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Best Ant Killer for Your Garden

Dealing with an ant infestation in the garden and want an effective way of getting rid of them? It’s understandable, as ants can cause damage throughout the garden in ways that many people don’t expect, giving all the motivation you need to deal with the problem.

In my experience perhaps the biggest problems an ant colony cause is damage to the lawn. Whenever a colony sets up home underneath a lawn, they can begin to damage the root system, with the nest taking up valuable space that reduces the nutrients the grass receives while possibly causing drainage issues.

This can lead to poor lawn health, with patches developing, yellowing on the grass, and even unsightly mounds appearing from the ground. So, while most of us want to leave nature to do its thing in the garden, there are times where they cause enough damage that something needs to be done.

The best way to deal with this problem is a good ant killer. Available for lawns, gardens, and indoor use, these products are designed to kill off ant colonies using a variety of methods. This means there are many options for how to solve your ant problem. All of the below have been researched and thoroughly tested to help get rid of your ant problem for good.

What is the Best Ant Killer?

Read the product reviews below to help you choose which one is right for your lawn, garden or other outdoor area.

Nippon Ant Killer Powder

If you spot an ant hill on your lawn or somewhere in the garden, then the Nippon Ant Killer Powder is a great way to remove the problem. This powder killer is very effective if you have access to the ant nest, with the permethrin ingredient killing ants on contact.

The powder is long lasting too, offering up to six months of contorl depending where it’s applied. You may find extra applications are needed with large problem areas, while it also acts as a good protective barrier when used indoors.

That said, be careful when applying indoors as it can damage furnishings. Also don’t leave it on surfaces that contact with food, for obvious reasons. It is child and pet safe, although be mindful of the dangers of inhaling the dust particles if you get too close.

It’s a versatile killer too, working on various other insects beyond just ants. For instance, it can be used to kill wasp nests, beetles, earwigs, and woodlice. It is hazardous to bees though, so be mindful of where you place it around the garden!

This works best if you can find the ant colony itself and apply the killer directly as this means that the queen is likely to die, and with her the colony. It’s still effective at killing workers and carriers if you can’t find the next though!

Home Defence Ant Stop

Ant Stop is a great granule-based insecticide that is very effective at killing off entire ant colonies. Like all good killers, this treats the root of the problem, with the granules attracting carrier ants that take it back to the colony where it will off the queen and all other ants.

This makes it a great permanent solution for killing those pesky ant hills that are ruining your lawn or all the ants invading your outdoor space.

It is a slow acting killer though, so bear in mind it will take some time to work, although many see results in just a few days. The granules contain sugar that attracts the ants who then take it back to their nest, so the granule’s proximity to the nest will influence how quickly it works.

In any case, expect results sooner rather than later, and it is almost always a permanent fix with this fantastic product. It also doesn’t leave behind dust or residue like many powder or granule killers, although it is only suitable for outdoor.

Should you find a nest in the garden, you can combine the granules with water and apply it directly to the nest, which should speed up the results.

Defenders Ant and Insect Killer Powder

This versatile powder killer is a great insecticide that can treat many problems beyond ant infestations. It’s suitable for all types of insects that may be causing issues in your outdoor space, including woodlice, cockroaches, earwigs, and many more.

As a contact killer, it is a very fast-acting solution that will eliminate worker ants in no time. If you want to kill off the entire colony and permanently remove the ants, then you do need to source the nest and apply it directly. This should be easy enough if your lawn is infested but may take some work if the ants are nesting somewhere else.

It contains permethrin to quickly kill the ants and other insects, so if you want fast results then this is a good choice to go for. A 450g bottle offers treatment for up to 25m2, which should be more than enough for most average sized gardens.

The powder solution is easy to apply to any problem area too. Simply shake the bottle and then pour out the powder onto any crack, crevice, corners where there is any ant activity. It can also be used indoors, although you should only apply it to entrance holes where you’ve spotted ants coming and going.

Buysmart Products 5L Ant Gone

Offering 5L of ready to use liquid killer, Ant Gone is a great choice for anyone dealing with large ant infestations throughout the garden. Everything you need is one handy product, with the product being ready to use from the get-go - the bottle also doubles as a watering can for easy application!

