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5 Best Lawn Edgers For Your Garden

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No matter how good your mower is or how much you use it, there will always be parts of your lawn that will struggle to look good. That is unless you give them a little attention too.

The edge of any lawn will become misshapen, overgrown, or generally unruly over time. The edges of flowerbeds will be encroached on by grass and weeds and any thin strips of grass will soon become larger and larger… that is if they are not tended to correctly.

One of the best ways to ensure that the edges of your lawn are kept in check is to purchase a lawn edger. Lawn edging tools come in two main varieties: manual and electric. As their names suggest, manual edgers require manual effort to work, and electric ones have the added benefit or an electric motor. There are a variety of sub-categories within these two main categories, but we’ll discuss these a little bit more later.

As with any garden tool, it can be difficult to know which type of lawn edging tool to buy, especially with so many different models and variations on the market. To help out, we’ve created this handy guide to highlight which ones are the best to buy right now.

What is The Best Lawn Edger?

These are what we think are the best lawn edging tools currently on the market for general garden use:

Bulldog Premier Lawn Edging Knife

The Bulldog Edging Knife is a manually operated, half-moon spade shaped tool for edging lawns and borders. It is made from a solid forged steel blade and hardwood wooden handle making it incredibly strong, easy to use, and quick to clean. The main features of this tool are:

  • Half-moon shaped steel blade is incredibly strong and cuts through soil, roots, and grass with consummate ease.
  • The blade is one piece so less likely to break over time.
  • Ash handle is ergonomic and strong.
  • Good weight balance for ease of use.
  • Some users have complained about blade being blunt, but this is standard for this type of tool.
  • One of the best value tools on our list and far cheaper than electric lawn edgers.

Our Rating:

Texas Lawn Edge Trimmer

The only electric edger on our list. The Texas Lawn Edge Trimmer is a corded tool that cuts through all but the unruliest lawn edges with consummate ease. Its main features are:

  • Sharp cutting blade for cutting through most vegetation with ease…
  • However, not suitable for cutting deep into soil, roots, or thick vegetation.
  • Operates using a simple toggle switch.
  • Uses a double handle system for ease of use and ergonomics.
  • Adjustable depth guide to get the exact finish you want.
  • Motor clocks is 1400 watts, making it more than powerful enough for most edging jobs.
  • Is a little bit unwieldy for more intricate jobs.
  • 5 Star customer review rating on Amazon.
  • More expensive than manually operated edging tools.

Our Rating:

Long Handled Lawn Edger

The Long Handled Edger is a rotary based manual edging tool with an extra long handle. It is designed to trim without the need to stoop, thus preventing back ache. As such, its target audience are older gardeners or those with back issues. That’s not to say it isn’t suitable to everyone. The heavy-duty blade and rotary system make it one of the easier to use  experiences on our list. The main features are:

  • Long handle of over 1 metre prevents the need to bend or stoop and thus protects your back from aches and pains.
  • Rotary design makes it simple to use and highly effective at edging lawns.
  • The hardened steel blade can cut to depths of up to 40mm…
  • But 40mm is all you get. There is no toggle to vary depth.
  • Two moulded handgrips for comfort.
  • Has a steel shaft for durability.
  • Has a footrest to get extra purchase when edging.
  • Cheaper than electric edging models.

Our Rating:

Wolf Garten Multi-Change Lawn Edger

The Wolf Garten Multi-Change Edger features one of the more unusual designs on our list making it an interesting option for most gardeners. It uses a circular blade similar to the Long Handled edger above but this time the blade is serrated. On top of this, the wheel that sits on the lawn and guides the tool around is chunky enough to put most monster trucks to shame. Whilst it may look unusual it actually works a treat. The main features are:

  • Large wheel for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Serrated blade is sharp and cuts through vegetation and soil with ease.
  • Is part of Wolf Garten’s multi-change system, meaning it doesn’t come with a handle so an extra purchase is required…
  • However, handles come in different sizes making it possible to pick the best size for you to prevent back ache.
  • Is incredibly durable and includes a 10 year guarantee.
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Cheaper than electric alternatives.

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Spear & Jackson Neverbend Stainless Edging Knife

The Spear & Jackson Neverbend edger is another good quality, manual edger that features a stainless steel half moon shaped blade. By using stainless steel, Spear and Jackson have ensured that the tool is easy to clean and resistant to rust. The edger includes a hardwood, weatherproof shaft for durability and grip. The main features of this tool are:

  • Stainless steel head is incredibly strong and durable and wont rust easily. Using stainless steel also makes it easy to clean and the mirror polished finish gives it a pleasant look.
  • The weatherproofed, hardwood shaft is well designed, long and durable. No more stooping or bending and no need to replace the shaft every few months due to breakage.
  • Forward tilt grip is great for usability and makes sure you are always edging at the right angle.
  • Not the cheapest manual tool on the list but still cheaper than an electric model.

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What should I look for when buying a Lawn Edger?

What is the best lawn edger tool?

Getting a crisp finish to your lawn isn’t always an easy task and the type of lawn edger you buy will depend on many factors, including how many borders you have, how overgrown they are, and whether they are straight or curved, as well as a variety of other things.  

As discussed previously, there are two main types of lawn edger – electric and manual, but in amongst these are many different sub-categories of edger, including spade-based designs, roller based models, and cord (or plastic bladed) trimmers. All have their uses and purpose and knowing which one you need means understanding what you will be using it for.

What should I take into consideration before buying a lawn edger?

If your border is already pretty neat and you require a tool just for maintenance, then an electric edger may be for you. Buying an expensive tool for this purpose may may seem a little counter-intuitive but the motor in an electric edger will never have the sheer power that you can be put into a manual tool.

If your borders are unruly, full of soil, or need extensive work, then something like a spade edger with a heavy duty footrest will be more appropriate. It will take more time to use but the finish will be far superior. A spade-based edger will also cut through things like roots more easily.

For something in between, a roller shaped manual edger may be suitable. Roller based tools work quicker and easier than spade shaped ones but will still require more effort than an electric one. They will, however, cut through denser edges easier than their electric brethren but the finish won’t match that of a spade.

Garden with lawn edging done well

Other types of edging tools

On top of the tools mentioned above, there are a couple of other options you may want to look at.

Firstly, there are petrol based edging tools that offer more power than electric ones but will generally come in far more expensive. They also tend to be larger and more unwieldy than other types of edging tools, making them more suitable for large gardens or professional gardeners.

The second type you may want to look at are strimmers. Strimmers are good at cutting grass and other vegetation by using either strimmer cord or plastic blades. They are manoeuvrable and come in cordless and petrol options also. You can check our buying guide on petrol strimmers here and cordless strimmers here. The problem with strimmers is they will not cut through soil, roots, or dense vegetation (well not easily) making them only suitable for well-tended lawn edges that need light maintenance. If you need a more versatile and powerful tool for tough vegetation then you may want to consider a garden multi tool which you can read about here.

The final type of edging tool you might want to look at are cordless edging tools. These are generally the same as their corded brothers but come with a rechargeable battery for portability and ease of use. The main issue with these types of edgers is that they tend to be less powerful than their corded counterparts and only have a small amount of usage time before their battery will need to be charged again. They are also generally more expensive too, making them less value for money.

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