Best kids gardening sets

Best Children’s Garden Tool Sets

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Gardening with your child is one of life’s simple pleasures. Getting out in the fresh air and embracing all that nature as to offer provides the perfect chance to bond with your children, not to mention you can get some much-needed assistance with all those garden tasks!

Even when the weather gets cool there is still plenty to do around the garden with your child, and you can be sure they’ll love every minute of it. Whether you’re growing vegetables, planting flowers, or digging and weeding, children enjoy the physical nature of gardening, which is also great for their health too.

Gardening also encourages children to get their creative juices flowing, with planting, harvesting and other tasks allowing them to look at things a little differently than they are used to, while the satisfaction of planting something and seeing it grow is unlike anything they have experienced.

So, with many good reasons to get your child into gardening, buying them some gardening tools is the perfect place to start. Normal tools are too big and cumbersome for younger children, so buying kid-friendly garden tool sets lets them get involved with their own tools.

With that in mind, here are some great children’s garden tool sets for any budding gardeners:

  • Rake
  • Spade
  • Fork
  • Trowel
  • Gloves

This children’s garden tool set from Little Pals gives your child everything they need to get started in the garden. The tools are varied so they can try out different parts of gardening, whether sowing seeds, weeding, or just digging away in the mud.

The rake is ideal for helping tidy up during the autumn or after you’ve mowed the lawn, while the spade, fork, and trowel are perfect for general planting, sowing, digging, and weeding activities, so there’s lot to keep them occupied.

All the tools a good quality too. They feature wooden hands with metal heads, which are painted in vibrant colours that your child is sure to love, and these are stored in the handy carry shoulder bag. There is even a set of soft cotton gloves that will keep their little hands safe and clean!

The tools are suitable for ages 3 and upwards, with the gloves fitting up to 10-year-olds while the tools are suitably sized for most age groups.

Little Pals Children Garden Tool Kit

  • Rake
  • Fork
  • Spade
  • Watering can

This children’s garden tool set is especially good for younger children (ages 3+) as the tools are designed with smaller hands in mind! The tools are well made with sturdy wooden handles and metal heads painted in bright colours, so expect to get plenty of use out of them without any problems.

The watering can is a nice touch, offering them the chance to wander about the garden and help you water the plants as needed. It’s got that old-fashioned watering can look to it, so it’s going to make them feel every bit the mature gardener!

Best of all, the tools come in a lovely tote bag that your child can carry around the garden as they help. There are a few pockets on the bag too, which are great for storing seeds and other cool gardening supplies that they are sure to love.

Children’s Garden Tool Set

  • Hand rake
  • Trowel
  • Fork
  • Watering Can

This gorgeous children’s gardening tool bag and tools from Briers is the perfect gift for any green fingered kids looking to help around the garden. Coming in a cute garden tool bag, the various tools fit easily inside and can be hauled around the garden by little ones, who are sure to love the bright colours of the tools and bag.

The colours are also unisex so are suitable for boys and girls, with a hand rake, trowel, fork, and mini watering can giving them everything they need to help around the garden. Tools are good quality too, with sturdy metal heads and robust wooden handles that should see them last many years to come.

The bag has additional pockets for storing any bits and pieces they might want to use, so it’s certainly got everything you need to encourage a creative gardener!

Briers Children’s Gardening Tool Bag and Tools

  • Hand trowel
  • Hand Fork
  • Plant Markers
  • Metal Bucket

Suitable for children aged between 3 and 10, this garden tool set features a range of cool tools that kids will love to use in the garden. There are two hand tools for digging and sowing, with a small pink trowel and fork made from hardwood handles and metal heads, the later of which is painted in a vibrant pink.

There is also a set of polka dot gardening gloves that will keep their hands clean and avoid any accidents, while a bright pink mini bucket can be used to move mud, weeds, or carry soil around for planting in pots.

Anything they do plan can be marked using the cute plant markers, one featuring a rabbit and the other a butterfly, giving a nice bit of personalisation to any of their plants. All these tools come in a handy pink and green carry bag!

Pink Children’s Gardening Set

  • Spade
  • Fork
  • Hoe
  • Rake

If you have a child that’s a bit older that loves gardening then this quality set is built with juniors in mind. These are high quality tools that are much stronger than most children’s garden tool sets, so it’s more suitable for children 10 and above.

Each tool is designed to closely resemble their adult counterpart, so they all feature hardwood handles and robust metal head. They’re capable of heavy-duty gardening work, so if you have a child that loves to help around the garden and isn’t afraid of some hard work, then this is a great tool set.

Including a spade, fork, hoe, and rake, these are the quintessential gardening tools any gardener needs regardless of age, making them a wonderful option for any passionate child gardeners. Expect to get many years use from these tools, as they are made to a very high standard using quality materials.


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