work in the garden easier. A wheelbarrow is one of these, as it makes moving around various supplies and material much easier, taking away the strain and repetitiveness of going back and forth from your shed.

Yet wheelbarrows are limited. Sometimes they lack the right design to carry certain objects – such as wood or pavers – while they tend to be too big to work in narrow spaces. Sometimes you require something a little more innovative than standard wheelbarrows for moving things around the garden, and one product that has become very popular for this is the WORX Aerocart

What is the WORX Aerocart?

The WORX Aerocart is a versatile piece of garden equipment that claims to make many outdoor tasks much easier. Working as a multi-purpose carrier, it can be used to carry various materials and products through the garden, including soil, plant pots, rocks, loose debris, and even heavy-duty items such as washing machines, fridges, and furniture.

It claims to make lifting various things through the home and garden much easier by efficiently distributing the weight throughout the carrier. As a result, the Aerocart claims to be able to make 90kg feel like 7kg.

This is quite the claim, but does the WORX Aerocart live up to it? Let’s take a closer look and see:

Product Overview

  • Multiple carrying functions
  • Makes 90kg feel like 7kg
  • Two-wheel design with puncture-proof tyres
  • Includes pot strap, rock strap, and bag holder
  • Auto-balance support

The WORX Aerocart is mostly constructed from powered steel and features a design very similar to a traditional wheelbarrow combined with a dolly.

There is a container much like a wheelbarrow, while it also features unique adjustable arms with ergonomic handles for comfortable operation. The base of the Aerocart features a dolly platform for moving heavier objects and appliances, and there are straps to help hold objects like plant pots and large rocks in place.

The most impressive aspect of the WORX Aerocart is its ability to lower the feeling of weight when transporting goods around the garden. By using an innovative design that distributes weight evenly throughout the cart, its capable of carrying a 90kg load and making it feel like 7kg.

This offers obvious benefits in and around the garden, making light work out of previous back-breaking tasks such as moving stones, soil, plants, and garden waste, reducing the risk of injury at the same time.


The WORX Aerocart needs to be built at home but this doesn’t take much effort. The instructions are very clear, so the assembly process is straight-forward enough that most people should be able to build it without issue.

Be mindful that there are several accessories, such as the bag holder, dolly platform and extension, and carrying straps, so it helps to lay everything out to get a clear idea of what is what.



The WORX Aerocart functions as a standard wheel barrow, featuring a powdered steel container attached to a robust steel frame. It’s one of the narrower wheelbarrows, but this is a great design as it allows for better manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Unlike most wheelbarrows, the WORX Aerocart features two wheels that offer enhanced balance and better weight distribution.


The dolly feature on the Aerocart is one of its best. Using a fulcrum, it converts the Aerocart into a powerful dolly cart, allowing it to wide range of materials and products used in the garden. For instance, it can be used to move pavers, bags of soil, timber etc.

To convert from the wheelbarrow to dolly, simply stand it upright and then extend out the dolly platform. If needed, there are several straps that can be used to secure objects to the Aerocart, which then operates the same as a stand along dolly carrier.

Plant and Rock Holder

By adding the rock and plant straps to the WORX Aerocart it converts into a carrier for these trickier items. The mesh straps contort around the shape of the pot or rock, helping to move objects with unconventional shapes that can sometimes be difficult to move.

Again, the strength of the carrier ensures that the weight doesn’t’ feel overwhelming, making it especially useful for people that normally struggle to move heavy objects light potted plants and rocks.

Bag Holder

The WORX Aerocart features a bag carrier attachment for easier cleaning around the garden. This is quite handy as it allows you to fill large bags full of garden waste (leaves, sticks, grass clippings etc) and easy move it around, which is especially useful when disposing of heavier debris.

Heavy Duty Mover

You can also use the dolly platform to convert the WORX Aerocart into a heavy-duty mover. The same system that makes moving gardening supplies and materials around works very effectively at moving heavy household items.

For example, it can be used to carry appliances such as fridges, washing machines, and dryers, while also having the strength to carry heavy household furniture around.


The tyres of the WORX Aerocart are one of the most important features, allowing it to act as strong and stable as it does. For instance, the use of two wheels allows for more even weight distribution, contributing to the Aerocart’s ability to make 90kg feel closer to 7kg.

Also, the tyres a completely puncture proof and never need inflating, helping to keep maintenance to a minimum while increasing the durability. The two wheels also offer exceptional balance, making it more difficult to tip the cart even when full.

Final thoughts

The WORX Aerocart is a fantastic product for passionate gardeners. It offers much more than a standard wheelbarrow, with the dolly feature being very handy for a variety of objects around the garden.

Whether using the dolly feature to lift several bags of soil or the pot holder for moving around your favourite plants with ease, the WORX Aerocart makes light work of traditionally difficult tasks.

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