Best Air Compressor Reviews UK

Best Air Compressor Reviews UK

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1) Sealey 3hp 100 Litre V-Twin Direct Drive Air Compressor

  • 3HP Motor
  • 100L Tank
  • Maximum Pressure – 116 PSI
  • 8.8 CFM
  • Handles and Wheels for Easier Manoeuvrability

Boasting an impressive 100L capacity and maximum pressure of 116PSI, this product is suitable for most domestic applications so will be a great fit in your garage. Whether using power tools, spray painting, inflating tyres or a bit of everything, the 8.8CFM airflow delivery can be used for almost anything outside of heavy duty machinary.

It features a V-Twin pump with aluminium cylinders and cast-iron liners, helping to increase the durability of the device for longer use and reduce the need for constant maintenance. This also helps reduce the overall weight to make it easier to use around the house, which is easy to do thanks to the wheels and carry handle.

The pump is also coupled directly to the indication motor, ensuring reliable operation, while the automatic pressure cut-out switch ensures that the pressure cuts off as soon as the desired level is reached.


  • Good power output
  • Large capacity
  • Suitable for most air powered tools


  • Quite heavy but includes wheels for increased portability

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2) Wolf Portable 100 Litre Air Compressor

  • 2.5HP Motor
  • 100L Tank
  • Maximum Pressure – 116 PSI
  • 9.6 CFM

This portable compressor from Wolf packs plenty of punch into a smaller unit, with the 2.5HP motor offering an impressive 9.6 CFM, which is ideal for almost any type of air tool outside of thing like a 1” impact wrench or larger air shears.

Flow rate and pressure may not be as high as bigger units, but for the overall size of this unit it’s hard not to be impressed. This smaller design also makes it very easy to use around the home, especially with the large wheels and carry handle.

With a large 100L tank, you can use tools for a lot longer than many other machines in this size range, which is especially useful for longer applications such as spray guns.


  • Compact but powerful
  • Great capacity for a smaller unit
  • Suitable for most tools


  • Oil-lubricated so you do need to monitor and regularly change oil levels

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3) Cobra air tools 50l litre air compressor

  • 2.5HP Motor
  • 50L Tank
  • Maximum Pressure – 115 PSI
  • 8.5 CFM

With a 50L capacity, this compressor from Cobra is compact and lightweight, making it a great choice for anyone that plans on using it throughout the house and garage. Despite the smaller capacity, the air flow delivery of 8.5CFM is still more than enough for most workshop applications, including tools, painting, and cleaning.

It comes with two wheels and a large carry handle, making it easy to move from the garage to other parts of the house for various tasks. There are also two large rubber feet for added stability, while the noise level is quite low for a compressor in this size range.


  • Great balance between compact size and maximum air pressure
  • Suitable for a wide array of tools and applications
  • Very easy to move around
  • Quieter than most other compressors  


  • 50L tank capacity isn’t as big as others but this may not be an issue unless using tools that need high volume of air

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4) ORAZIO Silent Oiless Air Compressor

  • 750W Motor
  • Oil-less Motor
  • Maximum Pressure – 116 PSI
  • 24L Tank
  • 4.7 CFM

Looking for a quieter compressor for general use around the garage? Then be sure to check out this compact model from ORAZIO! It’s smaller than most others, with just a 24L storage tank, although this is still plenty of airflow for most applications around the home, including spray guns and most air tools.

The smaller size also means it’s much lighter so very easy to use on the go, while it still deliver’s a good maximum pressure of 116PSI. A5 4.7CFM, there are some tools that will be too big for this compressor but if you only need it for smaller tools or painting then it’s not much of an issue.

It also uses an oil-less motor, which makes it one of the quietest machines around and much easier to maintain over time.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to move
  • Perfect for most small tools and painting
  • Oil-less motor means less noise and maintenance


  • Lower CFM means it won’t work with bigger tools

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5) Stanley Portable Air Compressor

  • 1.5HP Motor
  • 6L Tank
  • Maximum Pressure – 116 PSI
  • Weighs just 9kg

Not everyone needs a massive compressor in their garage, as sometimes a small and portable device gives you all the air pressure you need. This is certainly the case with this portable product from Stanley, which may not be the biggest but could be one of the most convenient!

This a small unit designed for easy use around the home. It’s not going to power all your tools but still has the capacity and air flow delivery for all kinds of smaller applications like nailers. Also, you can easily carry this around and it will comfortably fit into your car if you want to use it at a friend’s house.

The smaller tank does limit what tools can be used though, so if you use tools quite often then a bigger model may be better. That said, if you want to try a compressor out or are just a hobbyist, this is a good little unit that doesn’t cost much.

