Best Lawn Spreader Reviews UK

Best Lawn Spreaders Reviews

Top Lawn Feed Spreaders

Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader

  • Variable settings for applying different products
  • On/off switch for convenience
  • Spreading width of 122-340cm
  • Adjustable handle

The Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader is one of the best-designed lawn spreaders for large gardens. Boasting an impressive capacity and variable settings for applying different products, the spreader is simple to use and very effective, making lawn care easier than ever.

Using a rotary spreader, it allows for a wide area of coverage, ranging between 122cm and 340cm. The variable settings are used to apply different products, including lawn treatment or grass seeds, with the different settings offering the most efficient spread for that particular product.

Should there ever be issues regarding even spreads, the on/off switch found on the handle makes it easy to stop in an instance to prevent unwanted spreading or adjusting the variable settings. The large chunky wheels make it easy to operate on any surface and make spreading on large lawns more manageable.

For easier manoeuvrability, the handle is completely adjustable to find that right angle for operating the spreader, while it can also collapse down. This makes the lawn spreader much more compact, which is ideal for anyone tight on storage space.

Note that while the manufacturer recommends the Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader only be used with certain products (Scotts Lawn Builder, Evergreen and Miracle-Gro granular and grass seed products) it is fine to use any brand of lawn care products you wish.

The Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader is a great product that gets the job done. Easy to use and suitable for large lawns, it comes with a great price and will leave your lawn looking spectacular in no time.

Handy 50lb Wheeled Push Lawn and Fertiliser Spreader

  • Large 23kg capacity
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Up to 3m spread
  • Pneumatic tyres

Large and robust, the Handy 50lb is one of the best lawn spreaders for large lawns. It features a strong build, with a tough steel frame with a corrosion resistant coating and large pneumatic tyres that can traverse even the roughest terrain with ease.

This makes it an exceptional tool for planting lawn seeds over large areas, especially when you consider the whopping 23kg capacity. It’s more than enough for most large-sized gardens, helped by the impressive 3m maximum spread - you can plant 10,000 square feet worth of seedlings/fertiliser in no time.

The adjustable flow rate means that the lawn spreader is also very useful in medium sized settings too, allowing you to find the perfect coverage area for the space your working. Should you run out product mid-job, simply rest the spreader its rear stands to refill it.

Using the spreader is very easy thanks to the powerful wheels that can move it with ease, while the adjustable flow rates makes it simple to get the right amount spread depending on what product you’re using.

However, one drawback with this product is that it doesn’t come assembled. This may not appear as much of a problem, but with more than 90 pieces needing put together, it’s probably going to take at least an hour to assemble.

After that you can expect to use a fantastic lawn spreader with a huge capacity that is easy to operate and built to last many years.

Dirty Pro Tools 55 lbs Professional rotary spreader

The Dirty Pro Tools 55lb Professional is a quality rotary spreader that’s suitable for many gardens. It’s easy to use and offers an impressive capacity and large spread, making life much easier for anyone with a large lawn that requires maintenance.

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus

  • Adjustable settings
  • On/off switch for convenience
  • Simple assembly

  • The EverGreen Easy Spreader plus is good choice of lawn spreader for small to medium size gardens. Suitable for granular lawn products and seeds, it uses a drop dispenser system to provide precise and even coverage across lawns of varying sizes.

    This is certainly handy for small to medium size lawns where the need for large coverage isn’t as important

    Buying Guide

    Every garden deserves an attractive lawn, yet taking the time and effort needed to get these results tends to put most people off. Yet there are many gardening tools that make maintaining lawns much easier, with a lawn spreader being a key example of this.

    What are Lawn Spreaders?

    Lawn spreaders are tools uses to provide even coverage of various lawn care products. From fertilisers to seedlings, using a lawn spreader to help maintain a lawn always improves the final results, as it’s very difficult to evenly distribute lawn care products.

    Why Use a Lawn Spreader?

    Without a good lawn spreader, taking care of the lawn becomes much more difficult. It may even lead to patches of unhealthy or even dead grass that is very unsightly, so it’s always a good idea to invest in a quality lawn spreader when looking to improve your lawn.

    What Type of Lawn Spreader Should I Buy?

    Choosing the best lawn spreader isn’t always easy however. They come in various sizes and there are various features available, so it helps to have an idea of what you require from the lawn spreader.

    There are two main types of lawn spreaders available, with each offering their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Broadcast Spreader

    Also called rotatory lawn spreaders, broadcast spreaders are the best option for taking on large lawns as the offer a wide coverage area, making it easier to apply seeds or fertilisers. They feature a built-in disc that rotates as it spreads, and while this is great for covering large lawns, it’s more difficult to control the spread.

    The area of the lawn that is closest to the spreader tends to get the best coverage, while nearby areas aren’t as evenly covered. This isn’t as much of an issue with fertilisers but becomes more troublesome when it comes to spreading seedlings.

    However, the ability to cover large spaces in a short time makes them very beneficial to those with large lawns.

    Drop Spreaders

    Spreading products using a hopper (a container that discharges at the bottom), drop spreaders are the most popular and widely available lawn spreader. Because the products are released directly below the spreader, coverage is very even, and the ability to alter the width of the hopper means you can get different sizes of spread.

    The main setback using a drop spreader is that you need to be very precise and thorough to avoid leaving stripe section on the lawn, although this can be prevented by making sure an even spread throughout the lawn.

    They’re great for creating borders along trees and shrubs, while also being ideal for creating precise edges along patios. Most feature a basic trough design fitted to wheels, so they aren’t always suitable for large lawns.

    Handheld Spreader

    A far less common type of spreader, handheld devices are much cheaper but only suitable for very small lawns. They require a bit of effort to work across a full lawn, but are great for touching up spots, using a similar method as broadcast spreaders to distribute the lawn care products.

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