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La Hacienda 56063B 136cm XL Murcia Steel Chiminea with Grill 

The La Hacienda 56063B Extra-Large Murcia Steel Chiminea with Grill is also a great option or anyone looking for a multipurpose chiminea.

The super-large wood burner stands at 136cm x 48cm, which makes it slightly bigger than the Rancho model, but with many of the same features. It’s finished in the same black heat-resistant paint for an eminently stylish look, and it also has the coveted removable BBQ grill, which means this chiminea won’t be overlooked during the summer months.

A rain lid and a poker are also included in this set – the poker is for the user’s safety, while the rain lid helps to ensure the outer layer of the chiminea remains pristine and doesn’t start to rust.

The chiminea comes in flat-pack formation, which means the onus falls on the customers to assemble it. It’s a fairly straightforward build, with all instructions included and no fiddly small parts to reckon with.

As with the Rancho model, it’s important that this extra-large chiminea is placed in a larger garden, to prevent smaller spaces from becoming unbearably hot. On the flipside, the large size means it can hold a substantial amount of logs – this means it can warm outdoor spaces for long periods of time.


Extra Large Steel 134cm Chiminea 'Rancho' Patio Heater

Chimineas make an excellent addition to any garden – and this Extra Large ‘Rancho’ Chiminea is no exception.

Standing at 134cm and 48cm wide, the chiminea is perfect for bigger gardens and decking areas. Because of its large size, it can give out an exceptional amount of heat – but if it’s placed in a garden or outdoor area that’s too small, it can be too hot. It’s recommended that this chiminea is chosen for larger outdoor spaces where the heat won’t become overpowering.

Finished in a stylish black heat-resistant paint, the Rancho chiminea looks great in all surroundings. The paint not only looks great, it protects the chiminea and ensures that the exterior doesn’t become rusted in any way.

As a patio heater, this chiminea is a great option – it gives out plenty of heat, as mentioned earlier, and there’s nothing quite as charming as watching the open fire on a chilly evening. But this particular model also doubles up as a barbecue, with a unique grilling option for the summer. Best used with charcoal and a little bit of sand, rather than the logs used for heating, the barbecue option makes this chiminea a true all-rounder, perfect for use throughout the year.

The model is very easy to assemble, with simple instructions and just a few large parts. Though it looks very sturdy, it weighs in at around 10kg, which means it’s easy to carry and move. There are two handles on either side of the chiminea to ensure users can move the chiminea wherever they want it in their garden – just be sure not to move it when it’s hot!

Chimenea Buying Guide

Chimeneas are growing in popularity, as Brits all over the country look for stylish and functional ways to add interest to their outdoor spaces. A chimenea is essentially a free-standing wood burner or fireplace, which looks a little like a teardrop or an upside-down bulb. Great for keeping gardens warm, they look fantastic and are perfect for gardens both large and small. But with so many options available, how do you choose the chimenea that’s right for you and your garden?

What types of chimenea are there?

You can basically choose from three main types of chimenea:

  • The fire clay chimenea – used more for heating and cooking.
  • A cast iron chimenea – based on the concept of traditional wood-burning stoves.
  • A steel and cast iron chimenea – a new entry into the chimenea world.

Each one is made from a different material, and therefore has different characteristics. It’s said that the fire clay models give off the most heat, but a cast iron model will last the longest.

What sizes are available?

You can buy chimeneas of all different sizes, so it’s best to choose the option that fits your outside space. If you’re adding a chimenea to a small courtyard or very small garden space, it’s best to choose a smaller chimenea that won’t overwhelm the area. If you’re adding a chimenea to an enormous decking area, or a large patio, you should probably choose a larger model – but bear in mind that you’ll need more fuel for the bigger chimeneas.

Are chimeneas safe around children and pets?

Like fireplaces within the home, chimeneas are safe to have around children and pets, as long as you take the right precautions. Buy a chimenea guard to keep things away from the hot surface, and always monitor children and pets when the chimenea is up and running.

What fuel will I need to use?

Depending on the material your chimenea is made from, you’ll likely need a specific type of fuel. Fire clay chimeneas should be used with dry wood only, while cast iron and steel chimeneas can deal with wood, charcoal and coal.

Do chimeneas need maintenance?

You’ll need to remove ash regularly from the chimenea to guarantee great performance. You might also find that you need to repaint the surface to keep it looking great. For clay chimeneas, you can use any ordinary emulsion (their outer layers don’t reach particularly high temperatures, so the paint isn’t likely to chip or peel). Use heat-resistant stove paint to protect other materials.

Are chimeneas waterproof?

No – you should purchase a cover for any chimeneas you have in the garden, or bring them inside during the colder months. Iron and steel rusts quickly if left out in the rain, and your chimenea will not last as long if it’s constantly getting wet and drying out.

Can I cook using a chimenea?

You can – but it’s not recommended you do it regularly. If you’re looking for a piece of outdoor cooking equipment, opt for a real barbecue, pizza oven or purpose-built stove.

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