Best Fence Sprayer Reviews UK

Best Fence Sprayer Reviews UK

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Nothing beats using a fence paint sprayer when you have garden fence panels that needs painting. For smaller jobs, a brush or roller might suffice but if you have a lot of fence to paint then a sprayer will do the job far more quickly and easily and reach places other methods cannot reach.

A sprayer works by spraying a light stream of paint onto the surface from a nozzle and makes covering things like rough surfaces and nooks and crannies a far easier task.

Another advantage is that sprayers are easy to clean and more economical with paint so they can save you a bit of money as well in the long run.  

The question is, which one should you buy? Well, read on to find out.

What Is The Best Fence Sprayer?

So, you’ve decided that a fence paint sprayer is the way to go but aren’t sure which one to buy. Well here’s a little guide to help you out. These are what we think are the best paint sprayers currently on the market for general home and garden use:

Cuprinol 2-in-1 Shed and Fence Paint Sprayer

The Cuprinol 2 In 1 Pump Sprayer makes painting a fence a synch and cuts the amount of time needed in half when compared to a brush or rollers. Cuprinol are synonymous with good quality garden paint and stains and this sprayer is one of the best-selling on the market for a reason. The main features of the sprayer are:

  • Can cover an entire fence panel in 3 minutes.
  • Is recommended for use with Cuprinol’s own One Coat Sprayable paint products that are guaranteed to give 5 year protection and come in a wide variety of shades.
  • The spray and brush are easy to take apart for cleaning.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Resistant to clogging… if the correct paint is used.
  • Some complaints of poor build quality but at this price point we think the build is better than expected.

Our Rating:

Tacklife Paint Sprayer

The Tacklife Spray Gun is another great sprayer that really is one of the most adaptable out there. Its headline features are:

  • It is made from tough PA6-GF30 plastic that makes it more durable than most of the competition.
  • Comes with 4 nozzles for a variety of different jobs big or small, including painting car parts, home appliances, steel structures and furniture, wood items and products.
  • Has 3 selectable spray patterns – vertical, horizontal, and circular – making it great for every type of job.
  • Has a 900ml paint container, not bad for a sprayer at this price range… but others on this list have larger.
  • Comes with a 2-metre power cord which, if we’re honest, is a little short and will require an extension for most jobs.
  • Uses a special heat emission design to protect the motor and ensure it runs better for longer.  
  • Has an optimum spray distance of 25-35 cm.
  • Can be easily taken apart into three pieces for cleaning with the included cleaning brush.  

Our Rating:

Wagner W 100 Electric Paint Sprayer

The Wagner W100 is a paint sprayer suitable for both wood and metal painting. Due to its size, it is a good choice for most small or medium-sized projects, such as painting decking, fencing, or furniture. It can use any solvent or water-based paints, including wood stain, wood preserver, satin paint, gloss paint, undercoat, or even varnish.

Out of all the paint sprayers featured in this list, it produces one of the better finishes due to the extra-fine atomisation it creates. Other main features of this sprayer are:

  • Detachable gun for changing attachments or refilling paint easily. Also makes cleaning and unclogging nozzles a breeze.
  • Creates a professional finish with no brush or roller streaks.
  • Great even coverage due to the fine atomized paint stream.
  • Suitable for both wood and metal paints and can be used with a vast variety of different paints (see above).
  • Adjustable volume control to get the exact coverage required.
  • Has 3 different spray patterns – horizontal, vertical, and detailed making it adaptable to most jobs.
  • Power cord, like most sprayers, is too short.

Our Rating:

TECCPO Fence Sprayer

The TECCPO Sprayer is an adaptable, hand-held spray gun suitable for all small to medium sized projects. Its High Volume, Low Pressure technology ensures coverage is good whilst paint use is minimal making it a great option for painting things like furniture, decking, shutters, fencing, etc. The sprayer includes the following features:

  • A three-position air cap that can be adjusted to change the spray pattern between horizontal, vertical, or circular. This allows the sprayer to adapt to most types of jobs.  
  • Paint flow is controlled by a pressure valve that in tests proved to be a great way to get the exact coverage required.
  • The High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Technology gives precision not found in some of the competitors whilst ensuring coverage is good and paint use is low.
  • Includes air power technology suitable for thin paints, stains, sealers, varnishes, or lacquers.
  • Has a larger than normal paint capacity at 1300ml, making it a better choice for larger jobs where reducing the number of trips to the paint tin can save time.
  • The gun has a nice ergonomic handle that feels great in the hand.
  • Again, only comes with a 2 metre cord meaning it can’t be used without an extension.
  • Comes with 3 nozzles that range in size and increase coverage in one pass.
  • As with most of the other sprayers on this list it is easy to take apart and clean.

Our Rating:

VonHaus Paint Spray Gun for Fencing

The VonHaus Paint Gun uses an 800W motor that makes blasting through any size job a breeze. Its patented nozzle system makes it suitable for any surface whether that be wood or metal.

