Best Hedgehog House Reviews UK

Golden Brown Hedgehog House

  • Wooden hedgehog house
  • Weatherproof and insulated roof with lock
  • Covered tunnel entrance

This wooden hedgehog house makes for a wonderful shelter for any curious hedgehogs travelling through your garden. Made from durable wood, the house comes with a weatherproof and insulated roof that will keep the hedgehog warm and dry throughout the year.

The roof can also be opened to let you view inside of the house. There are two hinges that let you swing the roof open to check up on any hedgehog inside, while it comes with a sturdy lock that keeps it securely in place when closed, so no predators can get inside via the roof either.

To further increase safety for any hedgehog living inside, there is a lengthy entrance tunnel leading into the main room. This prevents any predators from clawing their way towards the hedgehog, ensuring the upmost safety for any residents inside.

A resin bounded floor further improves the insulation of the home, so by throwing down some straw it should be the perfect condition for a nest over the winter. A great little hedgehog house that’s compact enough to fit around the garden while still providing ample room for anything living inside.

Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog House

  • Made from wood and plastic  
  • Entrance prevents predators accessing the house
  • Easy to open for cleaning and viewing

The Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog House life is a stylish home that offers plenty of protection for hedgehogs. It’s designed to ensure a safe location for hedgehogs that is easy to access and keep clean, ensuring anything inside remains warm and free from harm.

With an exterior made from recycled agriculture plastic, the Hogilow is an eco-friendly option, with the plastic offering exceptional insulation. The interior surface is made from plywood to ensure comfort and durability, so it’s a house that should last for a good number of years.

Access to the house is also very easy thanks to a swivel lid design. This not only makes it easier to clean the Hogilow, but also for checking up on anything living inside. The swivel design makes is safe from predators, while the overhanging design of the roof means rain isn’t a problem.

Furthermore, the raised battened feet of the house keep it off the ground to provide better protection against rot, and the entrance is predator-proof to ensure there are no safety concerns for hedgehogs living there.

A great hedgehog house designed to accommodate any wandering hedgehogs, the Hogilow is a fine addition to any hedgehog-friendly gardens!

Hedgehog Eco House 

  • Wooden hedgehog house
  • Waterproof roof
  • Roof hinged for easy access
  • Staggered tunnel entrance for protection against predators

The Hedgehog Eco House is a great dwelling for hedgehogs, offering plenty of protection against cold and wet weather, not mention preventing predators from gaining unwanted access to the home.

Made from thick, solid wood, the sturdy home offers a pleasant environment for a hedgehog to nest, with a durable resin bonded floor helping to keep them warm. It helps to avoid damp too, meaning the house should last for several years without rotting away.

The roof is made from recycled plastics and is completely weatherproof, ensuring the interior of the home remains dry throughout the year - it’s also slopped to avoid provide drainage and avoid water build-ups.

Also, the doubles as a lid to provide access the house, with the hinged design allowing you to flip it open with ease. There is also a lock ensures no unwanted access.

Thanks to this accessible roof, cleaning the room inside is much easier, and you can also use this to check up on any hedgehog living inside.

The Hedgehog Eco House is a well-built home for hedgehogs, keeping them dry and warm throughout the year, while a staged entrance and lockable roof ensures the upmost protection from predators.

Hedgehog Care Pack  

  • Igloo hedgehog house
  • Metal frame and brushwood exterior
  • Includes hedgehog care guide and food

The Hedgehog Care Pack provides you with everything you need to set up a charming little hedgehog house in your garden. The igloo house offers a nice dwelling for the hedgehog, while a care guide and food package round out a great package to get things started.

Made from a combination of metal framing and a brushwood exterior, the igloo is a great little shelter for keeping hedgehogs safe from predators. It also blends in naturally with a garden landscape, making it more appealing for a curious hog seeking shelter.

To increase your chances of encouraging a hedgehog to settle in the igloo, you also get a 100g tray of Spikes Meat Feast Hedgehog Food, which is sure to attract any hungry hedgehogs passing through your garden.

There is also a great hedgehog field included with the care pack. This provides all types of useful information that help attract hedgehogs and keep them safe in your garden.

This is a fantastic care kit that gives you everything you need to have a hedgehog-friendly garden, and it’s available for a very reasonable price.

Tom Chambers Hedgehog House

  • Wooden hedgehog house
  • Slate sloped roof offers good drainage
  • Spacious design provides enough room for a family of hedgehogs

This hedgehog house from Tom Chambers features quality construction and a great design that make it a must-have for anyone wanting to provide a home for hedgehogs in their garden.

Made from thick hardwood, the walls of the house provide fantastic insulation, making it a great home for a hibernating hedgehog. Furthermore, this provides a nice cooling shelter on warmer days during the summer, making the house a great home all year round.

There is a sloped roof to ensure no rain ruins the wood or soaks the interior, with the slate material providing exceptional durability much like the wood frame.

Measuring 27cm x 26cm x 49cm, this one of the more spacious hedgehog houses available. In fact, it’s got enough room inside that it makes for an ideal dwelling for a family of hedgehogs, so any hedgehog living here will have plenty of space to enjoy!

