Best LEd Torch Reviews UK

Best LED Torch Reviews UK

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  • 320 max lumen output
  • Wide beam coverage
  • Spotlight and floodlight settings
  • Lightweight design

The Ledlenser P7.2 Professional LED Torch is a versatile flashlight suitable for a variety of applications, whether out camping or keeping at home for emergencies. Featuring at CREE LED light chip, the torch has an impressive 320 lumen output at its highest setting.

An advanced focusing system combines both a lens and reflector, making it seamless transition between low beam setting and the better focused high beam.

Flood light setting is ideal for close ups while the spotlight setting is better for viewing things further away. There is also the option of three different brightness levels thanks to the dynamic switch, allowing you to go between low power (40 lumens), power (250 lumens), and boost (320 lumens).

Featuring an elegant black body, the torch is made from aircraft grade aluminium that provides great durability, while it has been successfully tested in water ingress protection rating (IPX). With an IPX4 rating, its resistant to splashes of water so is suitable to use outdoors in the rain.

Weighing just 175g, this is a very lightweight LED torch despite packing plenty of power. Speaking of power, it requires for AAA batteries, with run times between two and fifty hours depending on the dynamic setting.

Ledlenser P7.2 Professional LED Torch

Our Rating:

  • 2400 Lumen output
  • 200-300m beam distance
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • 8-10 hour run time

The Cynthia LED Tactical Flashlight is one of the most powerful torches on the market, producing a whopping 2400 lumens through three powerful LED bulbs. With a beam distance that tops out at 300m, this is a very powerful LED torch that works great indoors and outdoors.

There is a total of three different power modes should the highest setting be too bright (which may be the case given how powerful it is), with strobe, medium, and high settings available. When charged at full, expect 8 to 10 hours of light, and the batteries included are rechargeable too.

When you consider the overall brightness and long-lasting battery, this is a fantastic LED torch for outdoor activities such as camping and fishing, while also being a fine option for a home torch in case of emergencies.

To ensure durability, the Cynthia LED Tactical Flashlight features a robust aircraft grade aluminium alloy body with an anti-abrasive coasting. It’s also skid-proof and water resistant with IP65 rating, so is certainly built to last even when used outdoors.

Cynthia LED Tactical Flashlight 2400 Lumens

Our Rating:

  • 800 lumen output
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 6-hour run time
  • Adjustable beam modes (narrow and wide)

This small LED torch is a great option for those seeking a reliable flashlight for an affordable price. With various beam modes and lumen outputs, not to mention a rechargeable battery, this is a versatile torch suitable for many applications.

Small torches are great for a number of reasons. Compact and lightweight, they can be used on the go, easily fitting into a pocket or backpack, while they can be left at home without taking much room at all.

So, given the powerful 800 lumen output of this small LED torch, it certainly packs plenty of punch despite its size. In fact, even with the battery installed it only weight 127g! This makes a great option if you’re looking for a cheap and effective torch for camping, fishing, hiking etc.

Speaking of the battery, this torch features an 18650 Lithium-ion battery that is completely rechargeable. It offers up to 6 hours run time at full output, extending to much more when using lower light modes, and takes 5 and half hours to recharge in full.

There are five different light modes (high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS), so you have several options to suit your needs. You can also adjust the light beam so that is either a wide or narrow, with the different light modes available for each setting. 

INFRAY Rechargeable 800 lumens

Our Rating:

  • 450 lumen output
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 5 brightness modes
  • Aluminium alloy body

The Olight S1 MINI HCRI Baton may not be the biggest LED torch, but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in power! Plus, if you’re in the market for a small, compact LED torch then this a product worth consideration.

With a 450-lumen output, the torch offers a powerful beam, although this can be adjusted to suit your preferences. For instance, there is a total of five brightness modes, ranging from 0.5 lumens all the way up to the maximum output of 450 lumens.

It’s also a LED torch that’s built to last. Featuring a robust aluminium alloy body and a stainless-steel bezel side switch, this torch will withstand plenty of wear and tear, being impact resistant to up to 1.5m.

The battery is built in to the torch and is rechargeable using a USB connection. There is also a handy magnetic tail cap that allows the torch to be attached to any ferrous metal surfaces, allowing you to go hands free in many instances.

This is a pocket size LED torch too, so the overall size and weight are small, weighing just 46g and measuring just over 5cm in length, so it’s certainly compact enough to be taken anywhere you might need it!

Olight S1 MINI HCRI Baton EDC Torch 450 Lumen

Our Rating:

  • 1000 lumen output
  • 5 brightness modes
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 6 hour run time

The BYBLIGHT F12 is a powerful yet durable LED torch suitable for a variety of applications. It’s got a very bright output that makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and there are five different brightness modes, making it very versatile at the same time.