  • Very small and lightweight – can easily be carried
  • Suitable for lots of smaller air tools
  • Great for inflating tyres and cleaning


  • Smaller tank and airflow do limit its uses

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Buying Guide

Finding the best air compressor for a home garage can be tough. Not everyone is familiar with what they are and how they work, which makes knowing what to look for that more challenging. Check out this handy buying guide for all the info you need know!

Different Uses of Air Compressors

What do use an air compressor for

A good place to start is understanding the different uses of an air compressor. As mentioned, it’s a versatile machine with various applications, so once you know what they can be used for it makes it easier to know whether it’s a machine worth buying.

Air Powered Tools 

One of the most common uses is for air power tools. While most people use battery powered tools, air powered tools are a fantastic alternative. The main reason for this is quite simple – more power.

By using compressed air these tools have much more power compared to battery or mains powered tools. So, if you love DIY projects or have a workshop in your garage, then you may enjoy upgrading to more robust air powered tools, which will need a good air compressor to work!

Paint Spray Devices 

If you haven’t used a paint spray gun before then you are missing out. Known as electrostatic spray guns, these compact devices use low or high pressure to apply paint across wide surface areas.

While commonly used in commercial settings, such as painting cars, these devices are available for home use and make painting quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. Spray guns offer even application, so you may find the paintwork looks much better compared to using rollers and paintbrushes.

However, they require pressurised air like with air powered tools, so you can’t use one without some type of air compressor. It also helps to use a compressor with a higher CFM (cubic feet per minute) output, as spray guns use a lot of air.

Tyre Inflation 

Tyres need air to inflate and you can only get so much pressure using a hand or foot pump. When it comes to vehicle tyres, you definitely need a compressor device to properly inflate them. This is why an air compressor is so useful to have in a garage – you never need to worry about having a flat tyre again!


With an air blow gun, you can use a small amount of compressed air for cleaning up around the home and garage. It’s great at removing debris from surfaces -just make sure to turn down the pressure to something lower and always wear goggles! Simply adjust the pressure and use it to clean up things like grass clippings, metal shavings, sawdust etc.

How to Choose the Right Air Compressor for a Home Garage?

  1. 1CFM​​​
  2. 2PSI​​​
  3. 3Horsepower​​​
  4. 4Size and Portability​​​

There are many great air compressors that can be use in the home garage, with smaller devices offering plenty of volume and pressure for all kinds of tasks. However, there are certain specs that you need to consider so that you buy a machine that is suitable for your own requirements!


Cubic feet per minute (CFM) refers to the volume of air that the compressor can deliver. The CFM is not a fixed figured because it adjusts with the PSI output, so if you lower or increase the air pressure the CFM will also change.

You need to ensure that the CFM meets the requirements of each tool. Pneumatic tools require differing levels of air flow, so it’s always useful to choose a product that meets the requirements of the biggest tool you have.

For example, a compressor that produces 6 CFM at 90 PSI is suitable for most air powered tools and spray guns, although there are certain tools that require higher than this, so always check what tools you have before choosing anything.

A simple way to look at it is the bigger the tool and the more power it requires, the higher the CFM it will need to operate.

When looking at CFM, make sure you are referencing the airflow delivery and not the airflow displacement, as only the former applies to the airflow delivered to a tool.


PSI (pounds per square inch) is a measurement of the air pressure stored inside an air compressor. The higher the PSI is the more air that can be stored inside of the tank, so it’s often a good idea to look at the PSI in relation to the tank capacity.

Basically, the higher the PSI and tank capacity, the more compressed air can be stored. With more air, you can use tools for longer, so always make sure that the PSI and tank capacity are large enough for your needs.

Horsepower (HP) 

This refers to the power output of the device, so the higher the HP the higher the air pressure that it can create.

Horsepower isn’t as important as the CFM rating at various PSI levels, mainly referring to the overall power output of the device.

So, don’t worry too much about the horsepower, with anything between 1.5 to 3HP being suitable for most domestic applications.

Shape, Size, and Portability 

Make sure that the air compressor isn’t too large or heavy where it’s difficult to use around the home and garage. Most people will want a portable model that has wheels for easier transport, letting you move it around the house for different projects.

For instance, if you are using it to paint the house then you’ll want one that can move around easily enough.

However, if you only plan on using it in your garage or workshop then weight and size are less of an issue. You may even want to go bigger so that you can increase the air pressure further and store more inside the tank.

Also, be mindful of the overall shape and size for storage! It can take up a spurring amount of space so if you are short on storage keep an eye on the size.

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