All in all, this hedgehog house from Tom Chambers is a fine addition to any garden. It’s got a stylish design and offers ample protection against the elements throughout the year, while offering enough space to house several hedgehogs!

Reasons to Buy a Hedgehog House

Did you know that hedgehogs are declining at an alarming rate here in the UK? Hedgehogs were once a mainstay of British wildlife, but various issues such as loss of natural habitat has caused their population to plummet - almost a third of hedgehogs have been lost just since the turn of the millennium.

While this worrying news, there is a silver lining - it’s possible to create a haven for hedgehogs in your garden! Hedgehogs don’t require complex shelter, as everything they need to live a healthy life is available in most UK gardens.

To really ensure a hedgehog is safe and welcome in your garden, you could also treat them to hedgehog house! There are many affordable options available, and you get the benefit of knowing that you’re doing your part to help save the native hedgehog population.

Making Your Garden Hedgehog Friendly

First off, you want to encourage them to enter your garden. There’s a good chance that a hedgehog has passed through before, but to make your garden even more hedgehog friendly you can leave a small opening in on your fences or dig a small trench for them to come through.

Following this, you want to leave some encouragement for them to stick around, so put out a small dish of water and some food. Hedgehogs love vegetables, but are especially attracted to cat food and biscuits, so consider leaving some outside

Buying Tips

The first thing to consider when buying a hedgehog house is the cost. You want something that isn’t too expensive, but if you can afford a nice house then it’s only going to encourage a hedgehog to hang around by keeping them safe.

Two Sections are Better Than One

The best hedgehog houses have more than one internal section. This is because having two separate rooms increases the safety of the hedgehog living there by making it difficult for predators that can get their paw inside.

So, if you don’t mind splashing a bit of cash for a multi-room house, it’s only going to benefit any hedgehogs that nest there. This is especially true for baby hedgehogs!

Don’t Forget a Tunnel

Tunnels offer a nice safe entrance into the house, so try to look for a home that includes a tunnel, as this keeps them safe as possible. That said, you can create your own entrance tunnel if there isn’t one included in the house - consider using a few bricks or pieces of wood for a makeshift tunnel.

Choosing a Suitable Material

There are various materials available for a hedgehog house. Some are cheaper than others, while you may prefer the style of certain materials, not to mention the overall durability of the material, so there’s a lot to consider in terms of choosing a suitable material for the house.


Wooden hedgehog houses are very popular as they blend in well with most gardens. Wood also offers good insulation and is will keep rain and cold weather at bay. That said, not all woods are as durable as others, so make sure to avoid cheaper wooden materials such as plywood.

If possible, make sure the wood is stained and varnished, as this provides better durability against the elements, helping to keep the hedgehog safe and warm while lasting much longer.

Also, don’t be deterred if a hedgehog doesn’t move in immediately, as they are often sensitive to smells, so newer wood may need to get a little weather worn first -that shouldn’t take long in Britain!


Various hedgehog house feature metal framing and these are typically the most affordable option available. However, it’s worth noting that metal frames can cause condensation, so wood is generally a better option.

But, if you’re on a tight budget and still want to help the hedgehog population, a metal frame house is a certainly worth buying. You do need to make sure there are no sharp edges when buying a metal house, as a hedgehog ma cut itself, which can be incredibly dangerous if left untreated.

Also, it’s a good idea to pin metal frame housing down as it’s usually much lighter compared to other materials such as wood. For instance, a dog or child wouldn’t struggle to knock it over or lift it up - try using tent pegs to secure it to the ground for additional safety.

Keeping Food Away from the House

It is very important to remember that you should never leave food inside of your hedgehog house. While it gives them easy access to food, it also attracts various other animals, including predators, flies, and even other hedgehogs.

So, you want to create a second shelter to work as a feeding station. It doesn’t need to be a second house - although some like to use a house for a nest and a feeding station - but a makeshift shelter should suffice.

For instance, you can stack some bricks up to create a small perimeter, and then leave a wood or a patio slab on top for coverage. Place this near the house and the hedgehog has somewhere safe to eat and sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect a hedgehog to nest in the house?

This varies depending on the condition of your garden, what season it is, and the condition of the house. For instance, you need to have easy access for hedgehogs, such as a hole in the fence, while it’s important to leave fresh clean water and food to encourage a hedgehog to visit your garden.

After this, it’s just a case of being patient and waiting for a hedgehog to move in!

Can I leave food in the house?

No! We’ve touched on this before but it’s worth reinforcing - never leave food inside the house, as it attracts predators and flies, making the house less habitable.

Instead, leave some food in a small dish with a nice bit of coverage. Cat and dog food works quite well, espiecally meaty-flavours.

Where should I place the hedgehog house?

It’s important to leave the house in a suitable spot to increase the chances of attracting a hedgehog. Look for somewhere that’s sheltered from wind and remains dry, avoid places that could become waterlogged. 

A shaded area works best too, as too much sun can overheat a house and the hedgehog inside. Never bury the house in the ground either, as this makes it cold and susceptible to damp.

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