When at the highest setting, the torch provides a 1000 lumen beam which is one of the most powerful you can get for a torch this size. Should this be too powerful, there are a further four modes that allow it to be changed, with medium and low offering lower brightness while SOS and strobe provide different types of beams.

The run time is quite impressive given the power of the torch, with a total of 6 hours at full power, although it does drop from 1000 lumens to 800 lumens after two hours, where it remains for four hours.

It also switches between a wide beam and a narrow beam should it be required, and the total distance of the beam is an impressive 200m. To make things more convenient, the torch even remembers the last light settings you had and maintains them the next time you use it.


Our Rating:

Buying Guide

Torches has made incredible advancements in recent years, with the introduction of LED being one of the most significant. Previously, torches were large and bulky, requiring lots of batteries to operate that would quickly drain. Now, LED torches offer a compact flashlight with exceptional battery life while providing the brightest lights.

A good torch is one of the most useful tools you can have. Ideal for emergency power outages, outdoor excursions, and for illuminating anywhere covered in darkness, a quality LED torch is a valuable piece of equipment worth investing in.

Yet with so many different LED torches to choose from, it’s not always obvious which product is best for your needs. After all, torches come in a variety of shapes and sizes that offer different levels of brightness, while some come with a variety of features beyond illumination.

Struggling to find the best LED torch? Check out this buying guide for all the info you need to know:

Types of LED Torches  

There are several types of LED torches available, any of which may be suitable for your needs.

Handheld LED Torches 

The most common and recognisable type of flashlight, handheld LED torches come in many shapes, although they are typically cylindrical. Lengths vary from pocket size to 12 inches and above, while batteries tend to be either D or C cell types.

These are one of the best types of LED torches as they are so versatile and very durable. Larger handheld torches are fantastic for heavy duty maintenance work and outdoor excursions, providing powerful beams of light that help to significantly improve visibility.

Smaller versions are perfect for home use, being compact enough to store in drawers, tool boxes, cupboards, or even in car glove compartments. Also, small handheld torches require smaller batteries, usually AA or AAA.

Headlamp LED Torches 

These types of LED torches offer hands free lighting, making them incredibly useful for in various applications. They are worn around the head using a band and usually rest above the forehead to provide a direct light in front of you.

Because your hands are free, headlamp torches are popular without outdoor enthusiasts, as they are a fine option for trekking, hillwalking, and camping. They are also popular in various industries that require free hands for tools and the like.

Things to Look for in an LED Torch

There is a variety of features to look out for in an LED torch, while it’s important to think about what you need it for, as this helps you choose suitable functions and designs that meet your requirements.

Light Output

The most obvious feature to look for is how bright the light output is. These are measured in lumens, with a single lumen referring to a single unit of light. So, the more lumens an LED torch has the brighter the light output will be.

Remember, not everyone requires the brightest light possible. For instance, if you require a small light for reading or searching for things around the room, anything around 20 or so should be fine. If you want the brightest light output possible, there are torches with lumen ratings ranging from 1000 to 3500.

For an LED torch to use around the home, something with between 100 and 1000 lumens should suffice. It’s a good idea to get a torch with adjustable light outputs to have the option of lowering and increasing the brightness as needed.

Beam Distance and Type 

A rather straight-forward feature to understand, the beam distance refers to the total distant the beam of light reaches before diminishing to the same brightness of a full moon. It’s measured in metres, although different brightness settings alter the beam distance in most torches.

Also, be sure to inspect what type of beams are available. Some feature just the standard spotlight beam, while others feature a flood beam for wider illumination, while many have the option to switch between both.


LED torches are highly effective but need to be adequately protected from impact damage. It’s almost a guarantee to drop a torch at some point, so be sure to check the overall build of the torch and how resistant it is to impacts.

There are different ways to measure this, with most manufacturers testing it by dropping the torch on concrete six times, with varying distances used each time. Remember that these tests are solely for impact damage from dropping, so cannot guarantee protection from other impacts like striking it with another object.

Another important thing to look for is water resistance. While not necessarily essential for LED torches that will be used at home, water resistant torches are invaluable for people spending time outdoors in the rain or close to lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

Some are splash resistant, meaning it get be used in the rain and still work fine, while others feature a submersion rating that indicates how long it can be immersed in water.

Run Time

This refers to how much time the torch operates before falling below 10 percent of the stated output when using new batteries. Measured in hours, once the run time is up the light beam either gradually diminishes (unregulated) or suddenly drops to a much lower brightness once the battery almost dies (regulated).

Different light settings result in different run times, so be mindful of this when checking this feature. Lookout for a runtime graph if possible, as these give a clear breakdown of the how the light performs as the power drains.

Size and Weight 

The size and weight of the LED torch doesn’t necessarily impact its light levels and beam distance, rather affecting how comfortable it is to hold for long periods. However, larger and heavier torches usually have the best run time due to the additional space for batteries.

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