This is also a versatile killer that can be used to treat various insect problems including cockroaches, bedbugs, booklice, ticks, fleas, moths, beetles, and mosquitos to name a few.

 It can be used both indoor and outdoors, while the solution can be applied to non-porous surfaces like pathways and porous surfaces like lawns.

As a fast-acting killer, results show in just a few days and can last for up to three months, although regular application can help permanently kill off ant colonies. It does help to find the nest and apply directly when trying to get rid of them for good!

5L offers enough killer to treat an are of up to 50m2, so it’s perfect for large infestations or just to have some fast-acting insect killer on hand whenever needed. If you find the ant hill, make sure to apply liberally, as more is needed to kill off all the ants within.

Raid Ant Killer Powder

Raid is known for producing some of the best insect killers on the market, and their ant killer continues that trend by offering a highly efficient and fast acting killer. This is a powder-based formula, meaning it can be applied directly to the ants or the nest itself, or on top of cracks, corners, and crevices where ants are found. 

Doing so will give you immediate results, with the contact killer taking out the ants as soon as it touched them. It’s suitable for use indoors and outdoors, so if you find an ant hill on your lawn just go right up to it and spray away.

You can also our it onto any lines of workers you come across, while it is also almost completely odourless, which is a big bonus when using inside the house because it doesn’t leave an unpleasant smell like most insecticides.

It works as both a contact killer and a protective barrier, so you can sprinkle it across windowsills, doorways, and other entrance points to your home. The solution works on various crawling insects, so you can kill more than just ants, such as cockroaches and woodlice.

Buying Guide

How to Choose the Right Ant Killer

There are many solutions available and any one of these could be right for your needs. However, it’s important to know that not all ant killer products are as effective as each other, so you want to know how to choose one that is going to work effectively.

Here are some things to think about:

Natural or Insecticide? 

There are two broad categories of ant killer - natural and insecticide.

Natural products don’t contain any toxins or chemicals and are considered better for the environment. Many people don’t like using insecticides due to the chemicals present and the impact this may have on the local ecosystem.

However, it’s worth noting that insecticides are much more efficient at killing ants. An entire colony can be a nightmare to deal with permanently, even with a chemical-based killer, with natural solutions often taking a lot of time and patience to wipe out the entire ant problem.

Problem Area 

Large areas should always be treated with insecticides, as it’s the most effective solution and will give you the best chance of removing the ants. You may find that bait traps work best for large areas, as these are widely considered the most effective type of ant killer, so if you have a serious infestation this may be the best choice.

Indoor or Outdoor? 

Ant problems aren’t limited to the outdoors. Many times ant colonies that have developed on a lawn or somewhere else in the garden end up invading your home too, in which case an indoor and outdoor killer will be needed.

A lot of products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but always double check this before buying. The last thing you want is a solution that can damage flooring or walls, while it can also be harmful when used in enclosed spaces, so make sure you know whether the killer is safe for indoor and outdoor use if needed.

Types of Ant Killer

There are several types of ant killers available, any of which may be well suited to your problem. Some are more effective than others, so think about the extent of the problem and what product offers the best solution.


Also called ant traps, this type features a container filled with a poisonous bait that carrier ants bring back to the colony. The bait then poisons the entire colony, working its way to the queen. Killing the queen is the key component of this killer, as when the queen dies the colony goes with it.

The bait stations included with the killer are very effective at attracting carrier ants, so it’s a very efficient solution that will get results, usually after few weeks. These can typically be used indoors. 


An ant spray is usually a contact killer that is sprayed directly onto the ants or the ant hill, killing whatever it touches in quick time. They are very effective due to the chemicals designed to quickly kill off the insects, although it may not be a permanent solution if the queen continues to live.

These are quite toxic though, so might not be safe for people with pets or kids.

Granules and Powders 

This type of killer is sprinkled around the ant kill, worker lines, cracks and crevices to attract the attention of worker ants. They often work similar to bait traps, with the ants taking it back to the colony where it spreads and kills the problem at the source.

Others kill off the ants that consume the granules or powder, with some starving the ant to death while others cause dehydration and eventually death.  

Liquids and Gels 

These solutions are applied around large areas, with indoor products creating a protective barrier that drives way ants and many other insects. Depending on the product, they can kill ants on contact or make them take poison back to the nest to eliminate the colony outright.

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