  • Suitable for paints with up to 70 Din-S viscosity meaning most stains, paints, and varnishes will work well with this sprayer. Paints can be either solvent, oil, emulsion, or water based.
  • Comes with a handy thinning chart detailing what needs to be done with each type of paint before use.
  • 800W of power for quick coverage.
  • Has a larger than average paint container at 1200ml.  This means more time painting and less time filling up with paint.
  • Had an adjustable spray nozzle allowing a choice of coverage patterns.
  • Spray volume can be altered easily using the gun’s trigger to get the exact coverage you want.
  • One of the more unique features of the VonHaus sprayer is that it comes with a shoulder strap to help prevent back and joint ache, and a flexible hose that allows it to be manoeuvred into tighter spaces more easily.
  • Easy to disassemble.
  • Comes with accessories to help clean the gun.
  • Includes a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Rating:

Work Expert Electric Fence Paint Sprayer

The Work Expert is another great mains-powered spray gun. It includes a 1300ml paint reservoir that can be filled with a variety of different materials, including solvent-based paint, water-based paint, wood stains, varnishes, and even enamel-based paints.

The variety of materials that can be put into the sprayer make it extremely flexible and suitable for a wide variety of tasks. The sprayers key features are:

  • Ergonomic handle and trigger for ease of use.
  • Powerful 800W motor for great coverage in minutes. Can spray 900ml of paint per minute.
  • Has a variable output control allowing paint ejection to be controlled.
  • One of the lighter sprayers on our list.
  • Comes with a useful carry handle and shoulder strap for ease of use and to prevent joint ache when using.
  • Has a detachable container and comes with a cleaning pin to keep it working in tip top condition.
  • Has a handy thinning and mixing guide to make sure you use exactly the right viscosity of paint.
  • Has a spare paint reservoir and lid that reduces the number of trips to the paint can because you can fill both at the same time and use the second one when the first one is spent. This is an incredibly useful feature and unique to the sprayers on our list. However…
  • The paint reservoir only holds 820ml, which puts it on the small size when compared to some of the other products on our list.
  • Has 4 different nozzles for varying coverage…
  • Choice of 3 different spray patterns – vertical, horizontal, and nummular – so you can get the exact finish you require.
  • Is easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • Comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Our Rating:

What should I look for when buying 

Whilst we have concentrated on electric corded fence paint sprayers due to their price and ease of use, there are actually three different types you can buy.

Electric corded, electric cordless, or pump?

We’ve already discussed electric corded sprayers above. Cordless ones are the same but include a rechargeable battery for ease of use and portability. This can be a god send when you have a large job that requires you to move around. The average length of electric cable provided with the sprayers above is only 2 metres, severely restricting their use without an extension. The main drawback of cordless sprayers, however, is the cost as they can be quite a few £s more than their corded brethren.

Pump sprayers are at the other end of the spectrum and are some of the cheapest sprayers out there. They forego electricity altogether in favour of a built-in pump that has to be manually primed by the user. Whilst the cost and increased portability is a draw for many users, the extra work required to get good coverage makes choosing an electric one a more favourable option for most.

Things to check out before buying an electric paint sprayer

There are a few things that are important to bear in mind when choosing a paint sprayer:

  1. 1Motor Power: You generally want a paint sprayer with a higher voltage motor. The more power it has, the quicker it will fire out paint and the easier it will be to finish the job at hand.
  2. 2Types of Paint: Most paint sprayers will take a variety of paints, stains, and varnishes, but high viscosity ones will need thinning. Check the maximum viscosity rating of the sprayer when buying. The higher it is, the thicker the paint can be. If it has a lower rating, check to see if it has a thinning guide giving clear instructions on what to do to make the paint the right consistency.
  3. 3Different Nozzles and Patterns: All electric sprayers will come with a variety of nozzles and setting that will tweak not only the amount of exterior wood paint released but also the shape at which it is ejected. The general rule is, the more settings it has the more control you will have over the finish.
  4. 4Size of Paint Container: The size of the paint container will dictate how much paint the sprayer can hold and how often you will need to refill it. Generally, The larger the better but bear in mind that large paint containers can be heavy and cumbersome so a shoulder strap may be necessary to protect your joints from aches and pains. If using an exterior masonry paint you may want to choose a larger container if painting a large area.
Any tips for using a paint sprayer?

The main thing to bear in mind when using a paint sprayer on your garden shed or your wooden wheelie bin storage or other outdoor area is that a face mask will be required to prevent accidentally inhaling paint. Of course, gloves and protective clothing are also recommended to help with clean-up and prevent your nice new jeans becoming perma-stained.

Once you are all kitted out, using a fence sprayer is much the same as using any method of painting. Tape off edges and cover areas you do not want to get covered in paint. Bear in mind when using a sprayer to paint a fence, the paint will fly through gaps. So, it’s important to make sure anything you don’t want painted behind the fence is covered too.

One final tip from us – test paint on a small part of on your garden fence first  or whatever you are painting to make sure things like colour and thickness of paint are right before committing to painting the entire thing.

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