Gtech HT20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Gtech Hedge Trimmer Review – HT20 Cordless

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Best known for their vacuum cleaners, Gtech launched their first product in 2002 and have since gone on to become one of the best-selling manufacturers of home appliances and garden tools. In fact, the company is now one of the main competitors of renowned vacuum manufacturer Dyson.

Gtech appliances offer the perfect balance between performance and affordability. Their products are British-made and are highly regarded, particularly for their range of cordless tools and appliances.

The H20 is a prime example of this. An upgrade of the successful HT04, the Gtech HT20 is a cordless hedge trimmer and one of the best of it’s kind. Cordless electric garden tools are quickly improving thanks to advancements in battery technology, but does the HT20 continue this trend?

Let’s take a closer look:

Product Overview

  • 18V Lithium-ion Battery
  • 45-minute run time
  • Adjustable head cutter
  • Lightweight design (2.25kg)


The most important aspect of any cordless tool is the battery.

Without a good battery, cordless garden tools won’t be able to operate for long while taking an age to recharge, both of which are incredibly frustrating. So, it helps to have the best battery possible for stress-free garden maintenance, and thankfully the Gtech HT20 has an excellent battery.

It uses a lithium-ion battery that provides a 45-minute run time on a full charge. While this may not initially appear like much, it is actually one of the best run times available for a cordless garden tool and is more than enough time to trim most hedges and shrubs.

Once the battery runs out of power, it only requires a four-hour charge time. Again, this is one of the quickest charge times for cordless garden tools, although it may be a good idea to get a second battery should your garden be quite large and feature lots of hedges.

Cutting Head

Of course, the main function of the Gtech HT20 is cutting hedges, so the cutting head of the tool is an important feature to check out.

Measuring 35.5cm, the blade length of the trimmer is long enough to work on wide and tall hedges, meaning you don’t need to overstretch when using the HT20. Its suitable for various other plants such as shrubs, and the impressive length removes the need for ladders.

The cutting blade can cut through growth up to 15mm thick in a matter of seconds, making it suitable for most standard hedges and bushes. However, it may not be the best for cutting through thicker branches.

Also, the cutting head is adjustable through 135º. This means you can alter the position to suit what your trimming, making it simple to cut flat tops and sides with great precision.

Cutting a flat top hedge is often difficult without ladders, so the ability to quickly adjust the angle of the cutting head is a fantastic feature and one that really makes the HT20 stand out from other cordless hedge trimmers.

Gtech strimmer


Using any garden appliances for long durations is rarely easy. The time and effort needed to trim hedges make it no easy feat, but this can made easier – or more difficult – by the tool you use.

For instance, using a heavy hedge trimmer will limit your ability to cut at certain heights and how long you can work for, as your arms are inevitably going to tire. So, having products with good ergonomics to help improve usability is always a plus.

The Gtech HT20 is certainly an easy hedge trimmer to operate. This is mainly due to the lightweight design of the appliance, which weighs just 2.25kg. It’s an impressive weight and one that keeps fatigue down to a minimum, making the HT20 very easy to operate for the full 45-minute run time.

Also, being a cordless hedge trimmer, the HT20 is simple to operate throughout the garden. You aren’t constrained by a cord, so are able to focus on the task at hand, while the lightweight design means even those that struggle with heavier weights should have no issue using the trimmer.

Of course, this is still going to be too heavy for some users, but the truth is this is one of the lightest weights you can expect to find for a garden appliance such as a head trimmer.


Another impressive feature about the HT20 is its versatility. There are three additional products available for the HT20 should you wish to upgrade the hedge trimmer into a well-rounded gardening appliance.

For example, there is a branch cutter attachment available for a very modest price and investing in this is good idea if your hedges have thicker growth.

The branch cutter attachment works to cut through thick branches that normally require a saw, meaning you can convert the hedge trimmer into a tree pruner!

That’s not all either. There is also an extension tube that provides the hedge trimmer with a further 50cm of reach, which is a good option for those with very high hedges, while a cordless grass strimmer attachment allows you to convert the hedge trimmer into a strimmer – talk about versatile!

Granted, you do have to pay for these additional parts, but they certainly make a cheaper alternative than buying a new strimmer or tree pruner, especially cordless models.

The company have produced many other top products including the new Gtech Lawn Mower 2.0 and the popular ST20 grass trimmer.

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