Best Log Splitting Axe Reviews UK

Best Log Splitting Axe Reviews

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  • Long wooden handle (34.75 inches)
  • Carbon steel axe head
  • Hooked end blade

The Razorsharp 6.5 lb Log Splitting Maul from Spear & Jackson is a fantastic first-time axe that’s perfectly designed for splitting logs. A powerful axe with plenty of force, expect to make short work of all the logs for your fire, regardless of their size and thickness!

Weighing 6.5lbs, the axe has a great weight to it that makes it suitable for cutting through even the thickest logs. The weight ensures great results, but may be too heavy for some people, especially when it comes to safely controlling the axe when in use.

However, if you’re comfortable with the weight then this is a fine choice of axe. The lengthy handle measures 34.75 inches, so it’s easy to get a good swing with enough force, which is needed for cutting large quantities of thick logs. Made from hickory, the shaft has a great feel to it and is very durable, while also looking great too.

As the axe head, this is made from the best material possible – drop forged carbon steel. This type of steel is the most durable out there, especially when tempered like the Razorsharp is. The blade is easy to sharpen too, so will last for many years will a little bit of maintenance.

Also, the blade features a unique hooked shape to it. This makes it much more efficient at splitting logs, perforating the wood with the upmost ease. It’s got the perfect wedge shape for splitting logs too, and the blades impressive width also makes it simple to open the wood further after penetration.

Finally, the Razorsharp 6.5 lb Log Splitting Maul from Spear & Jackson comes with a good price that won’t break the bank.

Spear & Jackson – Razorsharp 6.5 lb Log Splitting Maul

Our Rating:

  • 85cm fibreglass handle
  • Drop forged carbon steel head
  • Doubles as a hammer for driving a splitting wedge

This impressive log splitting bust maul from Faithfull Tools is a robust piece of hardware that will make short work of any logs needing split. It’s certainly on the heavier side, so may not be suitable for anyone that only needs to cut the odd log here and there, but for anyone with a serious workload, this is an axe worth investing in.

Made from premium materials, this is an axe built to do the job well for many years. The axe head is made from carbon steel that has been tempered and drop forged to guarantee durability. It’s the best material for an axe head, being strong, durable, and easy to sharpen once the blade dulls.

Interestingly, the head also doubles as hammer. Simply flip it around and use the flat end to hammer in driving wedges, making it even easier to cut those oversized and difficult logs. Combined with the cutting force, there is no log too thick or cumbersome to split.

The handle also features a quality material, being made from fibreglass. This makes it more durable than handles that use wood or metal, being resistant to moisture and much stronger in general.

The handle length clocks in at 85cm, providing ample space for a powerful swing. Better still, the handle is fitted with an overstake collar, offering an extra level of protection from wayward swings, although the handle is quite lightweight so should be easy enough to use properly.

Faithfull Log Splitting Bust Maul

Our Rating:

  • Short length (44cm)
  • Fibre comp handle reinforced with fibreglass
  • Coated blade

What the Fiskars Small Splitting Axe lacks in size it makes up for in performance. This is a great axe with incredible cutting power despite being small, making it a great all-around axe for people splitting small to moderate amounts of logs.

Measuring at 44cm, this a compact, lightweight axe that’s suitable for splitting logs of varying sizes, although it will struggle with large, oversized logs. However, the quality blade makes it very efficient at splitting wood, with the design making it smooth and comfortable to use.

Its suitable for splitting hardwoods and softwoods and is a good option for making kindling too thanks to its sharpness. Speaking off, the blade is very sharp but will dull over time, although sharpening it is simple to do and ensures the axe lasts for some time.

In fact, the blade is coated with corrosion-resistance and non-stick material that keeps it in great condition even if left outdoors.  The handle is made from comp fibre that is reinforced with fibreglass, making it lightweight and very durable.

To ensure easy handling, the shaft also features a comfortable gripping and hooked shape that make it very difficult to lose control of. You should be able to split several logs in succession without feeling the effects, while the axe head and handle is virtually unbreakable thanks to the premium build.

It may be a small axe but packs plenty of punch!

Fiskars Small Splitting Axe

Our Rating:

  • 80cm length
  • Ash wood handle
  • Wedge shaped axe head

The Bahco splitting axe is a stylish piece of hardware that’s perfect for splitting those larger logs for the fire. At 80cm in length, it is easy to apply enough force in each swing, making it suitable for splitting oversized logs that are too thick to tackle with a smaller axe.

Weighing 2.7kg, the axe is quite lightweight for its size, and most people should be able to use it without struggling or getting too fatigued. The handle makes it comfortable to use in any case, being made from a quality ash wood. It’s curved for a better grip, while the wood is very stylish.

Better still, ash wood is highly durable, making it a fine choice of handle as it should last plenty of years without detoirating. A cool feature is the inclusion of a bored hole in the handle, allowing you to hang the axe up to keep it off the ground.

The blade of the axe carries most of the weight, so it’s capable of cutting through even the thickest logs without much effort. Made from carbon steel, the blade has a wedge shape to allow it to cut more efficiently, making it much easier to use.

A great axe for those that require a lot of logs, it has the perfect design to easily cut through hardwoods and softwoods, and will is built with quality materials to ensure longevity.

Bahco Splitting Axe

Our Rating:

Buying Guide

Wood burning stoves are a popular fixture in many homes, providing an additional source of home heating with low running costs. Similarly, fire pits and outdoor wood burners are a staple in many gardens as well as a variety of wood burner accessories, allowing people to sit outside without feeling too cold.

Whether using wood burners inside or outside, you’ll need a steady supply of firewood for fuel. Firewood is available from many sources and costs very little to buy, although there is one drawback from using logs to fuel a fire – splitting the firewood.

It’s not the most enjoyable task to do, taking a fair amount of effort and even more time to complete, especially when you want to have a nice stockpile on hand in your log store. Having a great log splitting axe is crucial for making the work as easy as possible, otherwise you’ll come to hate splitting logs for the fire!

However, choosing the best log splitting axe isn’t always easy. With various designs available, knowing which is best for the job often requires some research. Check out the guide below for all the info you need to find a quality log splitting axe:


Obviously, a log splitting axe will be chopping up firewood for a wood burner or fireplace, but not everyone has the same workload when preparing wood for the fire. For instance, some people have much larger logs to chop than others, while the volume of wood being chopped varies from person to person.

So, be sure to think about the amount of work you need to do with the axe. Heavier axes with long handles are better choice for large workloads, while smaller, lighter axes are fine for people that split logs infrequently or require kindling.

Handle Length 

The length of an axe handle determines what type of blow it produces. For example, longer handles provide more force when swung, resulting in more cutting pressure, making them better suited for cutting thick, large logs.

However, longer handles are difficult to control, especially for shorter people, so may end up taking more time and effort to cut wood depending on your height.

Short handle axes are great for cutting through smaller logs, but they don’t always have a heavy axe head, so tend to struggle splitting thicker logs. So, any axe head that is heavier should always have a longer handle to make controlling it easier.


A log splitting axe tends to feature a combination of materials, with the handle and axe head made from different materials in most cases. Axe heads require a much stronger material to ensure they last, so are usually made from robust metals such as carbon steel or wrought iron.

Handles also need to be strong but a wider range of materials are suitable for this, including wood, metal, and fibreglass. Comfort is important when frequently swinging an axe, so be sure to consider this too when looking at the handle material.

If you have more than a few logs to deal with read our guide on the best log splitters for sale here. Also check out our best wheelie bin storage ideas.

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